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Published: Friday, Dec. 7 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Obama has lied about his promise to not raise taxes on middle-america. He refutes the election. America rejected his polices by electing a REBUPLICAN House. He wants to dictate. The House stands between him and "dictatorship".

Salt Lake City, UT

@Mike Richards

Democratic house candidates got more votes than Republican house candidates. The fact that the Republicans hold the house is a tribute to their ability to gerrymander seats (didn't work in Utah but it worked great in states like Pennsylvania and Ohio).

The Democratic senate has already voted to pass tax cut extensions for those making under 250k but House Republicans are blocking a vote on it. The only logic for your claim that Obama is raising taxes on middle-america is the payroll tax holiday which both parties support letting expire so Republicans aren't exempt there either (figures that Obama instituted tax cuts are fair game for Republicans to let increase, they also want to let the tax cuts in the stimulus expire).

Taylorsville, UT

Mike, I don't think you know what you're talking about. Obama's plan is to increase taxes and reduce deductions for those making over $250k (i.e., the 2%, only middle class if you include Romney's definition.) The Republican plan proposed in the House protects the 2% from tax increases (as well as protecting the grossly bloated military budget, which is 43% of the WORLD's military spending, or more than the next 19 countries combined and more than 5 times as much as the next closest country) while generating new revenue from limiting deductions across the board. So who do these deductions affect the most? Why, the middle and lower class but of course.

Republicans would effectively raise taxes on the middle class and the poor to shield the wealthy and the military budget. By the way, this same Republican plan has the same fiscal impact as going over the cliff would, except that going over the cliff would include a tax increase for the wealthy and cuts to the military. The Republican Plan's cuts are entirely to programs that benefit the poor and middle Americans.

I think it's pretty easy to see where their true priorities lie.

Centerville, UT

Obama will be raising taxes on the middle class when his ACA (Affordable Care Act) is fully implemented. Not only will taxes be increased, but quality of care will be diminished.

During the campaign (that was just weeks ago) Obama stated that he would raise over $800 billion in taxes over the next 10 years by focusing those increases on the wealthy (those making over $250K). Republicans have agreed to accept Obama's campaign promise to raise $800 Billion, not by increasing the tax rate, but by closing loopholes. Obama has rejected this and instead insisted on the tax increase be $1.6 Trillion now, not the $800 Billion he campaigned on.

It would seem that both parties should be able to agree on the figure of $800 Billion in new revenues. But Obama insists that the rate must be increased, even though Republicans promise to focus their loophole and tax deduction eliminations for only the wealthy (those making over $250,000).

The President is pushing this country needlessly towards the fiscal cliff.

So much for compromise. So much for changing Washington, working with the other side, blah, blah, blah. Obama accused Romney of lieing....Hmmmm.

George F
Sandy, UT

What are the mathematical odds that Romney would get zero votes in 59 voting divisions in Philadelphia while the Obama received more than 19,000?

Far East USA, SC

Lets see if I have this correct.

The Democrats want to keep the tax cuts for 98% of Americans.
The Republicans also want to keep the tax cuts 98% of Americans.

The President wants to keep the tax cuts for 98% of Americans and has agreed to sign legislation that does that.

So.... Tell me.

How is this Obamas Fault?

Hayden, ID

What will Obama do with all the money he collects from the "rich" with his tax increases? Will he pay down the national debt one penny? Will he blow it all on more entitlements that will make even more hapless Americans dependent on government handouts? People, we are debating the wrong questions! Its not whether or not the "rich" should pay more. The real question is, what good will it do? The honest answer is unless Obama cuts spending significantly, tax increases will do no good! Why, because the revenue will only last Obama less that 10 days, what about the other 355 days? Who is going to pay for the rest of the year? That is the question we all should be asking Obama and the Democrats!

one old man
Ogden, UT

I had hoped that those famous Utah Values might include honesty. But judging from comments like these, that's not the case. Fibbing perhaps, but not honesty.

>Obama has lied about his promise to not raise taxes on middle-america.

>Obama will be raising taxes on the middle class when his ACA (Affordable Care Act) is fully implemented. Not only will taxes be increased, but quality of care will be diminished.

>Why, because the revenue will only last Obama less that 10 days, what about the other 355 days?

>What are the mathematical odds that Romney would get zero votes in 59 voting divisions in Philadelphia while the Obama received more than 19,000?

