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Published: Saturday, Dec. 8 2012 8:00 p.m. MST

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Al Thepal
Salt Lake City, UT

Ranch Hand, this is an article specifically about an LDS Church website. It is not saying that people have not found happiness in this life through a gay or lesbian lifestyle. If you want stories about that, there are many places to go on the internet. If someone wants to be an active LDS member, they can't decide to live that lifestyle. However, I think a point the website also makes is that LDS people should not shun family members or friends who do choose to live a gay or lesbian lifestyle.

One important point that this article, and the website cited, make is that not all gay or lesbian people want to have those feelings. Not all of them want to live that lifestyle. Some of them legitimately and genuinely want those feelings to go away. The LBGT community shows their bias when they won't accept that this is a perfectly fine feeling to have. If someone wants help not acting on those feelings and even lessening them, they should be supported in that. Regardless of whether or not people have found happiness living a gay or lesbian lifestyle. Some homosexual people don't want that lifestyle.

Cache county, USA

This story is TMI in my opinion.
I get the issue, but sharing the story can cause many other issues in the family and such.
I support the website, but not in this much info.

Leesburg, VA

My sincere congratulations to Ms.Capmbell, I wish her and her family the very best life can give.

I have homosexual and heterosexual friends. I love, respect and admire all of them. Each of them has something unique to give. I wonder if my homosexual friends would be as wonderful as they are if they felt they have something so wrong that they have to change who they are, deny the feelings they have in order to please others. It is a sad and unfair demand.

The article and the web site attempts to portray the church as very understanding and respectful. Well, is not.

A young man in the site, Ty, he said that he had a strong spiritual experience, in which he felt the love of the Lord, no approval, no rejection just pure love. Shouldn't we learn from that? as a father I don't show acceptance of my child and I don't show rejection, I just love her for what she is and want for her to be happy. Our Heavely Father is a God of love and he expect us to love others. How can we love others if we cannot love ourselves?

Leesburg, VA

The more I think about this issue, the more incomprehensible it gets. I spent some of my best years of my life as an LDS and I wish I could go back, because I still love it. But I can't! I cannot go back to a church that makes judgment over the nature of people.

The website is presenting how bad LGBT LDS feel about themselves. Big surprise! If you are taught that what you are and feel is not natural and there is something wrong with you. Of course you want to be different, you want change, you want to conform. You want to be accepted by those you love, but those who should love you back demand you change your nature
I find the words of Jesus very applicable here:

Matthew 23:4
" They tie up heavy, cumbersome loads and put them on other people’s shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to lift a finger to move them."

Would you be able to comply if asked to change your heterosexuality? or what about if you find your soulmate but you are asked to remain celibate?


utah, UT

WOW! I'll bet she's getting hate mail galore.
Being an admin on a couple of LDS Facebook pages I know how this will generate the hate. My kudos to you for standing up for what you know in your heart to be true.

May God bless you for your righteous desires.

Casa Grande, AZ

I hope this gives people an outlet to be open. I hope that there will also be acceptance for people that can't change their attraction orientation. I know I could never change my orientation from straight so I wonder if people really can.

As long as they are really happy and they can be single or married to a very understanding spouse I guess...


People are not either 100% homosexual or 100% heterosexual. Many of us have feelings for the same sex that are as deep as the love for our own spouse. Is that homosexuality? I think the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is following the admonition of the Savior, reaching out in a very open and loving way to help those who do not fully consider themselves homosexual and are looking for ways to reconcile their strong desire to live the fullness of the gospel. I think everyone of us should be grateful for the help such a site will provide for those who are drawn to it and find help through it. Too many people are quick to judge and throw stones that they forget the beam that is in their own eye. The love of Christ is helping each other at the level necessary to affect positive support or change so they can achieve a greater level of happiness in their life. What would the Savior say about the website, its intent and content?

Tooele, UT


Some of those who say, "Don't Judge Me," or "Stay out of my Business," are often the first to send hate letters to people like Laurie Campbell.

That is why I am often turned off by messages from the media, Hollywood and far-left politicians who are quick to preach about tolerance, understanding and support of people's rights. The hidden, truer message I get from this is, "Do as we say, not as we do."

Ogden, UT

"The fact that this website even exists is proof that the church doesn't really accept its homosexual members as equals."

The Church's teachings, any church, deals mostly with the hereafter. The LDS Church goes a bit further and teaches eternal increase in the hereafter. If that be not their goal or concern then they're likely very content.

@JoCo Ute:
"It's not simply a matter of being lesbian or not. There are also strongly bisexual issues involved here. Being married and having children is a totally legitimate side of a long life of bisexuality."

