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Published: Saturday, Dec. 8 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Las Vegas, NV

@ StGtoSLC

"Good job, cougars, and can you finally admit that Ute basketball is coming back?"

Well....I don't know. maybe we should all wait until the season is over to assess that question, or we'll see how the Utes perform against the Cougars next year.

Just the FAX
Olympus Cove, Utah


Davies and Haws were mugged by Utah players all night; Haws, in particular, was taken down TWICE just within the first couple of minutes of the game, and was constantly being held and shoved throughout the game with not a single call from the officials.

Bottom line: the better team one, despite the poor officiating.

Orem, UT

Congratulations to both teams on an entertaining and hard-fought game. Can't say as much for some of our typically "classy" friends from the hill and their potty mouths, especially the guy repeatedly screaming "f" bombs at BYU fans after the game.

It was nice to see Carlino finally find his shot in crunch time.


Looking forward to the BYU-Utah State game on February 19th.

Frisco, TX

I do think it's interesting how many Utes think their team is back after an unexpected win over Boise State (a teamm that will finish in the middle of the MWC) and a close lose (moral victory) to the Cougars. During the Boylen era, a season wit less than 20 wins was a disappointment. Now five wins over patsies, one unexpected win and a close loss mean the Utes are back? When you get invited to the dance, you will be back. Until then, U should stick with improving.

But again, better than I thought . . . if that makes U feel better.

And for the commenters who continue to talk about PAC12 greatness and ride the conference coat tails - Colorado got KOed by Kansas, Washington losses to a middling MWC Nevada team, and USC gets thumped by Minnesota. Looks like PAC12 is having "another" down year.

Riverside, CA

I checked out this thread to see what Chris B had to say. Wasn't disappointed! Priceless.

Anaheim, CA

"...can you finally admit that Ute basketball is coming back?"

If by "coming back" you mean "improved", then I can buy that.

That said, any Utah fan who thinks that a team that is still losing home games to Sacramento State is "back", is obviously setting the "back" bar pretty low.

It's fine for Utah fans to get excited about the closeness of this game, but lets not forget that not too long ago, it wasn't uncommon for the decided underdog in a particular year to keep the game close or even pull an occasional upset.


CougFaninTX, if you're referring to me, you might notice I never said "the Utes are back," but are coming back. No team coming off a losing record with 10 or more new players is going to be "back" after one or two decent games.

SSmith, you hold a loose interpretation of giddiness. I for one am not pleased with having given up a 12 point lead, albeit to a pretty good team in a very loud environment. But judging the defense the team played and, at times, ability to find and make good shots, there's plenty reason for optimism.


Way to pull it out, Cougs! Yet another BYU win in bball.

BTW, can some of you reasonable Utes please somehow get Chris B to stop posting? He really is a a laughing-stock!

West of I15, UT

Cougies had worst game in years and utes played great, really? Don't know what game you were watching but the utes didn't play great. Had they played great they win that game by 30! They didn't shoot it well and turned the ball over too much. They lost to a bad team on the road in a game they should have easily won.

For those of you commenting on the refs. Re-watch the game 10 of the worst calls I have ever seen go the cougies way.

@just the fax...To say Haws didn't get any calls is the most laughable thing I have read in months on these boards. You would have thought it was Kobe out there get within in 3 inches of the guy and he went too the line. The Utes completley shut him down and if it wasn't for several gift calls the guy probably has 3-5 points on the night. We lose by 3 so you do the math. Late in 2nd utes up 3 ball out of bounds clearly off BYU ball given to BYU. Up 4 we get put back foul called on washburn for standing there lol!

Highland, UT

I went to the game and I was pretty disappointed with the way BYU played. I'll give utah some credit as I thought they played good defense, although they were definately allowed to get away with an absolute mugging of Haws which was ridiculous, but the story here is much more how bad BYU is playing. There is really no excuse for this not being a 15 point+ blowout. BYU needs to get it straightened out soon and hopefully Carlino's game is a start. It does say something about BYU that they could play so poorly and still manage to win but any praise there is tempered by the quality of the team they were playing. utah still appeared to me to be lacking in talent, especially offensively, and are one of those teams that tries to stay in games by playing good defense, and hoping to get away with a lot of physical stuff, and keeping scores low. Not particularly fun to watch. It was really a black mark on BYU that they allowed that sort of tactic to work.

