Comments about ‘Woman who had lived lesbian lifestyle brings hope to Mormons with same-sex attraction through LDS Church's new website’

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Published: Saturday, Dec. 8 2012 8:00 p.m. MST

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Villa Mercedes, San Luis, Argentina

I do like the site, overall speaking. There are 2 things I'd change, though.
First, the domain name. I dare not to suggest a different one, but "MormonAndGays" sounds a little bit shocking to me (I may be wrong or not, that's just my impression).
Second, revealing the identities of people who had struggled with same gender attraction or with related transgressions is also a little bit awkward, even if they are OK with it. It is true that having "a real face" behind the story can help more than the "Name withheld" in previous publications, but I still wonders the impact that this can have on some radical members of the Church.
Just an opinion. Just sayin'.

Cedar City, UT

"In all my years of therapy I did not meet ONE person that had changed their sexual orientation. Not one! What I met were a lot of gay people in heterosexual relationships that were cheating on their spouses. They were very good of looking the part of a good Mormon, but both them and their spouses were miserable"

There are many people who struggle with same gender attraction who are married to someone of the opposite sex. Not all of them cheat on their spouse just as not all straight people cheat on their spouse.

Pittsburgh, PA

Its time to remove the stigma of faithful members of the church who struggle with unwanted same sex attraction. There are more of us out there than you think.

Apo, AE

NeilT and Cats--

You are absolutely right. It pains me to see so much focus on this topic. I'm beginning to think this is politically motivated. Why not pay the same attention to other "weaknesses" that plague us all? I was nearly kicked to the curb many years ago for a weakness and it involved nobody but myself. Where was the love and compassion that we're now being told that we need to extend to others actually involved with another person?

Robert Jolley
El Segundo, CA

It may have taken 2 years to build the website but the Church should have spent longer to come up with a decent website name. Mormonsandgays? Come on...

Salem, Utah

What a sweet message. Each of us struggles with something, but ultimately, we need to accept and love one another in the choices we make. We may rethink our choices at one or many points, as we learn what will make us happiest, and we all deserve and can give love and respect to each other.

me me me

I love love the Church. And by that I mean the Gospel of Jesus Christ in it's fullness. Let me start by thanking this sister who addressed her audience, those that want to change. To those that say they have left the Church because it's judgmental. Can I remind you what other churches teach? It's a heaven & hell. It's black or white and somehow they think that's merciful and full of grace. And to make matters worse they say we deny Grace. Brothers and Sisters do we so quickly forget the Plan of Salvation? 3 degrees of Glory. The Church will never change it's stance. Marriage between a man and a woman is the bottom line for Exaltation. But think about where other good people will go according to our doctrine. A degree of Glory!!! All other churches condemn. The a Lord loves all of us regardless. He will let us be where we choose according to our agency. And if it's a Celestial, Terrestial, or Telestial life we want then it's what we'll get. So yes, the Lord fully loves you and you will return to live with the Savoir.

Wendover, UT

Sometimes it seems that the sexuality conversation is slanted toward the idea that our sexual choices are what make us who we are. We are sons and daughters of God first and foremost, and the life our Heavenly Father has given us is to learn to live happy. If all we do is focus on our sexuality, then we miss the opportunity to learn what He already knows about us. Taking the spiritual path, no matter how we feel about anyone else in general will always bring more peace and a sense of self worth. If our self worth is based on who we have sex with, then we live a sorry and sad life indeed.

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