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Published: Sunday, Dec. 16 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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This letter would mean a lot more if street locations were mentioned. I have a hard time believing that your 30 min commute went to 1.5 hours and it is only a 20 min drive time. If the original writer could clarify what routes were cut that would be great.

Provo, UT


I also find it hard to believe considering that they live in West Valley but putting that aside there's a level of selfishness and entitlement which permeates the letter. UTA isn't a shuttle or taxicab so it doesn't provide a door to door service.

UTA has made it clear what their long-term goal is which is to have a major transit stop within 1 mile of 90% of the population of the Wasatch Front by 2030 which is doable but in the process some are going to be upset because they aren't given special treatment. UTA has not become worse. It's one of the best transit agencies in the countries in terms of number of people they service and the quality of service it provides. I can honestly say that I am tired of the complaints. Anywhere else and you could not get from West Valley to downtown Salt Lake by mass transit let alone from Provo to Ogden. It's gotten so bad that you can go from Ogden to Provo in 1 hr 45 minutes for $8.95 instead of by Greyhound bus in 3 hours, 45 minutes for $23.00

Provo, UT


Continuing from my previous comment. The believability factor of the letter is extremely low. I have traveled from Provo to Salt Lake and all around Salt Lake in far less time. One of the problems that people have who complain is that they rely on RideUTA for trip planning.

I can personally attest to the fact that a little common sense and research goes a long way. I have had UTA's Customer Service and website give me less then ideal trip OPTIONS just for Provo and Orem. Having me go far out of my way and take longer for a short commute because they had me go to the closest stop to my starting location. With Salt Lake County this is even more of a problem for some. UTA isn't taxi service. If you want that then try it. I dare any of you to try going from West Valley to downtown Salt Lake by Taxi and see how much it costs you. It will be a short trip but it will be extremely expensive. They would probably pay more for that then a $23 Greyhound trip from Provo to Ogden or $2.35 bus fare.

West Valley City, UT

Here's the details:
1st Commute: Caught route 356 at 3100 S 5600 W at 7:00 am arrived at 100 S State St at 7:30 am. (I begin work at 8 am)
2nd commute: Caught route 513 at 2700 S 5600 W at 6:45 transfer to route 220 at Salt Lake Central at 7:30 arrived at work at 7:45.
Now: Catch route F556 at 2700 S 5600 W at 6:56 transfer to route 35M at 3500 S 5600 W at 7:11, transfer to Green Trax Line at 7:33 arrive at work at 8:05 am.
All the commuters on this route has the same complaints at me. Route 356 was packed, route 513 was 20% filled, now it is a handful of commuters on the bus.

West Valley City, UT

Sorry about the typo on the current commute, it should read:
Catch route F556 at 2700 S 5600 W at 6:46 transfer to route 35M at 3500 S 5600 W at 7:11, transfer to Green Trax Line at 7:33 arrive at work at 8:05 am.

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