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Published: Saturday, Dec. 8 2012 8:00 p.m. MST

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Huntsville, UT

@Al Thepal;

Why do you suppose gays and lesbians "do not want to have those feelings"?

It's because of people like you, and your church, always telling us we're broken.

The new LDS website, with stories like this one, is just one more example. And it is distressing to those of us who spent years trying to learn to love ourselves again after the years spent listening to LDS leaders tell us we were damned. We are not broken and we're just fine the way God made us.

Layton, UT

Mrs. Campbell is right.

Popculture has no tolerance for those with samesex attraction (SSA), but refuse to pursue it.

It doesn't matter if one is born with a tendency or not. Those who argue this engage in contentious debate that simply doesn't matter.

The apostle Paul wisely described thorns of the flesh and the fallen man. We have tendencies that are part of our nature, that run contrary to God's plan of happiness. The LDS faith espouses that God loves every one of His children.

Having SSA is not a sin, it's an attraction. What we do with our attraction matters, and we have MANY choices.

There is forgiveness for sins, no matter how different we feel. Sin makes us feel like we have no choices.

Some have private trials, others public. Christ loves each of us, and made an Atonement so we can turn from sin.

This website reaches to those on that difficult path. They have a choice though the world would deny it exists.

Sex is a small component of the soul of man, yet some would make it the only thing that matters. Christ offers a choice the world doesn't.

Salt Lake, UT

Mr_Normal-" WOW! I'll bet she's getting hate mail galore.
Being an admin on a couple of LDS Facebook pages I know how this will generate the hate."

Jesus = HATE?

That's only one of the problems with religion - typically promotes prejudice/hate of those whose beliefs are not the same. Up to, and including murder (condoned / ordered by 'God' even) - disgusting. Reccomendation: Stop trying to control anyone's life but your own.

I also suggest letting go of superstitious fantasy and try some reality. Nature includes EVERYTHING that actually exists. Supernatural (that means any of the many gods invented by humans - ever) only exists in the imaginations of humans.

Your time on this Earth is limited. Live your CURRENT life, let others live theirs.

"Imagine no religion... nothing to kill or die for"
"All we need is LOVE" - John Lennon

Bakersfield, CA

Who are we to judge anyone. That is not for us to do but for our Lord and Savior. We are to love EVERYONE regardless of race, color, sexual orientation, whether they are a murderer, etc. I feel sorry for those who point the finger. Just remember, we will be judged just as we judge others. May God continue to bless all of His children.

Kaysville, UT

No matter what our difficulties in life are, we need support and love from our family, even extended family members, if needed. Part overcoming difficulties is to have friends and people from organizations that can help us with our problems with programs that are successful in a Christ oriented approach. Christ brings love as part of the equation. We show love through charity and kindness to others, no matter what their addiction, faults, needs, and type of assistance they need. It may just be accepting people and their difficulties. As stated many times and in many ways, we all have problems.

Christ never said love only those you feel comfortable around. He said love one another as I have loved you.

We have programs for people of all categories and it is a barrier to put conditional love as part of any program. Even though it may be difficult, unconditional love and charity to all people is the only way we can get through this life.

Being judgmental is easy to spot in caregivers, and not just physical caregivers. Our service is to God's children who have trials and tribulations.

This is for all of us to help others.

Holladay, UT

I love that people are coming forward and sharing their personal stories to help those who feel conflicted between their faith and the world's chosen path for them. These personal testimonies say more than a thousand message board comments ever could.

Spanish Fork, Ut

Didn't Anne Heche go from straight to gay and then back to straight a few years back? I don't remember any backlash, criticism, or uproar over that? Why not? Because it wasn't done in a religious context and more specifically, because the LDS church wasn't involved?

Who can criticize or be upset with Mrs. Campbell for what is clearly a genuine transformation in her life. I applaud her bravery.

City, Ut

Baccus0902 said "but you are asked to remain celibate?"

There are tens of thousands of LDS church members living a life of celibacy now, many who are homosexual but WAY more who are heterosexual.

And it is not easy for any of them. But they choose to do so.

I applaud the SS members who chose to keep their covenants, and lets remember they have a lot of hetero company who do the same.

There are a lot of things worse than being celibate.....

Boise, ID

To: Really???
No one counseled Laurie to get married.
This is a story of her own personal journey and how she wanted to do what she felt God wanted her to do in her life. I think Laurie mentions she shared this so others could see that there ARE happy alternatives to the seemingly only choices, that a person who identifies as being gay, HAS to choose from. Those being:

1.If you have homosexual feelings you "should be true" to those feelings and live that lifestyle. OR
2. You'll be miserable your whole life if you try to deny those feelings.

I think it's wonderful to recognize that sexuality is only PART of who we are and as she points out, our most important identity is we are all children of a loving God who wants the best for us.

No matter who we are, I believe we ALL have challenges we'll face in this life that will try us to the very core, but if we turn to God, there's hope and He'll help us find our way to ultimate joy in the end.

Thank you, Laurie for having the courage to share!

Ogden, UT

Others might be helped with a characterization of feelings... Is the attraction of a sexual nature with cravings of intimacy with the same sex of just companionship with no sex? And what was the feelings about the opposite sex? Were they totally repulse? How might one feel about a heterosexual husband? Is it a case of just toleration?

A couple with children might indicate intimacy isn't the problem. Is the situation one of bisexuality perhaps?

I'm no expert, mind you, but I think these are important questions to perhaps try to figure out how to deal with same sex attraction. I think there are workable answers.

