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Published: Saturday, Dec. 8 2012 11:45 p.m. MST

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Baltimore, MD

Congratulations Cougars on a great comeback!

Chandler, AZ

Hey Utah Basketball, good to see you again. Where have you been, little brother?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Congrats to the Coug's. I'm wearing my Blue tie to church today.

Danbury, CT

Pretty pathetic, boys, to barely eke out a win at home against such a poor Utah squad. I know there will be many who are happy we won and continue the streak, but this was nothing to be proud of.

Orem, UT


You must be a newbie to basketball and to this rivalry. The Utes finally have a team again and close games and even occasional upsets by the heavy underdog are not at all unusual in this rivalry.

A win is a win.

Congrats Cougars on rallying late to beat the Utes for the 11th time in the last 12 games!

Centerville, UT


Did you know BYU is the school with the most NCAA tournament appearances WITHOUT ever going to the final four? In fairness, you ought to drop the 'little brother' talk. Utah is down right now (although it looks like they are going to be much better this year.) But Utah has owned BYU for years and they've done something BYU has yet to do int he NCAA tourney: win. And the fact that BYU was able to hold on for dear life against a rebuilding Utah team ought to be cause for concern, not 'in your face' celebration.

Salt Lake City, UT

I hope your criticism of BYU's celebration cuts both directions or does it only apply when BYU wins? Gracious winners and UofU sports are not exactly synonymous.

West Jordan, UT


Utah has owned BYU for years? This isn't 1994 anymore. Your Pac12 basketball team has struggled with BYU for the last decade. Last time I checked, BYU has dominated Utah in basketball as of late and leads the overall series.

The Utes are a much improved team, but they need some work. They live and die by the three ball. Loveridge will be a baller in the future and will be tough to handle as he matures and develops his game.

As for BYU, they also need some work. 31% is awful and they won't win many games with that type of shooting. I am sure they are aware of that. They are in desperate need of a pure shooter that can stroke it.

Glad they got the win.

Go Cougs!

Orem, UT


Did you know that BYU has beaten Utah 11 out the last 12 times the two teams have met and that BYU has been to 6 straight NCAA tournaments, with wins, including a Sweet Sixteen appearance, in the last three tournaments?

Meanwhile, the Utes were embarrassed in their ONLY NCAA tournament appearance in the last 8 seasons.

BYU has won the last 7 meetings and now leads the overall series 129-125.

As much as it may hurt for Utah fans to admit, BYU has clearly become the dominant team. It is what it is little brother.

Saint George, UT

On one hand BYU is DOWN this year; very inconsistent. (Yes, they are down two bigs and without Anson)

On the other hand, Utah's coach should be commended for putting a team together after the disaster that was Utah Basketball. Look to be on their way back up.

BYU escaped a game it did not deserve to win (maybe) and one it should not have won (probably).

But, it was fun to be there. (And what's with no sellout? Bad teams or Finals?)

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Some big talk from fans of the team that lead only once at 7-6 until the last few minutes when the Utes went cold and Haws went to the line on a phantom call. The Utes lead virtually the entire game and were up by at least 12 at a few points in the game.
Yes the Utes blew it and it is what it is, a deserved cougar win. But lets be honest, rather than cougar fans boasting too much today, they ought to be giving thanks that this years game was played in the Marriott Center.
The message has been sent though, the best basketball school in the state is on it's way back!

Taylorsville, UT

I don't know if this is the "statement game" that everybody thinks it is. I think BYU shot very poorly and played without any intensity in the first half. And Utah took advantage of that. Sure, the Utes look better than the previous 2-3 years, but they've got a long ways to go to be a respectable program again. Right now, BYU's biggest rival in basketball is Utah State.

Iowa City, IA

Way to play tough Cougs! Utah threw everything at you (and got a way with it, must have been a PAC 12 crew). Now Utah will go on this mysterious losing streak, why? It's the Cougar Curse. Everyone gets up to play the Cougs, then falls flat the next game emotionally drained.

Danbury, CT


Actually I'm an old timer who's seen decades of this rivalry. BYU should not have to come from behind against this Ute squad. Looks like another season of 18-20 wins but no real punch and no post season. It's time our basketball program started living up to its billing with Coach Rose.

Bountiful, UT

Any time BYU beats Utah I am happy. Good luck to the Cougars the rest of season.
Eastcoastcoug: Danbury? Really...


3grandslams, your conference bitterness is showing. College basketball officiating isn't partitioned into conferences as football is, it's more regionally situated with officials in this area covering MWC, PAC-12, WCC, and WAC games, among others. I've seen these officials dozens of times over the years, although I don't believe I had seen them work the same game together before, and it showed with a lack of consistency in calls, with one calling a certain type of contact, and others letting it go. Hemlock's criticism of "Gracious winners and UofU sports are not exactly synonymous." looks a little ironic with BYU fans' incessant complaining about officiating after a BYU win.

Riddles in the Dark
Olympus Cove, Utah


Want some cheese to go with that whine?

The Utes got away with mugging Haws during the entire game, including two take downs in the first two minutes of the game that went uncalled. If all of the grabbing and pushing of Haws by Utah players had been called, Haws would have shot about 30 foul shots. Now, should we talk about Utah's mugging of Davies.

Bottom line the Utes lived on hot shooting while BYU was ice cold the first half. BYU got hot at the end of game, while Utah went ice cold, thanks in large part to BYU switching a zone defense which confused Utah's offense.



If you're an old timer who's seen decades of this rivalry, then how is it you failed to recognize the marked increase in talent and execution of this Utah team versus the recent train wreck the Utes have put on the floor?

You obviously haven't paid ANY attention to BYU basketball recently, because are also rebuilding after losing several key players from last season to graduation and injuries.

Salt Lake City, UT

Good hustle, defensive adjustment and comeback. Keep it rolling. The Utes were good, you were better. Home court doesn't mean much. Jimmer's team trounced the Utes in SLC and won by much less in Provo. It's the W and L that counts.


Riddles, HILARIOUS that you would say "You want some cheese to go with that whine?" AND THEN follow it with the most childish whining on here. Here's a pointer: boxing out on a rebound is not a "takedown." Haws going to the floor was just evidence of his bad body positioning on those plays. He later corrected it, and earned himself some offensive rebounds and trips to the free throw line. "If all of the grabbing and pushing of Haws by Utah players had been called, Haws would have shot about 30 foul shots." If all of the pushing off of defenders that Haws had on shot attempts was called, he would have fouled out before he had a chance to make it to the free throw line. It was a physical game, and was called evenly. I suggest you watch the game again, and learn the difference between "mugging" and ball-denial and post positioning regarding Davies. I actually really like Davies' finesse game a lot, but he cannot play physical or he throws a fit, like last night. There's your cheese.

What in Tucket?
Provo, UT

No doubt the Utes are back. That center Bacynski was a handfull and they have a lot of talent. BYU is not exactly their best team, and maybe the Utes are the better team.

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