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Published: Monday, Dec. 10 2012 9:30 a.m. MST

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Orem, UT

To Mr Wildcat,

I wonder if Jimmer had the minutes lillard was given what his numbers would be. I'm betting better. But until a different coach is in charge of Sacramento we just won't know. Until then we might as well root for both players. An angry Ewete fan would boo anyone not from the U. Us classier fans surely can root for all players who played at any Utah school.

Salt Lake City, UT

To compare Jimmer to Lillard is stupid, Lillard is a natural point guard and Jimmer is not, so Jimmer has to convert to that position, that's not a easy thing to do in the NBA and especially when you have no support from the organization or the coach. To Sacramento you don't go out and continue to sign more point guards if you want to develop someone. Now Lillard is a better pro and I think will have a great career, I like his game and I think he could become one of the better point guards in the league. Jimmer on the other hand can become a good player but I think his ceiling is lower because his defense will hold him down a little. As far as a college player Jimmer was better, but the pro game is different. And for those who say Jimmer is selfish, well usually teams don't win with selfish players, most guys couldn't put up those numbers without hurting their teams but Jimmer did it and improved the team. Bottom line there both fun to watch.

Centerville, UT

@ true blue

you really aren't letting go of your obsession with Jimmer are you??? Are you that worried about him?? To say that what lillard is doing and WILL continue to do at the HIGHEST level of basketball (rookie of the year, elite PG, Hall of famer) would be over shadowed by one year of jimmermania is foolish. i'm sorry but I think "jimmermania" is going to be overshadowed by the fact that jimmer doesn't play more than 10 minutes a game.

You're right jimmer was the national player of the year... but that was two years ago... and I think its safe to say that when you're picked 6th overall and you're in the race to win rookie of the year you're not only known, but well known outside of the state of utah and the big sky... it was a good attempt though..

Also, byu fans don't start beating your chests thinking this is some underlying attempt to start a war about byu and utah....

Orem, UT

Because Lillard is having a wonderful rookie season, does that somehow mean Jimmer is no good? Because Jimmer was in a situation and on a team where he could shine in college, does that mean Lillard was not a top college player? Of course, the answer to both questions is "NO!" They're both fine players. I'm proud that Lillard went up from Weber and that he's doing so well. I wish Jimmer was in a situation to play and improve more. We're lucky to have had them both here in Utah. I wish them both the best.

Ogden, UT


Still waiting for your Lillard Watch to give us the number of minutes and turnovers per game from Lillard. As stated previously, I think your watch is great, but it needs to be more complete and balanced.

@Two for flinching

You and Chris B. seem to enjoy posting inaccurate information.
Lillards FG %43 Jimmers 48% Lillards 3pt %38 Jimmers 41%
Lillards APG 6.5 Jimmers 1.3 Lillards MPG 38 Jimmers 11

Provo, UT

They need to play the guy, simple as that. While he sat on the bench the Kings stunk. Maybe they will continue to stink. So you might as well play him and see what happens...

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


Gotta laugh at the inconsistency of Utah fans who still follow Alex Smith around like lost little puppies, but whine about BYU fans continuing to show an interest Jimmer.

Regardless of how you spin Lillard's early success in the NBA, it doesn't retroactively apply to his barely noticed on a national level collegiate career.

I see you're still living with the nightmare of Jimmer's last game in the Huntsman where he literally destroyed the Utes single-handedly?

No wonder utenation is in such a panic about the possibility of Jabari committing to BYU.

Following Jimmermania with Jabarimania would be more than utenation could handle.

Springville, UT

Snack PAC

That was funny... thank you!


We have someone we love to follow, Jimmer. Who cares about other good players? Jimmer is the whole package.

dana point , CA

Why is it that the Lillard fans come on to every Jimmer article and start trying to compare the their abilities and records. This is not about Lillard. The indisputable fact is that Jimmer is probably the most famous college basketball player to come out of Utah.....FACT! That does't mean we start comparing him to Danny Ainge. Only people who are trying to compare Jimmer to Lillard are Lillard fans. Both Jimmer and Lillard have a long long way to go to finish their NBA careers. Let's just see how it all works out. It is totally stupid to compare the two. If we go on the record results....they speak for themselves. Believe me.....barring a career ending injury for either player, they will be great in their own way. One thing is for sure and is also a fact, Lillard does not sell the tickets that Jimmer does nor does he have the following nation wide, nor will he ever have the fan following that Jimmer has.

