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Published: Sunday, Dec. 9 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Far East USA, SC

"and then demanded that Congress turn over to the president all power over the debt ceiling."

Thank you Charles, for pointing out the unconscionable power grab by President Obama. Where would he get such an idea?

Well, maybe he got it from a bill introduced by Mitch McConnell in 2011 doing just that.
Mr Krauthammer conveniently left that part out.

And then, Mr McConnell filibusters his own bill which would force a vote on it.

This would be a great comedy skit, except that it is true. And that these are the leaders of our country.

This proves once again that the best way to get Republicans to be against their own ideas is for Obama to take up the cause.

Ogden, UT

Well said Dr. and the truth in every way. We are dealing with a would be dictator.

Durham, NC

Boehner and McConnell aren't playing politics and trying to grab power for the Republicans? Really?

I still wonder why partisan drivel like this makes it into print. This is nothing more that political cheerleading. Charles would serve us all better if he used his powerful intellect presenting ideas, and supporting them, than this ongoing school yard bashing of the other side.

With Mitch McConnell's now failed threat to make Obama a one term president a foot note in history, perhaps the loyal opposition can spend more time trying not engineer the failure of the president, and more on providing leadership that demonstrates they are the party that deserves Americas trust next election cycle.

Hayden, ID

As many astute Americans have always known about Obama, it all about power and control with him. He is a controller and he wants as many people as possible to be dependent upon the state aristocracy. To be dependent on something or someone takes away that person's power and control over their own lives, it just another kind of slavery to the state aristocracy. This same kind of state aristocracy exists in Cuba, N. Korea, in the former USSR and E. Germany. That's why Obama never met a tax he doesn't love, it gives him control of the wealth in America. Control the wealth and you can control everything! That's why we have Obamacare, it give the state control of your health. This is the "fundamental change" Obama promised to bring to America and he is making great progress.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

Chuck continues to amaze me with his bad articles that couldn't be further from the truth. Dnews, you could do so much better. You're truly doing your readers a disservice by continuing to publish this guy.


Is Chuck living in Washington State now because (he is clearly on something)? His statement "If Obama remains intransigent, let him be the one to take us over the cliff. And then let the new House, which is sworn in weeks before the president, immediately introduce and pass a full across-the-board restoration of the Bush tax cuts" shows such a disconnect from reality that I'm reminded of election night when Mitt didn't bother to write a concession speech even though statisticians like Nate Silver (who predicted the electoral count accurately) had been saying for weeks that Obama would win.
The fact is, or should I say the reality is, if we go over the cliff, Republicans in the house will be blamed. It is time for the DN to drop Charles Krauthammer because he, like other talking heads like George Will, have lost touch with the real world and are only serving as enablers for many Utahns to remain outside reality.

American Fork, UT

Charlie is kind of a negative nellie.

Salt Lake City, UT

Power grab?

The hypocrisy in this article is mind boggling.

Let me get this straight...Republicans, contrary to the wishes of 70% of Americans, are threatening to tank the economy if their millionaire friends don't get a tax cut... and _they're_ talking about a "power grab?"

Lets remember how we got here in the first place:

Tax cuts, which reduced federal revenues by hundreds of billions of dollars each year, but which produced zero economic stimulation,


Two unfunded foreign wars, the costs for which are thousands of dead Americans, tens of thousands of seriously wounded Americans AND about two trillion dollars.

Will conservatives _ever_ admit that the deficits they like to thump their chests about today were created by policies they enthusiastically embraced ten years ago?

Are our memories really that short?

Durham, NC

VST - so my opinion on this opinion piece... you felt compelled to comment on my comment? Do you not see the irony of that. I respectfully pass your own advice right back to you.

You see, I see the DN, as owned and published by the LDS church, should rise above such poorly though out partisan "stuff". There are many conservative writers I quit enjoy. They most often try to make a coherent argument worth debate. I usually enjoy Bennett's contributions, and Alan Simpson is one of my favorites.

You see, some actually like political debate - find it a great method of coming to reasonable solutions. But stuff like this "opinion" which elevates itself just barely above "i know you are, what I am".... I think the DN could do much better.

But there you go VST, my opinion.... feel free to when ever you see my post to skip right on over them, as you so kindly advised. Or comment about it... that is what this is all about.


