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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 18 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Casa Grande, AZ

People don't want jobs at all! They want to be their own bosses. We've all heard the dreams a million times. Entrepreneurialism and jobs and antithetical. You can be entrepreneurial or get a job, not both.

People only seek jobs because they have no hope of obtaining 2/3 things they need to be entrepreneurial; land and capitol.

Our fiat monetary system provides a very small percentage of people with nearly unlimited and free fake (fiat) money to control most of the land and capitol. All the rest of us have left is labor which is why we seek jobs. See how that all works out for the 2%. It should, those same 2% designed the system.

The Fed really is an evil enterprise. It has allowed us all to be come partial slaves, wage slaves to those that control all the land and capitol. It gives them 100% of our labor with none of the maintenance costs. Is it any surprise that just as slavery was outlawed there were actors that wanted to implement a federal banking system?

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY

Ah. The evil Fed.

Of course America experienced her greatest economic progress under the Fed and the current monetary system (the minor changes under Nixon notwithstanding). Name the country with no central bank (and then, ask yourself is that is where freedom reigns and you want to live).

payson, utah

Actually Twin Lights America experienced her greatest economic progress without the fed. YOu are just being manipulated by the inflation. It is the fed that is causing this wreck. They cause inflation which increases the prices of materials. The Companies that gather those materials have to increase their prices to make a profit. The companies that buy those materials have to increase their prices to make a product. Now the companies that employee the people who make gather the materials have to raise their wages because the cost of living has increased. Which means they have to raise their prices. So suddenly the companies that buy the materials have to both pay higher prices and raise their employees salaries because of cost of living. Then it keeps going and going because of inflation.

We don't need higher prices we need lower prices. That way things are cheaper and you don't get rich by making more money. You get rich for things becoming cheaper.

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY


As to our economic progress, look at America before the 1930s and after. I think history speaks for itself.

As to inflation, there are risks. Overall, the Fed has managed those risks pretty well since the Carter era. I am familiar with the inflationary cycle.

We need lower prices? You mean deflation? No. Not a good thing.

But please look at my original post and answer the question posed. Name the country with no central bank. Then ask yourself if that is the land of freedom and where you want to live.

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