Leesburg, VA

The more I think about this issue, the more incomprehensible it gets. I spent some of my best years of my life as an LDS and I wish I could go back, because I still love it. But I can't! I cannot go back to a church that makes judgment over the nature of people.

The website is presenting how bad LGBT LDS feel about themselves. Big surprise! If you are taught that what you are and feel is not natural and there is something wrong with you. Of course you want to be different, you want change, you want to conform. You want to be accepted by those you love, but those who should love you back demand you change your nature
I find the words of Jesus very applicable here:

Matthew 23:4
" They tie up heavy, cumbersome loads and put them on other people’s shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to lift a finger to move them."

Would you be able to comply if asked to change your heterosexuality? or what about if you find your soulmate but you are asked to remain celibate?

Cambodia, 00

I'm crying while I was reading this. I've been suffering with this confusion/crisis for almost 10 years and no one in my family and most people around me knows about it. Me and my family joined the church when I was 11 and I started feeling like that when I was 13. I love the church and very time I go to church, I always have this guilty feeling. I always know the consequences of my action but I can not do anything about it. I'm trying my very best to live upright and having a family is my goal. I'm really inspired with this article. Thank you.

USS Enterprise, UT

To "NeilT" the church has a stron support system for singles. There are Young Single adult wards, Institutes, and Single Adult wards and stake activities. Single people have a very strong support system.

CA. reader
Rocklin, CA

Once again we see the absolute value of a living prophet and apostles. Whatever the world can dream up as a better way, Church leaders are always one step ahead.

Bountiful, UT

Gay people do not deserve to be persecuted. They are wired differently. Most people if they were wired this way would follow the life style, so most people don't have room to throw stones. This article reflects that and Evengelicals would be wise to adopt this tone.

I am not gay, but I imagine the magnitude of her sacrifice by supposing that I was required to not be with a woman, and the only right person for me to be with would to be with a man.

Not being with a woman would be almost unbearable. Being with a man for me would be most repugnant. If making this change in her life was as difficult as I imagine, then I can hardly comprehend what she has done. It ranks with what Abraham did when he almost sacrificed his son.

Born that Way
Layton, UT

All the loving, deeply intimate relationships you can have with a deep and personal friend can still be had without requiring sex out of God-sanctioned marriage. Ultimately this battle comes down to acts of sex.

Physical attraction is not a sin. The sin comes in acting it out and even then it is not hopeless. There is hope in Christ that we may all be forgiven on condition of repentance.

Some claim celibacy is a death sentence or foolishness, but it has lead me to deeper spiritual insights as I cultivated my relationship with God.

I didn't need sex with God to be close.

My faith centers on the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

God has not left me comfortless. I am not alone. If I focus on the temptation, I will fail because that's what the world says I am: A failure. The world lies, telling me to live a certain way.

Yet, If I focus on gratitude and Christ, I am filled with ample life. There's something deeply wonderful about having divine approval of my life, it just means more to me than approval by popular culture.

Buckeye, AZ

There's a friend who was heavily lesbian (rather influential in getting others to be as well) in college a few years before I entered. Fast forward 10 years later, we both ended up at the same college again, at the same time. This time she was happily married and had a baby or two with her husband as well as raising his children from his previous marriage. Neither were LDS or religious at all, but they did cherish the importance of family and protected/raised their family well.

YES it is possible to be gay for a while, then to be straight & happily married.

As for those who feel the church website "needs" to be more balanced, how about that same balance from the gay websites in letting people know that they CAN return to, accept, or even embrace a hetro life style? If there's that balance everywhere, then there probably wouldnt' be a need for this website, but as it is, it's a lone voice of hope and encouragement that's different from the messages out there already.

Riverside, CA

It's hard for me to imagine that anyone could find fault with what this brave woman has said -- this may not be for you, but this is my story. It appears she has found what she wanted -- a fulfilling life. She is an example of tremendous humility, faith, courage and compassion.

I do feel compassion for gay individuals. Sexual feelings are powerful things. But I applaud those who are able to adopt King Lamoni's attitude - I will give away all my sins to know thee.

Hyrum, Ut

Most "straight" men are attracked to women and struggle with opposite gender attraction; I can't speak for straight women.

As I understand it, most homosexuals struggle with same gender attraction; I can't speak for either sex in this instance.

The Lord doesn't care what your weakness is - He cares that you are trying to be perfected in Him. Whether you struggles with one of these situations or with dishonestly, stealing, idolatry, etc., the struggle is the same. Each must overcome those road blocks that keep you from the grace of God. Then, and only then, will you hear, "well done, thou good and faithful servant."

And, YES, God will judge you!

Orem, UT

We all have our own crosses to bear. There are a whole list of sins that are still sins even if we feel a strong urge to commit them.

Homosexual acts, drug abuse, adultery, alcoholism, uncontrolled anger, gossip, and lying are all examples of sinful behavior that must be overcome if we want to live the way God wants us to.

Those who want to live Christ-like lives need to be merciful and live the golden rule even for those who commit different sins than we do ourselves (we are all sinners). But that does not mean that we have to embrace the sin itself and pretend the rules don't apply to those who stuggle with it.

As a heterosexual, I may never fully understand the struggles of gays. But I have my own set of struggles so I can relate somewhat. I can choose to control my passions or I can give in to them and later blame the church for not "accepting" my sin and embracing my "chosen lifestyle". I am free to choose.

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