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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 18 2012 11:35 a.m. MST

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Farmington, UT

Nobody in America should be allowed to play on any team or work for any company or governmental agency if they display any measure of racism, religious bigotry or dissatisfaction with the ruling party.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

I'm glad the school took it very siously about this kid behavior and if he does it again then he should be booted from this school and sports all together. I am a big 49ers fan and saw the switched to mourn on those victims. It would of been wise that game should have been haulted at that time.

Provo, UT

This is absurd. His comment was distasteful but there's no way this should ruin his career. If he'd said it to a number of friends at a sports bar nobody would have thought twice about it.

Over in the UK they throw people in jail for making comments the majority deems distasteful. Guess that's where this country is headed too. So long, 1st Amendment; it was nice while it lasted.

Columbus, OH

So many people misunderstand the meaning of freedom of speech. It means you can speak freely without fear of imprisonment. It does not mean freedom from consequences. This kid just learned that lesson.

Cedar Hills, UT


So if they display racism, religious bigotry or dissatisfaction with the "other party" it's ok at least according the MSNBC standard.

Cedar Hills, UT

I don't mean to be disrespectful here to the families who are suffering but after watching Obama make his remarks regarding the shooting I didn't get the sense that the man had true emotion. I know I know he supposedly shed a tear - supposedly - but he seemed oddly detached and biting at the bit to talk about gun banning. I have heard other congressmen and governors speak and it was clear they were truly moved and emotional - all politics aside. His comments about changes that were going to be forthcoming were more scary than comforting because we all know how this man has a history of using crisis to push his agenda and I have no doubt that after the funerals are over you will see the campaigner and chief out running round the country trying to gin up anger and attempting to suggest if you aren't for gun banning then you don't care about kids. Watch and see.

Sadly we do need a real leader - like George Bush after 911 - who can unite us all. We currently don't have that guy.

Cedar Hills, UT

shouldn't use the 'N' word ever.

Provo, UT

Amen to OHBU - any freedom does not relieve of of consequences. Playing on a university team under scholarship is a privilege, not a right. The grantor of privilege can revoke that privilege at will. Lesson given, perhaps learned in this case.

As for OldSchool, my irony alarm sounded upon reading your comment, but it was so heavy handed that I'm not sure I know how you really feel. Nobody has even hinted we cannot express dissatisfaction with the party in power. Isn't that the basic system? We get a vote. We can express our opinions. We expect civility, but when one resorts to racial epithets, then the principle of privilege from my first paragraph takes effect.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

It seems harsh but since he is a member of the school's football team and is therefore a representative of the school, the school has the right to remove him from the team if his conduct puts the school in an awkward situation.. which it did. He wasn't arrested so his 1st amendment rights were not violated. The 1st amendment allows him the right to say what he wants but he still pays for the consequences.

I respect the school for taking a stand on this.

Durham, NC

Patriot... give your hatred a rest. I am amazed at how cold and bitter some seem to have gotten. It is frankly disgusting to see each and every utterance resused as some kind of political fodder. Sometimes events rise above the need to spew more political and what ever based hatred... a little respect for the event and those kids. Their deaths don't need ot be used for you to expose your feeling and hatred toward Obama. Rise above it.. just once.

As for as proposed changes, you have no idea what is even on the table... so your fear is based on parnoia, nothing based in fact. Heaven forbid the solution could be readdressing our mental health deliver systems, as that is something all these incidents had in common.

I am glad society and organizations are choosing not to allow their names be used in conjunction with comments like these. If you can't express your displeasure like a civilized person, any group should rightfully distance themselves from people like this.

Hayden, ID

Come on! I have heard people in the news media say far worse about President Bush, Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin and others and they got laughs from the audience! Please tell me, why its different when people say anything about Obama? Not saying I approve of what was said but certainly there is a double standard.