Salt Lake City, UT

Right on Snack PAC. Alec Smith was a good collegiate that Utes fans still idolize. He looks like Aaron Rodgers until he gets on the field and then - nothing. Hey Ute fans, Jimmer is a good guy and fun to follow. Don't try to spoil the fun.

From Ted's Head
Orem, UT

I never watched Lillard in a college game. In fact, I know more about Kemba Walker than Lillard. Lillard could go on to be the NBA MVP and I would still pay more attention to Jimmer...because I enjoy the story of the short white Mormon kid trying to make it in the NBA. I hope he continues to improve and gets a chance to play enough minutes to get his rhythm and confidence back. Jimmermania is not dead...just waiting to roar again, even if just in Provo or for a few games. Which is one of the reason's for the Jimmer Watch. :-)

East Salt Lake City, Utah

@Snack PAC

Following Jimmermania with Jabarimania would be more than utenation could handle.


Judging by how BYU played last weekend against the team picked to finish last in the PAC-12 you better hope you land Jabari.

Lillard vs. Jimmer comparisons, really?

Lets just hope Jimmer stays around for Jabari vs Jimmer comparisons. Now that would be interesting.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah


"Judging by how BYU played last weekend against the team picked to finish last in the PAC-12 you better hope you land Jabari."

Why? BYU already has a Top 10 recruiting class committed for 2013. Jabari would simply push that closer to, if not all the way, to #1.

Ogden, UT

We Lillard fans are NOT trying to talk bad about Jimmer. All we are trying to do is ask for the same exposure for Lillard. Why not be happy for both guys that have made it to the NBA. I hope Jimmer can get more minutes/get traded. Glad Lillard is having a great year and hope he continues his rookie of the year ways! Lets give credit where credit is due.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

@Snack PAC

Why? BYU already has a Top 10 recruiting class committed for 2013. Jabari would simply push that closer to, if not all the way, to #1.



With a Lone Peak High roster you are ranked:

ESPN #17
Rivals #30
Scouts #25

Jabari is the real deal, but not sure how a roster full of Lone Peak High players gets you passed the Sweet 16 considering a PAC-12 "bottom feeder" was too "physical" for your team last weekend.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT


Lillard: 43.4 FG percentage, 38.2 3-point percentage
Jimmer: 40.0 FG percentage, 36.7 3-point percentage

Also, claiming that being the national college player of the year is a bigger deal than being inducted to the hall of fame in the NBA is laughable. NBA is bigger/better, and it's not close.

@ Sammy

If you want to talk about Alex Smith that is fine. He has already accomplished far more in his career than Jimmer ever will. Not only that but Smith will be a starter in the league next year. Think Jimmer is going to be starting for anybody on this side of the Atlantic Ocean?

South Jordan, UT

Uteology, who won that game? U can't beat the Y even when they shoot in the low 30% for the game

O-town, UT

Thank you Mitchell_12 (credit where credit is due),

I hope Jimmer does well. He is a great talent. I didn't like his style of game in college and didn't think it would crossover to the NBA as well, which is proving to be correct so far.

There are reasons why Jimmer doesn't get more minutes. I hope he does get on a different team, but I think his role is not going to be what many Cougar fans think.

OCOUG--I will try to update my Lillard watch but only have 200 characters to do so.

In the meantime, the D-News not even posting a story when Lillard wins Rookie of the Month for November--SHAMEFUL. The DesNews readers deserve better--and I'm going to give it to them.

Your Pal,


rock springs, wy

To all the Lillard fans: This article is about Jimmer Fredette, not Damien Lillard. I saw Lillard play once in college--against BYU--and I wasn't impressed. I've seen him play twice in the NBA and he did okay, but he's no Jimmer. Fredette will have his day--just not with the Sacramento Kings, a team that happens to be the worst managed, most poorly coached and most disfunctional NBA team in history. I enjoy reading the "Jimmer Watch" stories. I wouldn't even read "Damien Watch" stories. Does the Ogden Examiner run Damien Watch? Good, go there.

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