Comments about ‘Rural America becoming less relevant, USDA chief says’

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Published: Saturday, Dec. 8 2012 9:15 p.m. MST

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lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

since they voted for Romney they are irrelevant to the dems. Says an awful lot about the cabal that has control of the WH and senate, doesn't it?

DN Subscriber 2

Yup, totally irrelevant. Unless you like to eat, or maybe go visit the outdoors away from the crime-ridden cities.

The libs sure do spend a lot of energy trying to keep from changing the rural areas, that they detest and mock so much.

Of course, the rural areas are mostly populated by religious, gun-toting, hard working, self reliant people who ask little and give much. All of which are characteristics that are heresy to the liberal world view. Therefore, they must be converted, or made irrelevant or destroyed.

Cheers for the good men, women and children of "flyover country" who made, and make America great. And feed everyone else!

Anaheim, CA

It is sad that usually the hardworking rural sections of America don't have the time to really research WHO is on their side and looking after their best interests. No matter where you are, if you are a human being, and not a corporation, you can always find help, and it will NOT come from a Republican---EVER.

Quit listening to Rush Limbaugh, and know people are looking out for you. People = Democrats

Pendleton, OR

Dear Superfluous,
I resent the declaration that because I am a Republican, I do not help. That is totally and unequivocally wrong. I help often and rarely, if ever, inquire about the political suasion of the person needing help. In fact I believe strongly that it is my duty and role to help and thus remove the onus for government to step in. The recognition of help needed is not how Republicans differ from Democrats; it is the acceptance that government is not the preferred avenue of help. Thank you.

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