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Published: Friday, Dec. 7 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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the truth
Holladay, UT

When will obama and the democrats start leading by compromising and working with the republicans?

The Bush tax cuts gave tax cuts to EVERYONE. EVERYONE!

Obama wants the tax cuts to end, so he can give tax and then his name will on them.

When will get a congress and President that cares more about the country than politics?

Ans when will the democrats get serious about cutting spending?

Oh I forgot the democrats use spending to buy the love of voters,

Yes Virginia, Santa Claus does exist,

Principled governing does not.

Ogden, UT

"Democratic house candidates got more votes than Republican house candidates. The fact that the Republicans hold the house is a tribute to their ability to gerrymander seats..."

The fact that the Democrats voted 'early and often' is a tribute to their ability to get the most votes.

"The Democratic senate has already voted to pass tax cut extensions..."

Which is unconstitutional. All budget/money bills are to originate in the House per the US Constitution.

"Obama's plan is to increase taxes and reduce deductions for those making over $250k..."

Obama's plan is to increase taxes on the wealthy, for sure. But the reduction in deductions is something he says he plans for the future... which will never happen. The guy is slick as a fox.

"The Republican plan proposed in the House protects the 2%..."

The Republican plan extends the Bush tax rates for a time... to save the economy. Obama apparently doesn't care about saving the economy. His objective is to get his hands on more tax revenue to grow the government.

Ogden, UT

@George F:
"What are the mathematical odds that Romney would get zero votes in 59 voting divisions in Philadelphia while Obama received more than 19,000?"

The odds are zero.

Democrats are famous for cheating/stealing elections. They go to the grave yards to harvest names. They get ACORN to register people and help them vote... for the Democrat candidate. They're all corrupt, including their leader.

"The President wants to keep the tax cuts for 98% of Americans and has agreed to sign legislation that does that."

The Republicans want to keep the tax cuts for 100% of the people... which includes the people who create jobs.

"How is this Obamas Fault?"

It's the Constitutional duty of the House to pass a budget. It's the responsibility of the president to either accept or reject it. If he rejects it, he's at fault. It is the prime duty of the Congress (House) to manage the country's funding... not the president. If the president doesn't like what is sent to him, he can let the country go over the fiscal cliff. Again, the president is not authorized to decide how much money he gets.

Ogden, UT

"Obamacare, while admittedly a national program, it was modeled after Romenycare."

Romneycare is a state program. Obama care is a federal program and is not authorized by the US Constitution. So says the Supreme Court. Keep that in mind.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

face it, BO WANTS us to go over the fiscal cliff - he sees that as a the more likely way the dems can retake the house. If Boehner caves to BO's initial demand, BO will throw up another. It is the same "negotiating" tactic used in the 1930s in north-central Europe.

Kaysville, UT

Speaker Boehner will need to hire his own Chicago group to PR this thing as the President had this all planned a year ago on how his side would handle this "blame" the other guy process.

Politics has a history of not telling the truth but it appears that it is not just individual politicians but high officials. I wonder if anything today would happen to bring President Nixon down for his people breaking into the Democratic Party headquarters. He just had a bad PR section that was able to get around the topic due to convenient terms and phrases that today's mobile society and social media has accepted as part of the political process. As long as it doesn't hurt me then it is okay.

I am not sure that is what the Founding Fathers believed when they formed the long process of the Declaration of Independent and the Constitution of the United States of America. Even though individuals may have had integrity issues, the whole nation as indivisible was not lacking integrity.

Fortunately, the Republicans still voted to keep the House under their control and push for accountability with this administration's lack of budgeting.

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

So Obama, when the Republicans agree to raise taxes on the richest 1% will you come forward with really substantial things like means-testing for social security and medicare. Raising taxes on the rich is small potatoes. The reductions in the deficit will come from cutting benefits to affluent Americans.

I am a liberal: I think that government should fight poverty. But I don't see what is the benefit of helping affluent seniors live an affluent lifestyle? How does that help the common good?

The difference between Republicans and the Democrats is that Republicans don't want to taxe the rich. The Democrats want to give benefits to the affluent. So is there anyone who wants to fight poverty?

Salt Lake City, Utah

Lost in DC,

The President doesn't want us to go over the financial cliff, he believes that since he won the Presidency and the Democrats picked up 11 and maybe 12 seats in the house and 5 in the senate that the American people want his policies implemented.

The republicans believe that losing the Presidency, 11 and maybe 12 seats in the house and 5 seats in the senate gives them a mandate from the American people, because Shawn and Rush said so.

The President in the summer of 2011 tried to compromise with Mr. Boehner, but the tea party wouldn't allow that. Politics are different sorry but the President has the upper hand in the political game at this moment.

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