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Published: Monday, Dec. 10 2012 9:30 a.m. MST

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@Two For Flinching

Per NBA's official website:

Lillard: 43.4 FG percentage, 38.2 3-point percentage, 82.1 freethrow percentage
Jimmer: 48.1 FG percentage, 41.4 3-point percentage, 91.7 freethrow percentage

NBA stats are not open to opinion or interpretation, and I'm guessing that ESPN is not in charge of official NBA statistics. While you may be entitled to your own opinion about Jimmer's abilities, you are not entitled to your own facts, and neither is ESPN.

Orem, UT


Being a National College Player of the Year IS a MUCH Bigger deal than having a few good games to start your rookie season in the NBA.

btw, Lillard was 2-14 last night, 0-5 from 3; 5-13, 2-5 from 3 the previous game; not exactly HOF-type numbers.

Call us when Lillard is inducted into the NBA HOF and we'll talk.

Orem, UT


Bottom line,

which you conveniently overlooked,

with Nick Emery, Eric Mika, Luke Worthington, Jakob Hartsock, and Braiden Shaw already signed,

TJ Haws already committed,

Kyle Collinsworth returning from a mission,

and Tyler Haws, Matt Carlino, Anson Winder, Josh Sharp, Cory Calvert, Nate Austin, and others returning next season,

even without Jabari, BYU is loaded with talent for the next several years.

Salt Lake City, Utah


"To all the Lillard fans: This article is about Jimmer Fredette, not Damien Lillard."


Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Lets debate

Just looked at NBA . com

Jimmer's number are .476 FG percentage and .400 for his career. 3 point shots .400 (.366 career). FT's .920 (.863 career). Nothing like having a blatant lie completely exposed, am I right? Btw, NBA's website also confirmed that Lillard's career numbers are better than Jimmer's.


@Two for Flinching

You can call 1/4 of one season a "career" if you like, everyone else is making an honest comparison of numbers for this season. The only "career" either of them has at this point to make any kind of meaningful comparison is a "college career." Need I embarrass you about that comparison?

Nothing like having blatantly dishonest spin completely exposed, am I right?

O-town, UT

If the DNews would show some sense of professionalism and do a Lillard Watch, I would stay on that thread. A potential Rookie of the Year deserves a story...much more than a faded out college fad from a couple of years ago (although I gotta admit, that small, slow, and pale kid sure plays a mean bball).

Until then, just get used to your old pal--Wildcat!

East Salt Lake City, Utah

South Jordan, UT

Uteology, who won that game? U can't beat the Y even when they shoot in the low 30% for the game


We're picked last in the PAC-12, so why are you shooting 30% against Utah at HOME? Why not take high percentage shots inside, why couldn't you dominate the paint, why keep shooting from the outside? Oh yea, we were "too physical" for your team.

Cedar Hills, UT

@Uteology - even the very best teams have bad games sometimes, even shooting a low percentage in their own building on occasion. So what? It's still true that even on a bad night, the Cougs beat your Utes with just over 30% shooting.

Although even decent teams would have trouble beating Duke on an off-night for Duke, BYU's not exactly Duke. Aren't you embarrassed to have such a horrid team that they can't beat an above average team on one of their worst shooting nights? I thought the Utes played some good defense and showed some real potential, but they still lost to a very lackluster and underperforming BYU team. Seems that your slamming BYU only has the effect of piling on embarrassment for your beloved Utes. Seems you have a pretty low opinion of the Utes. Just how awful do you think they are?

Obviously the Utes weren't "too physical" because #1 the Cougs won, and #2 nobody on the team was complaining about the Utes being "too physical."


Hey Uteology - the Utes were physical on Saturday, I could see that. But, they lost, so apparently they "weren't physical enough" to keep BYU from scoring more than them. How could they be "too much" of anything good if they lost, and who said they were "too physical" for the Cougars anyway?

And, why did BYU keep shooting from the outside? Who knows, but I don't think it has anything to do with Utah being physical. Have you watched any BYU games for the last 5 years? That's their game plan for every game. Live by the 3, die by the 3. If they miss their first 20, they'll shoot 20 more hoping the averages work in their favor.

But yeah - everyone's crying about Utah being "too physical."

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ LetDebate

What is dishonest? Lillard's career NBA numbers (so far) vs. Jimmer's career NBA numbers (so far) are completely valid. And the numbers clearly show that Lillard has outperformed Jimmer.