Durham, NC

Mouintainman... and plety of people on TV have called Obama plenty of negative things... no double standards there... surely you can recal Beck calling him a Racist and a White Hater... do you remember that? Where the line is crossed is when it where aracial slur was used... and I don't think anyone is ignorant to the connotation the N-word has. It and other like words are in their own class of insults, like those used against asians, hispanics, or many other groups of people that is solely based on something that has nothing to do with who that person is or what they have done.

If any employee, manager, or someone affiliated with an organization were to use any of these terms about anyone in a very public domain, they would all be at a minimum repremanded by their organizations... even when its not Obama. Most sports teams have a written code of conduct that players must sign on to... and most if not all have clauses to the effect of not bringing shame to the team. This player knew that, but was too ignorant to abide by it.

Cedar Hills, UT


It's not hatred - just don't trust the man nor do I believe he has true emotion for what happened in Connecticut. Ever the savvy politician he jumped to conclusions referring to the other shootings over the past few years and then attempted to tie this shooting in with the rest and strongly suggested changes were coming. You fill in the rest...use your imagination. We are all sickened and heart broken by what happened in Connecticut but this particular shooting was far different than any of the rest. First the guns were NOT his - they were owned legally by his mother and he couldn't have gotten the guns legally under Connecticut law. He obtained the guns illegally which means no gun law would have stopped him. Also every time we see one of these mass killings it happens in an area where guns are banned or very hard to get by the average citizen...no concealed carry allowed.

I would just like to hear one time Obama speak and the nation feel comforted by him. Bush did that after 911 but hearing Obama speak you know it is political and not from the heart.

Cedar Hills, UT

No one should use the "N" word regardless of what they think of Obama. I will say however there wouldn't have been ANYTHING off limits for a player to say about George Bush so there is an obvious double standard ... but what else is new? Liberalism is built on a foundation of hypocrisy.

Highland, UT

So according to bluedevil it is ok for obama to be political but not ok for other's?

CTJ fan
Salt Lake City, UT

Problem with this article and the punishment in general is that this country is full of racism for the most part, but the problem I see is if this guy were black tweeting about getting this honky of the T.V, not one thing would have been done about it. It's one sided, if a white person does something even close to offending someone of a different color it's racism and just plain horrible, but if someone of color says something about someone white it's swept under the rug like it never happened. And being LDS the president himself can tell jokes about the religion and no one blinks an eye. So we can all say how appalled we are about this, and yes it's not right but the bottom line this country is full of hypocrites when it comes to this subject.

Durham, NC

@ Patriot... about your Bush comment.... since you don't seem to recall, just google Dixie Chicks and refresh your memory. I think "nothing" is a bit of a gross misstatement. Time does fad all memories, so I will give you slack on that.

And what did you want from Obama.... blubbering on the stand? Really... what emotions were you expecting? He has two young daughters of his own... you really feel that he has no compassion for those parents and families. Thats your opinion, and that is fine. But I find it hard to reconcile.

Could just be me.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT


As long as you confuse hate and disagreement as being synonyms; you will continue to not get any "rest": Using racial epitaphs is hate (even when used against white people), vehemantly disagreeing with a politician is not

Cedar Hills, UT


All politics aside after listening to Obama speak my wife looked over at me and said - "that was sort of hollow wasn't it". The man can't communicate emotion over a telepromter ... it has to come from the heart. I recall hearing GW Bush speak after 911 and it moved anyone listening when the president spoke of the lost and fallen mainly because he didn't have notes... he spoke from the heart... unscripted and talking TO the country in a personal way. No political agenda. I recall hearing both conservatives and liberals express appreciation for how Bush brought us all together. For a while we were were all Americans - not left or right just Americans. That has NEVER happened under Obama and quite the opposite. Even in tragedy the man is barely able to show any emotion. Of course he loves his daughters and I'm not denying that but clearly there is a HUGE GAP with Obama compared to Bush as far as being human and forgetting politics. Today some far left media nuts were already suggesting that the president should "exploit" this tragedy for political purposes which validates my point about many liberals.

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

The campaign will never end for that guy. I am offended that he has used the death of these precious children to politic for gun control. Couldn't he even let them get buried first!

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