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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 19 2012 8:45 a.m. MST

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That's A Good One
Meridian, ID

It's been what, 3 years now since the heralded announcement of elitism up on the hill? How come the improvement in talent and recruiting hasn't happened already? We were told that just by belonging to the mighty PAC that talent would be knocking the door down to play in East Salt Lake.

And to add insult to injury Whittingham's potential replacement after a likely 3rd year of bottom dwelling just took the Wisconsin job. Who will Dr. Hill get to replace him now? Brian Johnson maybe?


@That's A Good One.

Have you looked at Utah recruiting over the last few years? This year 2013: 1 4-star, though it should be 2-3. Highest recruit (so far) an 82, with two 80's. Total 3-star recruits, 24. Last year 2012: 1 4-star recruit with a grade of 80. Total 3-star recruits, 17. 2011: 1 4-star with a grade of 80. Total 3-star, 11. 2010. No 4-star recruits and 5 3-star recruits. Talent has been increasing. As Utah continues to build new buildings, a bigger stadium, and keep up their winning traditions, more and more recruits will come. All of the smart fans knew it would take time to adjust, but we are getting better.

Omaha, NE

My wish is that Duckhunter does not troll the Ute boards...

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


...and Duckhunter wishes the Indy-WACers would be respected nationally.

Sorry Wookie. Both fantasies are just pipe dreams. Never gonna happen.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Only signing two O-linemen a few years ago came back to bite them hard.
They need a lot of gifts this Christmas.

Provo, UT

@ Wookie please include Sammyg in your wish list!

Silent Lurker
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I would like to think the needs have been addressed, but I have some concerns about more than a few positions. One the QB, Wilson is a very promising soph, Shultz is his back up but there is little else and possibly two frosh, backing him up with no D1 experience. Ask yourself when was the last time Utah went the entire season without a starting QB being injured? Second, are we really thinking that York can carry the load of both John White and himself next year? Three, the O line as mentioned above has some real issues. Four, losing Star a high draft pick to the NFL has to have some impact on the D line. Remember, he was double and triple teamed all year. Five, another year for the same LB core can they improve enough to make a positive impact? Six will the Utes lose any coaches? Another possible impact and question.

Las Vegas, NV

Funny how the first comment is from a southy troller. That's: have you seen byU's recruiting class this year? Laughable at best! AND ... you still lost AGAIN to the U. Try again next year.

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

Silent Lurker:

Losing Star certainly impacts the effectiveness of our Defense, but let's not forget...we DO get Visesio Salt back. If you'll recall, Salt was a 340-lbs, 4-star JUCO DT, who decommitted from Florida in the 11th hour and commited to Utah last January.


@ Thats a bad one

"It's been what, 3 years now since the heralded announcement of elitism up on the hill? How come the improvement in talent and recruiting hasn't happened already?"

Yeah, and it's been longer than that since your Indy-WACers have been able to beat us. We've owned you every year since then. It's probably why you're obsessed with us and make comments on articles about our team.

The talent and recruiting has improved dramatically since our announcement of joining the Pac 12. Some of the best recruiting classes this state has ever seen. But feel free to keep commenting without thinking first :)

Highland, UT


"It's probably why you're obsessed with us and make comments on articles about our team."

Well if we are going to discuss "obsession" take notice as to how many posts there are about me, and I haven't even commented in this article before this. LOL!

I don't need to wish for anything, wookies, navals, and the all the rest of your obsession with me is the best present I could receive. LOL!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

After 2 tough seasons, I think Whit will have things figured out in year 3. With USC clearly not the juggernaut everyone claimed they would be, it's anyone's race in the South next year.

I have faith Whit will take us to the top of the nation, because he already did take us to the top of the nation.

West Jordan, Utah


Merry Christmas buddy. You should vacate the Ute area and be doing cartwheels on the Cougar Section. Your boy Lark is going to get the start in San Diego. He's the guy that would have won you a national championship this year according to the level headed BYU fans that are far superior to us Ute slumbers.

Highland, UT


Don't be so bitter. Maybe you didn't notice but I wasn't the one that inserted myself into this article, several utah "fans" did it long before I even clicked on the article. I just had a happy time reading their obsessions.

But as always you know I think you're one of the better Utah fans around here so Merry Christmas to you as well!

Highland, UT

Hey christina, no matter how you try to spin it 4th place is not "the top of the nation". You've actually got to get there before you can get back there. LOL!

p.s. And usc has proven to be more than utah can handle. They may not be 'all that', in fact they are far from being "all that", but they are more than utah can hope to be.

Frisco, TX

Here's my Christmas Wish List.

I want the BYU vs Utah rivalry game to continue. Not because BYU needs Utah, or Utah needs BYU. But because it's a great rivalry game for the fans. Take out the mean spirited comments from a dozen Ute and BYU commenters, and the other 100,000+ fans would love to see it continue. Sure Utah has beat BYU 3 of the last 4 and 4 of the last 7; but 6 of the last 8 games have been decided by a touchdown or less and 4 of those were by a field goal or less. 3 of the last 4 games were decided on the final play of the game.

I hope BYU and Utah fans would rather watch a game like that than watching Utah beat up on N. Colorado or BYU beat up on New Mexico. Football is for the fans!

P.S. I'd also like to see Ute commenters quit referring to BYU as Indy WAC. Since Utah will play as many WAC teams as BYU in 2014, does that mean U are WACY PAC?

Omaha, NE

Dear Santa:

I have been really good this year. I tolerated ignorance, contention and hostility and feel that I have earned (along with every other Ute fan) the one wish I mention in my earlier post. I have come to understand that his pride is too large to comprehend and that no amount of wishes will ever make him realize that he is not wanted on here. Thus, I have resigned to this one wish...please confer upon him the gift of common sense and reality; this is his only hope. Merry Christmas


Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

You utes are just lucky we didn't start future #1 pick Lark all year or you would be watching us win another National title.

Highland, UT


You are a hypocrite and I have told you many times how you can get your wish. Simply quit being a hypocrite and call out the utah "fans" that inspired me to be here in the same manner you call me out. You won't, because your hypocrisy and false pride will not allow you to do so. You would rather I continue to be the balance, so you can whine about it, than for utah "fans" to end what they started. Life's rough when you don't practice what you preach.


Omaha, NE

@ Duckhunter. Thank you for being inspired so as to come and bring balance to these message boards. Had you not visited the Ute message boards the absurd comments would have continued unabated, the hypocrisy unchecked, and all balance between Utah and BYU would have disappeared. Thank you for your civility and humility.

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