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Published: Monday, Dec. 10 2012 10:05 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

Re: thunder struck

I loved the post, funniest thing about it is how many people will miss the sarcasm :)

To byufan1993:

You see, some of your comments explain part of the beef that Aggie faithful have with an unfortunate attitude of many BYU fans. BYU being "a good university with standards that are appealing to good young men" applies outside of the BYU-Provo campus. I personally find that the University of Utah, USU, and many other universities across the country and world qualify if these are the requirements for a good university for good people with hopes and dreams. Nothing to take away from the value that the university provided to you personally, that's great, but BYU doesn't have the corner on that market, from sports to academics to overall life education.

Don't get me wrong, some of my favorite people are BYU alumni, but unfortunately this condescending world-view is part of why I chose not to attend BYU. It's proud, unbecomming, and childish.


@plyxplyx - Can you please provide the evidence (not your opinion or someone elses) that BYU recruited Riley Nelson while he was still on his mission. BYU has repeatedly explained its position on not contacting missionaries in the field. They simply don't do it. Family can do whatever they want. Friends who communicate with the missionary can do and say what they want. To insinuate BYU is doing something against its own rules is pretty serious and deserves some solid evidence from those making accusations. If you have such evidence, please make it available to local media who can then present it to BYU, the public, and any other entity that would need or want to see it.

Salt Lake City, UT

BYU has lost a few recruits while on missions too people, it's amazing you can spout out things and call them facts, I doubt you know any facts at all. Why would BYU recruit a guy like Nelson when he's on his mission and break the rules for a below avg college qb? When they already had a 5 star recruit commitment, and good qb's in the fold. Remember this is the same university who sat a guy for the NCAA tournament for breaking there own rules, a guy who could have easily help them get to the final 4. So you think this same university would break rules by the NCAA for Nelson for what to get ahead? Use some common sense if you have some! Isn't it about the same to continue to hawk a guy who's already committed to another university? Wow make sense guys! I think it's a good thing for Weichers he wouldn't have played at all next year and maybe not when he returned to BYU. Right now they a lot of good young receivers, & if Anderson wanted him that bad it's good he chose to go.

Ragnar Danneskjold
Bountiful, UT

BYU didn't break any rules in recruiting Nelson. At the time, it was an understanding that in state coaches had, and Bronco has been critical of other coaches doing it. It was discussed at length when it happened and most people recognize that it was a little shady, but BYU fans wouldn't accept the "evidence" that 'longversion' is looking for if it were right in front of their face. They absolutely contacted Nelson when he was on his mission.

Hopefully Weichers will play well in Logan.
Can I get at least one Cougar fan who will accept that it is possible that receivers don't want to go to BYU because they are no longer a passing team? Hill is another running QB. That doesn't appeal to people who get the ball thrown to them. Doman is ruining the program.

Charlotte, NC

Wow. A lot of people are worked up over this -- even to the point of trashing this kid's ability. So a recruit changed his mind. It happens all the time and at every school. Yawn.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Logan, Utah
"BYU will more than likely go after Weichers when he has 3 months left in his mission. I won't believe he is going to Utah State until he is wearing an Aggie uniform AFTER his mission. I personally believe that student athletes, while on their missions, are off limits to recruiting, unwritten rule if you will."

I know for a fact that Riley was planning on transferring (with or without a scholarship) to BYU post-mission. He told his closest friends and LHS coaches about it. BYU didn't and doesn't actively recruit missionaries. You still may lose him after his mission though, so your anxiety is merited. He'll just have to serve the "Riley Rule" penalty.

P.S. We've got a great slot receiver in the wings just waiting for JD to graduate - Cody Raymond (another local recruit).
Don't cry for us.


Ragnar Danneskjold, just provide some credible evidence that BYU did what you and others assume they did. There was a lot of hearsay and innuendo back when the Nelson decision was made public but not a single publication, that I'm aware of, reported any evidence that BYU coaches or staff contacted Riley on his mission. Riley has denied it, BYU has denied it, but your bias doesn't allow you to trust those Mormons to be honest people and the ends justify your suspicions.

You'd be thrown out of the court with your current line of prosecution.

Virginia Beach, Va

Look for more quality players to head to Logan. As a player or a parent if you look at who Bronco chose as qb you really would be rolling the dice by going to BYU. The coach is poor at evaulating players.