UtahBlueDevil has hit the nail on the head: The DN, as owned and published by the LDS church, should rise above such poorly thought out partisan "stuff". I would have stopped reading the DN long ago but I am a member of the LDS Church and feel I have a badly-behaving relative who needs correcting. If the Church divests itself of the DN I will stop reading/commenting. But our Church is a worldwide church (and this is a worldwide website), so until the DN lays off the hard-right-wing partisan opinion pieces (frequently not based in reality) that I feel will only drive away reasonably intelligent investigators, I will comment.

red state pride
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Can we get something straight here in this "national conversation"? If tax rates go up from current levels on any income bracket it's called a tax hike. If rates are allowed to remain at current levels it's not a "tax cut". It's simply allowing rates to stay at current levels. I don't understand how so many people are allowed to get away with saying that allowing rates to stay the same is a "tax cut". It's not.
I don't personally care if tax rates go up on "the rich" since "the rich" voted overwhelmingly for Obama but let's call it what it is: mob rule. When individual rights to equal protection are sacrificed to the whims of the mob then it's called mob rule and it's what our Founders were most afraid of.
But I say let rates go up on the rich. It won't help the economy and it may not necessarily increase revenue to the Federal Government (not that Obama really cares about that crucial point) but it will make a lot of unhappy people feel better about themselves

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

When Republicans announced they were going to wipe President Obama off the face of the earth, it was nothing more than a power play.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

The Republican House was elected to represent the people of the United State. The House originates all budget bills, unless Obama has already destroyed the Constitution. The President has sworn an oath to defend the Constitution. Why then is he demanding that the House pass his legislation? The President has no authority to legislate.

Obama's true colors have come out. He is walking down the same road as every "would be" dictator has walked. He thinks that his tantrums have merit. All that he has proven is that he can lie on the floor and kick his legs in anger. We tolerate such behavior in a two-year old, but we expect just a little more maturity from the President of The United States.


UtahBlueDevil hit the nail on the head when he/she said "the DN, as owned and published by the LDS church, should rise above such poorly though out partisan "stuff"." The Church owns the DN and as long as it does (and as long as I am a member) I will hold the DN to a higher standard than other newspapers.
The distinct lean to the right (as VST admits above) and steady diet of opinion pieces from such reality-challenged authors like Charles Krauthammer and George Will does not, IMO, serve the interests of the worldwide church that owns it.
I must add here that the continued censorship practiced by the DN moderators (which, in many cases, extends far beyond their stated policy and into refusing to publish comments they disagree with) also is of great concern to me.


The GOP already has Faux News carrying its water, misinforming the weak-minded, and thereby influencing them to vote against their self-interests. It does not need the DN to do the same through its poor choice of editorial pieces.

Ogden, UT

@UtahBlueDevil I am still laughing. You say there are quite a few conservative writers you enjoy.Then you mention Bennett and Simpson. That tells me how much of a leftie you are to call those two conservative.

The Taxman
Los Angeles, CA


"Why then is he demanding that the House pass his legislation?"

I haven't heard the President make such a demand. Please direct me to a (legitimate) source where I can read the quote.

But since you raise the above question, I think it fair to ask why so many Republicans (and the talking heads who represent them) are demanding a plan from the White House? As you pointed out, if the Constitution is working properly, isn't it the job of the House of Representatives, working with the Senate, to craft legislation that will pass both bodies and be signed into law by the President? Why is Congress not doing its job, and who is Congress is holding up the show? Is the House even in session right now? If so, what are they doing that is more important than solving this (fiscal cliff) problem?

Hayden, ID

@ VST. Its as predicable as the sun rising each day. Whenever Dr. Krauthammer writes his opinion, the liberals who can not refute his position, always attack him and call him names and demand that DN stop publishing his articles. If a conservative don't like want someone in the media says, they just don't read it or they change the channel or read something else. Not liberals, they DEMAND that opposing voice be silenced, shouted down or banned! If a liberal disagrees with a conservative, liberals call it free speech but if a conservative disagrees with a liberal, liberals call it "hate speech". Go figure!


"Is the House even in session right now? If so, what are they doing that is more important than solving this (fiscal cliff) problem?"

What is more important?

Apparently sowing fear and voting against the disabled is what's more important.

red state pride
Cottonwood Heights, UT

@Mountainman - you also forgot the ultimate argument ender liberals use: calling you a racist. That ends every argument. You're a conservative and or a Republican therefore you are a racist and your opinion has no merit.
So anyway, President Obama wants to raise tax rates on Paul Millsap and Al Jefferson and Kobe Bryant etc etc. How does that help anyone's life? Is that really somehow going to make my life or your life any better? We're still going to have a massive deficit and huge unfunded liabilities but we'll all feel better because those evil rich like Paul, Al, and Kobe will have lighter wallets.

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