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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 11 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Tooele, UT

Re: ". . . disdain spreads as 'fiscal cliff' looms"

As well it should. It's all political circus. Bad circus, to boot.

Granted, the "fiscal cliff" is anything but. Even the term is nothing more than a cynical political device to divert attention away from the President's much more severe Obamacare taxes, taxes that will kick in, whether or not we're pitched over the "cliff."

In reality, we should embrace the "cliff." Its tax hikes are rather insignificant, at least compared to what's coming, and its "cuts" are substantially less illusory than any of the disingenuous liberal alternatives being proposed.

Lehi, UT

It's not all Congress's fault. Where is the President's responsibility to get this done? Typical blaming everyone but the White House, especially when Obama has presented no budget for over three years, and keeps his hardline rhetoric, insisting on tax increases on small businesses and an ever-growing group that makes $200K or more or couples making $250K or more. I'm not one of them. But they already pay their "fair share" and more. Flat tax time so those who only receive from the government have to start paying and then have a balanced electorate who sees the consequences of their votes.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Yet we re-elected a whole bunch of those who are members of the Just Say No Party who have pledged their souls to Grover rather than pledging to work together to solve problems.

However, had the Party Of No been unable to gerrymander House districts in most states, there would have been a lot more of the Party Of Yes in those seats after the first of the year.

Political games continue and too many Americans are gullible enough to fall for them.

Farmington, UT

So why did so many vote for King Obama, the man who refuses to compromise?

Farmington, UT

one old man

The Party of Yes is the party that has spent us blind with "shovel-ready jobs" that really weren't, and has mortgaged our children's and grandchildren's future to give every soul health care and turn America into socialist Greece.

Someone needs to say "no" when we're buried in debt. All Obama wants to do is raise taxes through the roof. Look at his accomplices---Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi---and tell me that the inmates are not in charge of the insane asylum.

Tooele, UT

Re: "Political games continue and too many Americans are gullible enough to fall for them."

You said a mouthful, brother!

Democrats and the President have been offered everything they demanded a year ago -- and more. But just can't seem to find a way to take "yes" for an answer. They keep throwing in new stuff -- like a demand that Congress empower the President to disregard the Consitution, assuming the powers of the duly-reelected people's House to initiate debt-based spending from his own office, in his sole discretion, pursuant to his own agenda.


Notwithstanding, way too many Americans continue to indicate they blame only Republicans -- who clearly deserve some blame. But the power to fully resolve the issue is lies clearly in the hands of Democrats.

In the words of that great philosopher and man in black, Kay -- "What a gullible breed!"

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Fiscal Cliff?
It's not just the Fiscal Cliff.

Congress rejecting the Americans with Disabilies vote is enough to cause disdain for them.

Leave to Utah Senators Mike Lee, and Orrin Hatch to put Party Politics ahead of America's Disabled, let alone America's finances.

spring street


"So why did so many vote for King Obama...."

do you really not see the failure in logic behind this statement? please think about what you are typing before you type it.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

The narcissistic voter will always put the people in office who are most likely to be generous. We were warned about that by the founding fathers.
Romney certainly wasn't willing to tell us the hard truth about debt and revenue. He favored a rather gentle reduction of expenditures.
Certainly Obama has pitched the idea of MORE. More stimulus programs, more student loan forgiveness, more government cheese in all its forms.
And the biggest program is national health insurance, certain to join Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid as budget-busters.
We all know in our hearts that this cannot continue. They are just making the bubble bigger and thinner. Obama's hollow victory of getting the rich to pay more is quaint but hardly a solution to the problem.
At the end of the day we should all be livid that our elected officials allowed this problem to fester since November of 2011.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

Our congressmen are the best.

The problems is with all the other congressmen.

Kaysville, UT

The Congress has a majority of Republican members in the House because the equal sized districts around the United States of America elected those people to represent them in Congress. The people in those Districts knew what their Congress members were going to do with the fiscal responsibility they have as Representatives. They have an obligation to their constituents to vote for fiscal responsibility.

The President thinks he has a mandate because he won the election, but he didn't win a substantial part of the country, as seen in how the districts voted for Republicans. He was very selective in his metropolitan areas.

The President is grandstanding so he can develop his built crisis and make the story go against the Republicans. However, he has some risk that what will happen will reflect on his "Obama" failures. Congress doesn't usually pick up the responsibility of a recession as there are over 400 in that body. One person, the President, took a chance when he went up for reelection in that his second term can be a failure and then the total 8 years will be a problem for him. The country isn't really better but his story will be.

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

There is no disdain for Congress in Utah. Just over a month ago, we re-elected every one of them. We like our guys.


@there you go again

I agree I just wish the congress sessions would stop interfering with Jason Chaffetz's appearances on fox, I love listening to his twisted attempts of logic, he is a very entertaining.

Lafayette, IN

We are 16 trillion dollars in debt. Our unfunded liabilities are at about 87 trillion dollars. We are so beyond broke...

Salt Lake City, UT

Why are people complaining about the expiration of Bush tax cuts for the wealthy? If the tax cuts for the wealthy expire, the tax rate will be around the same as it was during most of Reagan's presidency. Was the tax rate under Reagan really that bad? Any Reagan worshipers willing to comment?

rural citizen
Vernal, UT

What amazes me is that folks are surpised and frustrated that this issue is not getting resolved. Did you really think that re-electing President Obama would change the course we have been on and are currently on?

Bronx, NY

Did you really think electing your same congressman would change the course we are on? It easy to try to point the finger but until you clean your own side of the street it does not hold much water.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

@ rural and George
The truth is we've been punked again by both sides.

Kaysville, UT

It is not Congress that we should disdain. They are voted on by people who live in their districts. The President has the largest PR firm in the United States of America and the world as he has 5 main networks plus cable ones that are his messengers. Congress is a body of over 500 people who are elected. The President and Senate and House leaders can use their crow bar to get a Representative or Senator to change their votes for promises of grandeur and position. However, Congressmen and women are 1 of over 400 and they don't have the networks to push their message. They will be sacrificed the next election due to PACs that are uncontrollable now, since this last election.

We have a lot to worry about with the power of these unlegislated PACs that the courts basically has given rise to with their United decision. We don't need parties anymore except to facilitate these PACs. They have become the parties and have untold amounts of money, power and prestige to push on voters without having to sign an individual lobbyist statement.

We are running into the Matheson and Love type of expenditures in the future.

Sacramento, CA

Obama should fold Obamacare into Medicare and eliminate age requirement and employers from funding healthcare. They can fund it thru a national sales tax which would allow employers to be more competitive globally and put them in a position to hire more people. Employees can then double the fica deductions for social security and medicare. Our economy should have a surge.

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