Salt Lake City, UT

Is Chris just comic relief to further embarrass Utah?


Duckhunter, when they start calling Haws for a push off on every single one of his shots with a man guarding him, I would be fine with them calling fouls for your interpretation of "mugging." That "physical stuff" is called playing defense, this is a basketball game, not a tickle fight.

Highland, UT


You would not be making the same assertion if this was the opposite. Bad teams that have to play that way to be in games always make that same claim. I was not impressed with utah, I was extremely disappointed in BYU for allowing thate sort of stuff to affect them in the manner that it did. I like physical basketball but that doesn't change the fact that all it was on utah's part was a tactic to try and offset a talent deficiency. It almost worked but the better team still won. Congratulations on the moral victory.


Duckhunter, you certainly seem to know what assertions I would make, don't you? I can admit when a team flat out comes to play stronger than my team, it happened A LOT last year, and happened over the last seven minutes of the game last night, I'm not the one being a baby about that. Are you disappointed in BYU that it affected them, or are you more disappointed that BYU was just exposed as being largely a two man show with Haws and Davies? It's not any different than what they've been all season, it was just put on display when those two had trouble getting into the action. Yes, there is a large talent discrepancy between those two and all healthy players on Utah's roster, but after that, the teams proved to be pretty even, dare I say with the edge going to Utah. I'm going to be you for a second and make the assertion that that's what you're actually disappointed in.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

"Mugging of Davis and Haws" seems to be the theme from BYU fans.

A sure tell sign that Utah is headed in the right direction is when your rival complains you played "too physical" with them, on their home court no less.

Cheer up BYU fans, your team won.

The team picked to finish last in the PAC-12 owned BYU for most of the game on the road. The only reason we lost was because our young guys missed 8 straight shots down the stretch. Mark it down as "nerves" for young, new players still learning to play as a team.

Highland, UT


Well it didn't appear to me that utah had any answer for Carlino. And no these teams are not close in talent outside of Haws and Davies, BYU is still vastly superior. My frustration is that BYU allowed the thuggish play of utah to affect them in the manner that it did. Ultimately superior talent won out but to be a really good team BYU needs to respond more quickly when bad teams attempt to use physical and slowdown tactics to throw them off of their game.


utah didn't "own" anything. BYU just played badly. What should frustrate you is that BYU only needed 7 minutes of mediocre play, instead of the terrible way they played up to that point, to beat utah. utah played as good as they possibly could play, and still lost. As far as your "young guys" missing shots is concerned, well I'm pretty sure dubois is a sr. and he was the one missing all of the shots.

Regardless it was still 7 wins in a row and 11 out of the last 12. I think it is something like 14 out of 16 as well. Dominance.


Ohhhh, thuggish! I'll file that one in the "class" section!

Sandy, UT


"Ohhhh, thuggish! I'll file that one in the "class" section!"

The "class" section, of course, being that little pocket of potty-mouthed red-clad fans seated in the upper corner of the MC. The obscene language of their fans fit in well with the obscene thuggishness of their team.

Highland, UT


You should just be content with your moral victory. You know how this proves utah has "improved" and how there is no gap in talent other than Davies and Haws. Pretty amazing to me how a loss can get a group of "fans" so excited. I understand this is the 1st time in a loooooong time utah has even gotten this game much closer than a 20 point final margin but last time I checked it is still another loss, 7 in a row and 11 out of 12.



Seeing the childish reaction from the supposedly more righteous fans is almost better than if Utah had won the game. In my opinion, personal slander is much more condemning than being a "potty-mouth." If Max was right, then I guess Elders Holland and Uchtdorf were wrong.

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