Bisexual is mostly about sexual gratification. Got little or nothing to do with love. In fact, love can be given and received with no sex involved at all.

"I hope that there will also be acceptance for people that can't change their attraction orientation."

Who cares what someone's sexual orientation is? Coming out of the closet implies that they were in a closet. They weren't.

"I know I could never change my orientation from straight so I wonder if people really can."

People can do anything they set their mind to do.

Quiet Neighborhood, UT

Great work Ms. Campbell! Thank you very much.

Frannie, WY

An insightful, honest, and moving interview. I am so impressed with the website and with courageous and faithful people such as Ms. Campbell. God bless them!

Salt Lake City, UT

I believe its divisive to describe gays and lesbians as living a lifestyle separate from straights. I know two lesbians couples. Each couple enjoy lifestyles that are really no different than most decent straight couples. They help their kids with their homework, take them to school, read stories to them before bedtime, take them to dance classes and baseball practice, and they work full time as professionals, among many other things deemed both responsible and wholesome by other good people who happen to be straight. Let's be frank: the only thing that makes gay and lesbian couples different in this respect is sex, and really the emotional bonds and pleasure they experience is not much different than what straights experience with some obvious exceptions I don't need to mention. Yet even this difference is blown way out of proportion. LDS members describe them as people who can't control their sexual impulses, but really their impulses are no different than straight couples. They are simply attracted to the same sex. They act on them as much as straight couples act on theirs.

Ogden, UT

@Red Corvette:
"Look in Salt Lake City, the 12 Apostles. The Mormon Church after the election says, well, Maybe we're going to change our position on homosexuality [being] a choice."

Doesn't matter whether it's a choice or not... the Mormon Church will likely never change its position on the issue.

"People are not either 100% homosexual or 100% heterosexual. Many of us have feelings for the same sex that are as deep as the love for our own spouse."

I love everyone in the entire world... men and women alike. I must, therefore, be bi.


The love of God is unconditional. Exaltation is conditional. God loves all his children and his grace provides love for those who don't chose to live as he wants them to live. His love alone cannot bring about the state of being which is equal to his state of being. His love is awesome and in this tough world, it can almost seem that feeling his love is unconditional acceptance of our choices when in reality it is really just His love. We can feel His love and longing for our welfare at almost anytime in this life, especially when we struggle or find ourselves being setback by sin. I am not perfect but I try to imagine that receiving His endorsement as one worthy to live as He does will be far greater than just the Love we are permitted to feel from him in this life. If Elder Maxwell is right it is only achieved through laying it all down on the alter and choosing to be like him over anything else including our sexual orientation or anything else. It is a determination to follow him over everything else.

Ogden, UT

Thanks for having the courage to follow through with what you knew needed to be done. This is a great example of love for others.

Bountiful, UT

She is a very attractive woman.

Midwest Mom
Soldiers Grove, WI

Either the Gospel is true, or it is not. Families, as viewed through the LDS doctrine, are eternal, or they are not. To change basic, fundamental doctrine to appease certain groups would be a lie. Otherwise, how exactly would that work? Say the Church were to sanction same gender marriage. Children of such a marriage would be sitting in my Primary lesson as I teach the family concepts that are in the Proclamation on the Family. "This is the plan of salvation, but not for you who live with 2 moms, or 2 dads."

That said. The thought of living alone and single because of your sexual orientation is profoundly sad. Yet, it is no more tragic than some of my close friends who live alone because they have never found a marriage partner or were tragically widowed. I don't mean to be sound glib. It is just that there are many kinds of pain in this world.

The website is beautiful. The courage of those who participated is inspiring. We ALL need to do more to reach out to our brothers and sisters in every walk of life.

Honest Abe
Salt Lake City, UT

I also have a dear friend who has lived through a similar experience. After leaving a lifestyle contrary to the gospel teachings, she now is happily married to an amazing husband and has two wonderful children. I appreciate how the Church addresses same-gender attraction. In The Family, A Proclamation to the World it reminds us that "each is a beloved spirit son or daughter of heavenly parents, and, as such, each has a divine nature and destiny." As such, all can pray to our Father in Heaven with the assurance that He will guide and help them as they strive to live the gospel.

Eugene, OR


The "other" side of the story is blasted
all over the rest of the US media.

Try today's Seattle Times online for a flavor.

Kudos to the DN for providing an alternaitve

Kearns, UT

I really don't see how this is going to help the thousands of gay LDS men and women who follow the current council. Don't the church leaders currently counsel to not marry as attempt to cure homosexuality? I see this story as an unrealistic example that will open too many members to be judged as less faithful and disobedient. It's not fair.

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