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Published: Monday, Dec. 10 2012 6:00 p.m. MST

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Logan, Utah

Well there you have it folks, in page 2 of the article Coach Andersen says he will stay at Utah State forever. Sorry Utah County Media Conglomerates, looks like Utah State will have a great football team for years and years to come and you will be forced to cover them whether you like it or not.

Go Aggies!

Cedar City, Utah

That's what he said but mark my words he won't. Sorry but its true if a coach is successful they get picked up by a bigger school and won't turn the offer down.

Germantown, MD

I agree that coaches generally do exactly what you said, but there are examples of those who don't, like Lavell Edwards at the Y. Andersen already turned down offers. I choose to trust what he has said until he gives me reason not to believe him. He hasn't yet.

Me, Myself and I
The Promised Land, UT

I played for Coach Anderson in Cedar City and there was a lot more to his leaving than a bigger program and more money. While some people in Cedar have found fault with him for leaving most of us who played for him didn't. We were disappointed, but just like Davis said in the article we wanted what was best for coach because that's how he treated us. Coach Andersen is a class act and all those who try to paint him otherwise don't know him at all.

Big R
Danville, CA

Good for him! The best college football coach in the state of Utah. I love to see someone be successful and happy where they are instead of chasing more money. I hope he stays for years and builds a great program and I'm not even a Utah State fan!

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

It just gets better and better. Coach Andersen has drastically changed the football culture at USU for the better. I am glad that USU is also having a positive influnce on Andersen and his family.

Virginia Beach, Va

Sounds like a good guy. We were in Utah a couple of years in the summer and Logan was a beautiful town. Would not surprise me if GA takes over the Utah program one day. GA is the best coach in the state of Utah.

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