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Published: Sunday, Dec. 9 2012 7:35 p.m. MST

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Natchitoches, LA

Great article. Thanks, Mike!


I agree- great article. I especially concur with Mike's opinion regarding fans' and media's treatment of Riley Nelson. I would add Bronco Mendenhall, Brandon Doman, and any other coach or player from any university to that list.

We are avid college football fans. We have felt disappointed at seeing Utah and BYU lose games this year. And we have celebrated Utah State's phenomenal season.

But sometimes as fans, we think sports is the end-all. Sometimes we treat athletes, coaches and others as though they are pawns on a chess board- inanimate objects who are simply there for our entertainment, analysis or derision. We forget that these are people- people with feelings and families; people who are trying to do the best job they can- whether we agree with their methods or decisions or not.

As fans and media, maybe we all need to give it a little more thought and offer comments, both on-air and on comment boards, that are thoughtful, diplomatic and constructive, whether our opinions concur or differ with what is going on on the field.

Indy Coug
West Jordan, UT

Best team in the state to play a 3rd string safety at QB for most of the year: BYU.

I have the stats to back this up by the way!

Indy Coug
West Jordan, UT

Seriously...don't debate me on this! I have STATS to back up anything I say!!!

Salt Lake City, UT


How the Aggies could only muster 17,001, 17,222 and 19,350 fans, respectively, for the final three home games of their best season in history."

No disrepect meant, but this is the main reason BYU will continue to insist on 2-for-1's with Utah State. It makes no sense to play every other BYU-USU game in a 25,000 seat stadium that the Aggies can't even fill for their best team ever.

Lehi, UT

@ LonestarRunner
That is the reason USU needs to play BYU and Utah Home and Home. USU fan that do attend the games are awesome and very vocal. USU has the best Coach and team by far in UTAH.
GO AGGIES!!!! Good Luck in your bowl game!!!!

Sandy, UT

Indy Coug

Best team in the state to play a 3rd string safety (or half back) at QB for most of the year and still qualify for a bowl: BYU.

I doubt you'll get many arguments from BYU fans; it just gives more credence to the belief by the majority of BYU fans that the Cougars wasted one of BYU's best defenses ever, because of a weak offense, due to poor coaching decisions - relying on a QB who couldn't pass and an offensive line that could block.


Most over-hyped team in the state: the team that was predicted to challenge USC for the PAC 12 South, but wasn't even good enough to qualify for a bowl.

Provo, UT

Riley Nelson put himself before the Team ,

When your hurt you have to take your self out of the Game , and give your team the best chance to Win. Clint Eastwood put it best

"Man's got to know his limitations " being selfish is never a virture.

Farmington, UT


Agreed. That's because USU doesn't have a "program" they have a once-in-a-life-time good team. How long has it been since they won a title outright....1936? And with this team they can't fill their stadium unless they happen to play BYU or Utah? Wow, football certainly isn't king in Cache County. What is?

With respect to giving out awards, how about the fans vote on "Goofiest College Football Story This Season" and "Best Nothing Article to Use Ink and Column Inches" or "Least Amount of Information and Greatest Amount of Hype" story? Of course there are too many to be able to consider, given it has been a down season for the majority of the teams, along with the skill (?) displayed by the sports writers. My personal vote would be the story about Bronco's possible career choices, which was a waste of ink and mean-spirited.

Riley's bad comments from the fans: When you lace 'em up you better be prepared for the results, not just the glory one would like to have. As Truman said, "If you can't stand the heat...." I truly wish he had played better.

Sandy, UT


Why would BYU even consider taking a $1 million+ hit in revenue every other year to play in a 25,000 seat staduim, when BYU can stay at home and play in a 65,000 seat stadium?

Call us when the Utes start scheduling the Aggies home-and-home again, otherwise, Utah fan whining is nothing but their usual hypocrisy.

Mesa, AZ

I have lived in Cache Valley and have lots of family there, but based on actual game results this season in the state of Utah, no major team is way ahead of anybody. Silly statement made by "UC Ute". I would love to see the Aggies continue to build a successful program in Logan. All three major teams in the state need to improve next season!

Enterprise, UT

Great article Mike! I too believed Riley Nelson should have been replaced sooner, and certainly did not like the two point attempt at BSU, but the attacks on these guys over a goofy game were really sad.

Also, kudos to USU for a great season! Hey Cache Valley, get some bodies in that stadium next year and support your Aggies! Coach Anderson is building something good up there, don't miss it.

Salt Lake City, UT

Best One Game Career (James Lark) would have never happened if not for Worst Decision II (Taysom Hill injury). Taysom Hill would have started against New Mexico State. The woulda-coulda-shoulda debate would be "how many games could BYU have won if they used the freshman QB all year?" James Lark would have gotten pleasant applause at Senior Day, and that's it.


Most over-hyped team in the state: the team that was predicted to challenge USC for the
PAC 12 South, but wasn't even good enough to qualify for a bowl.

Way to get your shot in, typical byu fan. Can't wait for next year, 4 in a row and fans like you will just keep making the same old comments. When the Utes are playing USC, you guys are playing Hawaii just makes me shutter to think how strong a schedule you play.

Raleigh, NC

MLH - Your two best shots at a conference championship game are gone. Even if u had made it to the championship game last year (all you had to do was beat the buffs), the Rose Bowl was an impossible dream. We "shudder" at how many games u lose on you way to conference bottom dweller.

Hyrum, Ut

I wouldn't brag too much about playing USC! Or did you not see their play this year? Couldn't you feel the wind pulling in the direction of LA?

I think there should have been some recognition for KVN and Ziggy.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Sorry to burst your delusional crimson bubble, but while Utah is playing Colorado, BYU will be playing the possible defending national champion, Notre Dame.

The kids on the hill are going to have to find a new line of smack because SOS isn't going to cut it anymore.

BYU plays Notre Dame, Texas, Wisconsin, Georgia Tech, Virginia, Boise State, Utah, Utah State, Middle Tenn St, Houston, and Hawaii next season.

No team on BYU's 2013 schedule is even close to as bas as Colorado (1-11) or Weber State (2-9), in fact, it could be argued that the worst team on BYU's schedule, Hawaii, is better than the third worst team on Utah's schedule, Washington State. WSU only beat UNLV by 8, 35-27; Hawaii destroyed UNLV by 38, 48-10.

Pleasant Grove, UT

Weak schedule? Next season we have scheduled Texas, Boise State, USU (On the Rise), GT, Wisconsin, and UND.

You could also include Virginia as a fairly good team, the only real guaranteed wins so far are Middle Tenn and Hawaii and I'm sure that we could beat Utah next year at LES. I'd take that schedule rather than only getting wins against the Pac-12 bottom dwellers like Cal and Colorado. You guys can have fun with a 4-5 win season in the Pac 11 1/2 next year!


Maybe if USU didn't try and gouge people with their WAY overpriced tickets more people would actually show up.
The cost of gas to get to Logan is already bad enough, you'd think the AD would understand it's better to sell all his seats for $5-10 than to sell a few for $20-50.

Alpine, UT


Since Sorensen is such a Utah homer that he's practically incapable of writing anything truly negative about his Utes, it's only fairl to add a little balance to the "post season" discussion by reminding Mike and all of the other Ute infatuated journalists of just how ridiculous their pre-season predictions for the Utes were.

Until the Utes beat their first decent PAC 12 foe (a PAC team with a winning record), it's silly to continue claiming that the Utes are a conference contender.

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