Provo, , UT

I did not say BYU has a corner on those aspects! I did not say one cannot be completely happy at Utah or Utah State! I considered both schools and there was never a question in my mind that I wouldn't find the Gospel and other important things there! However, they do not have the Honor Code. Beer, sex, and other things are allowed on campus. Things that I do not want to be surrounded by. BYU DOES have a corner on that aspect. And I was simply saying kids respect that, I respect that. That does NOT mean I think am 'holier than thou' or anything like that. It sounds to me like you group a large number of people into a very small group probably based on the actions of a few. That is not fair.

Provo, , UT

You also put words in my mouth and ideas into my mouth. I do not think I am better than anyone else because I attend BYU. I realize USU Utah are great schools where one can develop into a great man or woman, I simply acknowledge that at BYU, because it is a private institution, these topics are more welcome and encouraged. I love starting class out with a prayer. And I love my university of choice. That does not mean in any way that I think less of other universities. I like the Honor Code. And I chose to go to school where the laws I choose to live by, can be enforced. I do not in any way look down and belittle USU, Utah, or any other university.


SummitHigh, I think BYU1993's comments are up to interpretation. For a Mormon kid I think his comment is dead on. BYU isn't immune from elements that could lure a kid from his or her religious and moral commitments, but they are nothing like what you can find around the USU or Utah campuses. That doesn't make those schools or the people who attend them evil or bad, it just means more opportunities for Mormon kids to go places they know they shouldn't. Call that self-righteous, zealous, holier-than-thou, and all the other names that get thrown at the BYU athletes and fan base, but that's a fact. The environment at BYU is designed to help LDS kids have a college experience that compliments their religious beliefs.

Provo, UT

Wiecher's own words are pretty clear... "scholarship opened up, I could play right away, that's all I needed to hear." Translation: Despite the sport's writers efforts to attribute this to a Utah State program on the rise (which it is.. not question), the decision was about who would pony up the scholarship the fastest. In all honesty, that is how most bubble players make the decision of which school to go to. Rarely is it about the best fit. They usually don't have that luxury. Most often it's about whoever will pay me whether or not it is my first choice.

My criticism isn't of players that do this. I have a daughter who did it too. My criticism is of sports writers who embellish the story to make it something that it is not.

Provo, UT

"Still and all, a Cornell education is worth every penny."

Just ask Andy Bernard... ribip bip bi do

Provo, UT

"unfortunately this condescending world-view is part of why I chose not to attend BYU."

That and the fact that you didn't get accepted, right?

Salt Lake City, UT

Looks like we got Frances Bernard, would rather have another running back then receiver, plus the guy can play safety. That worked out very well I think. I hope Weichers does well for Utah State and I hope they continue to do well, it's nice to see them win again. Of course I still don't think Anderson will stay through his entire contract, he'll get a better deal and move on. It would help him stay if you guys could fill the stadium for home games, the best season in years and can't fill it, to a coach that's not good, hurts recruiting and just makes it harder. Let's hope that get turned around.

Nephi, UT

Chris B. you never fail to disappoint. I'm really worried we'll see a sudden mass exodus of BYU recruits to USU after they read your well thought out comments. As far as the recruiting missionaries accusations where is the uproar when BYU loses a player after a mission? Ben Olsen and Jake Murphy are two prominent examples.


Not only does he get to play right away but he'll be playing for a team whose quarterback passed for over 3,000 yards this season. Given BYU's recent inability to put a successful quarterback on the field and their lack of identity on offense, there's no question that he made the best decision for him.

Pullman, WA

Hayden, we are excited for you. You will love it up in Logan. I wish you had stuck with BYU, but we all hope you excel wherever your game and your heart take you. Who knows, once you get out there on your LDS mission you might lean back to BYU, but if not, we wish you well anyway.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


"Hmm? Shiply, Davis, Shumway, etc. The Cougs will survive. It's the utes who should be concerned."

Really? Don't let any facts get in your way ... like how Utah has a 4 star wide receiver, Andre Lewis, committed to signing.

The Utes and Ute fans don't need your concern, but thanks for caring!

gilbert, AZ

BYU has three other recievers this recruiting class who have the same 4.5 speed. The only difference is they are 6'2 and he is 6'0. The only schools to offer this kid were BYU and USU. I am not loving this recruiting class. Maybe USU can take a few more of these (low profile) recruits off BYU's hands.

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