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Published: Monday, Dec. 10 2012 10:05 p.m. MST

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Ragnar Danneskjold
Bountiful, UT

Re: longversion

Okay, first of all your statement that "your bias doesn't allow you to trust those Mormons to be honest" is laughable and a great example of an attitude that people despise in some BYU fans.
I am not going to spend all day searching articles from almost 5 years ago, but here is an example. Look at "BYU: Nelson spurns Ags for Y." The article quotes Rileys father and says in it:
Conversations between coach Higgins at BYU and coach Favero at Logan led to discussions via email between Riley and BYU coaches.
"Keith Nelson said when news reached him that BYU had some interest, he requested permission from his son's mission president to address the issue."

Now this isn't proof that BYU recruited Riley on his mission, but it is also reason enough to stir reasonable suspicion. But it is absolutely proof that BYU contacted a missionary during his mission that was committed to another school. I have no problem with them contacting him. The question is who initiated contact. There is no proof, but there is plenty of grounds for suspicion.


Gary Andersen did a recruiting job on Hayden. Now Coach Andersen is a Badger. Good luck at USU

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