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Published: Saturday, Dec. 15 2012 9:10 p.m. MST

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Ogden, UT

Gary Anderson = Best coach in the State

Brighams Ghost
Santa Clara, UT

The next question here folks is where will gary coach next year and for how much more?

Holladay, UT

Great win for USU!! Wish my Utes were bowling. Nice to see the Aggies complete an awesome season on a very positive note!! Congrats Aggies and Aggies fans! Very classy, Coach Anderson, for staying with this improving program.


Well done. This BYU fan hopes that you enjoy both this win and many more.

Cedar Hills, UT

Congratulations AGGIES...Great bowl win...!!! Great season...!!! You have every right to be proud...!!! You gotta Love Anderson...great coach...great guy.

bountiful, ut

I am just so pleased with the success that our friends in Logan have enjoyed this season. I am so very hopeful that it continues into next season and well beyond. I want them to carve out a spot in the national conversation. What is good for Logan is great for the state of Utah! Keep up the great work Andersen and all present and future players that choose to call Logan their 4 year home. Rock on Aggie Nation! It is your turn to bask in the fandom that Utah presents. Utes and Cougars step aside and allow them to enjoy this moment of joy!

Granstville, UT

It is nice too hear Gary say he wants to take time to savor the bowl win, and the entire season, before worrying about next year.

Too often, we get caught up with worrying so much about tomorrow, we don't take the time to enjoy today.

Nice going Aggs. Enjoy the holiday, savor the moment, relish the season; and then get back to business next year. There's plenty of time.

Salt Lake City, UT

@BrighamsGhost - You do realize Andersen put out a press release weeks ago declaring he's not going anywhere, right?

Park City, UT

Him kissing trophies kind of creeps me out. Great job Aggies!!

Santa Monica, CA

Sincere congrats from a Ute fan. I love what Coach Anderson has done with this program and Aggie fans deserve to be proud. This has been a long time coming, but its gotta feel good to be a football fan in Logan this season! Great job!

Salt Lake City, UT

Nice job USU. You have proven that you are the best team in the state in 2012.

Keep up the good work.

Farmington, UT

Loved my trip to Boise, but I'want to go south next year. Go Aggies!

Plano, TX

Congrats to the Aggies - you played exceptionally well !

I do hope that trophy comes with Fry Sauce....

Ogden, Utah

@superzero..agreed. Boise has been a great host the past two years...but staring at that blue field gives me a headache and I always grow concerned when I see geese circling over the stadium. Somewhere warmer with a bigger payout would be nice next year.

@stang08...you were correct..it was a blowout.

Props to the Aggies for a great season. Can't wait for April and spring practice to begin to see what the Aggies put on field again.


Cedar City, Utah

Did anyone here the joke Jay Leno made last night about this game? Even he didn't take this game seriously. And really why would he when two nobody teams played in it.

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