Comments about ‘Racist Obama tweet gets college football player booted from team’

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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 18 2012 11:35 a.m. MST

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O-town, UT

Totally agree with your comments UtahBlueDevil.

May I remind Patriot that it was the people that rallied around Bush. His approval was in the ninety percentile after 9/11 (It's like upper twenties now). I would argue it wasn't because he was a great speaker (far from it) or that he was a great uniter (he had political capital according to himself in spite of losing the popular vote), but that it was the people of the Nation who put aside politics that rallied around him as the leader of our Nation.

You may remember Al Gore saying during this time "George W. Bush is my commander-in-chief." He didn't criticize him and say that he failed to keep us safe.

If the conservatives can't even let their hatred go for moments like Tuscon or Newtown, then they really are lost.

Ogden, UT

And this is news we need to read and hear?

Attention to all that is racist, all that is inane, all that offends, all that stirs the ugly.

How about news coverage that is newsworthy for a change.

Doesn't sell, that's the problem.

CTJ fan
Salt Lake City, UT

What I can't understand is how everyone got so thin skinned. It seems like anything that comes out of someone's mouth now can offend someone. This world is not a better place by complaining about every thing that can offend someone. It's getting to the point where no one can speak there minds anymore. I could care less if some black guy calls me a honky, and follows that up with how my religion is a cult etc, etc. Who cares that's his opinion, it doesn't effect me at all unless I let it. The last thing this world needs to become is a place where everyone becomes afraid to speak there minds and can't think for themselves.

the truth
Holladay, UT


You have a strange definition of "Freedom".

If there are any consequences especially from a state-funded school, how is that "Freedom"?

The Dixie Chicks are not a good comparison.

They were not state funded, They were not fired.

People just CHOSE to no longer financially support their music. AND the people were free to speak out against them.

That is how the system should work.

But the LEFT continues to demand "punishment" for those who do not toe their politically correct lines and go along with their thought and word control.

even stranger, the LEFT never demands "punishment" for those who make racist statements towards whites, or bigoted statement a towards the religious or conservatives or the rich or.... or any group or person they dislike or have disagreement with.

Why does the left continue to have protected classes of people?

Columbus, OH

re: The Truth

Read the Constitution, "Congress shall make no law....abridging the freedom of speech."

Did Congress or the Federal Government do anything to this guy? Freedom of Speech is freedom from the government regarding you speaking your mind. Again, it is not freedom from consequence. He wasn't kicked out of school, he was kicked off the football team. He would have also been kicked off the football team if he's tweeted about his coach being incompetent. Employers can most certainly fire you for the words you say, even if you work for the government.

Again, you seem to be part of the large group that totally misunderstands what freedom of speech is, and its led to a generation that feels their entitled to speak without impunity.

St Louis, MO

Anyone defending this bro's rights to express himself are missing the point. If you wear a uniform, you represent an organization, and by association a whole bunch of other people. If you make a public statment, or are caught doing or saying controversial or just plain dumb, those other people, rightly or not, are lumped in with you to some extent and might not take kindly to it.

The dude has every right to say whatever he wants, and he did. His school has every right to kick him off the team, and they did. You want to say something? Say it. But own it, including any consequences that your employer, school, church, etc might bring to bear. I have no problem with what this school did, and I would hope my school (BYU) would do the same in similar circumstances.

Mapleton, Utah

Freedom of speech is subject to the laws of the land. One can't yell "Fire" in a theater because of the potential risk to health and life of those inside.

So, OHBU, you are wrong. Freedom of speech is not subject to political correctness. As distasteful and awful it is for someone to use the N word; It is not illegal. It does not mean you get kicked off a football team....unless of course the Head Coach is directed to do so by the bigoted left of this country.

Reverend Wright can say anything far worse about 'whites' and suffer no consequence. Obama can sit in his church for 20 years and CNN or CNBC will applaud him for being 'open minded'. So, OHBU, you are wrong again, sorry.

Face it. Our Society forbids using the M word for hispanic or the N word for Black Americans, but we are absolutely free to say anything we want about Mormons, Catholics, Jews, or Whites. Without a single voice of reprisal.

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