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Published: Saturday, Dec. 15 2012 7:20 p.m. MST

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Alaskan Ute
Fairbanks, AK

Typical BYU fans - I have a bunch in my family. They know-it-all, including how we as Ute fans "feel." Know that I am not a BYU hater, as my daughter attends there, but I do resent their fan's attitude.

As a Ute fan, I love the relevancy the PAC 12 brings. I look forward each week to seeing our conference rivals, different than I did beforehand with the WAC and Mtn West. Trust me, we Ute fans realize that we aren't going to win the conference every year, but we are relevant, and I'm glad to move on from BYU.

BYU, go do your independent thing, sit in the stands and on these message boards and criticize the coach, players, Ute fans, and anyone else who will listen, and continue to know-it-all your way to mid-major, second-tier success.

I'm confident that time will reveal that Utah's strategy is sound.

A "Utah Man Sir"

Roberts, ID

The Utes situation is they are now a little fish in a big pond. I think the only team that is competitive is the womens gymnastics team and they draw crowds that are similar to the basketball team.


I agree with Hollis, Fresno State gives the Ute fan little comfort. The feeling is, that even with the hard times the Utes have been facing battling for respect in the Pac 12, we Ute fans can take some solace knowing that the Utes, a very least, beat-up the little neighbor kid from Provo. The hard knocks of this stacked PAC 12 conference are softened a bit when the Utes, at very least, can pick on our old rival just for fun. It makes us feel better. Chris Hill should get us either a patsy game or a big name team from say, the Big 10 or SEC. If not, then allow us to beat up the kid from the neighborhood.

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