As for college careers: Comparing both of their senior seasons Lillard had a better FG percentage, a better 3-point percentage, and averaged less turnovers. The only difference is that Jimmer took over 750 shots and Lillard took just under 500. In short, JF was a ball hog.



What is dishonest? Jimmer's season NBA numbers (so far) vs. Lillard's season NBA numbers (so far) are completely valid. And the numbers clearly show that Jimmer has outperformed Lillard in the minutes given.

See - I can play the same game. If you don't want a battle of cherry-picked stats with ridiculous claims of dishonesty, you shouldn't start one. On the first comment page I explained why statistical comparisons between the two are absolutely meaningless, but you keep trotting them out with your own spin to somehow "prove" Lillard's superiority.

Let's see - they play on different teams, under different systems, playing different roles, at different times of the game, and their levels of NBA experience are different, yet you think there's enough data to prove something. The only thing you're proving is that your bias prevents you from offering a credible analysis.

Same with a meaningless college comparison of two great players in wildly different circumstances. I guess you should have been in charge of all the national collegiate basketball awards, since your 3 statistics clearly show your prowess in comparing all factors that make the best overall college player.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Memo to the BYU Homers ... it's not all about Jimmer's offensive stats per minutes played. There have been a ton of players who never made it in the NBA who had good offensive minutes for the few minutes they were played ... yet the reason they never made it was for something else ...
End of story.

Ogden, UT

@Wildcat and others

Jimmer is not a worn out fad as the more than 50 comments on this thread alone show. What does Jimmer being "pale" or dare I say white have anything to do with anything? Love him or hate him, we can't leave him alone.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT


They both play in the exact same league, and in the same conference. They both play against the same 31 teams. Basketball is pretty simple to understand. The better, more valuable players, play more. Lillard plays a ton while Jimmer warms the bench. That fact alone effectively ends the argument. Add in their respective stats and the comparison between the two becomes absurd.

You did make me laugh with the experience comment though. Since when is having less experience considered an asset?



Basketball is simple to simpletons and casual observers. The more one understands about basketball, the more complicated it becomes. Probably better for some to stay simple, where a few stats seem to tell the entire story, and you can pick the stats that support your biases.

You might notice that I've not claimed that Jimmer is a better NBA player than Lillard. I just think your arguments and stats are meaningless and show a rather weak understanding of the many facets that determine a player's worth. I've countered your simple and manipulated arguments with simple and manipulated arguments to demonstrate how easy it is for a simple person to manipulate an argument with cherry-picked stats. Obviously, my parallelism has been lost on you as you keep returning with equally shallow points.

For example - you think starters play the same team as 2nd-stringers. Good one!

Your rationale that Lillard had a better college career than Jimmer is truly worthy of a hardy laugh, and is probably the most obvious example of your blind man-crush on Lillard, or your blind hatred of Jimmer. Either way, it's surely strips you of any credibility.

Cedar Hills, UT

To the Flinchman - you ask "Since when is having less experience considered an asset?"

Yet, in the prior paragraph, you encourage us to add in their respective stats to make a comparison absurd.

I've got to agree with LetsDebate - you're far too biased, and obviously so, to make a rational analysis.

Having more experience (Jimmer) has led to better on-court play, and his stats per minutes played this season are BETTER than Lillards, so adding in the stats seems to only diminish your argument and make YOU look absurd as a debater.

I'll concede that their roles on their respective teams, and their respective minutes on the court, give a clue that Lillard is indeed more valuable with possibly better talent at this given time. It may be a glimpse into his future, but he may be a flash in the pan - you have no idea with just half of half a season under his belt. Good grief - CJ Miles gave us stretches just as long that made us think he was a superstar in the making.

Your reasoning is extremely weak, so maybe stop pretending you have it all wrapped up.

Springville, UT

And to all you Ute homers still smarting from last week's 'we almost beat BYU' moment that said Jimmer would never make it in the NBA...

... he did.

Go watch a 49ers game this weekend and watch Smith backup CK.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


"And to all you Ute homers ... that said Jimmer would never make it in the NBA ... he did. Go watch a 49ers game this weekend and watch Smith backup CK."

What's your version of "make it in the NBA"? We all knew he'd get drafted and he's under contract so it's not like he's not staying for a while.

The funny thing is you then go straight to Alex Smith as if that's your version of not making it in the big leagues ... yet Alex has had what, 2 or 3 new contracts since his rookie deal? And by the way, he's a backup ... not a backup to the backup.

sammyg = FAIL

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