Centerville, UT

Old Man, these positions Obama has taken are reported in the newspaper, quoting from people in his administration. His campaign promises are recorded for you to find. Study up.

Centerville, UT

Though Obama & Democrats have tried to call the middle class tax hike a "fee", the Supreme Court has legally defined them as a tax. That's right, Obama's ACA increases taxes on the middle class.

metamora, IL

Chairman Mauzer: (cool moniker) I think you are not aware of the taxes the administration and Democratic congress imposed on middle America through the Affordable Care Act: limiting flex spending accounts to $2500 annually meaning that many now pay additional taxes on money that used to be tax free; raising medical deduction from 7.5% to 10% of total income, leaving many families with members who have chronic illness paying more taxes. Then, families without insurance are going to be taxed for not having insurance.

Yes, sir. Come 1 January 2013 middle income families are looking at higher taxes and 2014 will be even worse.

Far East USA, SC

"families without insurance are going to be taxed for not having insurance."

Lets at least be honest.

Families that cannot afford insurance are most likely on medicaid and will not be taxed.

Families that can afford insurance but choose not to will be taxed.
I am all for that. Because, those who CHOOSE to not have insurance will probably end up being covered by the taxpayer if they have a life threatening, very expensive, medical issue. Cancer perhaps?

Are you aware that medical issues are the number one cause of bankruptcy?

Hayden, ID

Obamcare is actually about control and giving more power to the new aristocracy; the state (meaning the federal government). It is another part of the welfare mentality to bait unsuspecting masses to give up control and become dependent on the state aristocracy. Its why the left loves food stamps with no work requirement, housing subsides, unemployment benefits for as long as possible, etc. If you are dependent upon someone or something (the government) other than yourself, do they not control you? Control your healthcare and they, not you, control your health. Its why the left loves taxes, especially on wealthy people because it gives the aristocracy state control of the wealth. Its always done incrementally until we have another N. Korea, Cuba, the former USSR, the former East Germany et al. This is why the left in America despises religion because thou shalt have not other God before the STATE. Its all about control. Obama is the head of the new aristocracy in America and he is in control of millions of hapless people who have volunteered to give away their self control to him. It seems the "war in heaven" is still going on-who will control you!

Far East USA, SC

Nice rant.


Obamacare, while admittedly a national program, it was modeled after Romenycare.

Romneycare was modeled after the heritage foundation healthcare plan.

By extension, I guess the conservative Heritage Foundation and Gov Romney want to
- Control your health.
- be the head of the new aristocracy in America

You know. It would be much easier to blame Obama and the Democrats if your beloved GOP had not done exactly the same things.

Mcallen, TX

I finally get it. Lets increase the taxes paid by:

* Lady Gaga
* Peyton Manning
* Nancy Pelosi
* David Spielberg
* Barack Obama
* baseball players
* Faith Hill
* Brittany Spears
* Tom Hanks
* etc

This would prevent the fiscal cliff, while be very fair. They can pay a little more, and we can ensure more benefits.

Liberal philosophy is wonderful.

Mcallen, TX


The backbone of our economy will be broken, and massive lay-offs will occur. Laid off workers do not pay taxes, and what's left of the well off Americans will be required to pay more. Redistribution, and a level playing field will occur. We'll all be in poverty, and a bankrupt government will not provide benefits.

When the glue of our economy is weakened. We will crumble. Tax cuts for the middle class will mean nothing.

Ninety eight percent of all people, who have lived on this planet, has done it in poverty. There are reasons for that.

L White
Springville, UT

President Obama is lying - again. Now he's telling us the Republicans are preventing a tax DECREASE. Now, isn't that just dandy? First he's going to raise taxes and then he's going to reduced taxes by that exact amount- and he calls it a tax decrease!

How many lies is he going to tell before someone - ANYONE - in the press takes him to task?

He was elected to enforce the laws, not to write the laws. We elected a Rebuplican House and gave them strict instructions to not give Obama anything. He's proven that he can't handle money.

He is not the "government". His job duties do not include lying to the people. He has no authority over Congress. Will somebody give him a copy of the Constitution?

Newspaper Reader
Highland, UT

JoeBlow 1:53PM

Instituting "RomneyCare" in one state as opposed to the whole country is VERY different. I never can understand how liberals think that since people purportedly said Obamacare was modeled after Massachusetts' health care plan, that this whole mess is Romney's fault, or that opposing Obama's plan is hypocrisy on the part of conservatives. Leave that power to the states. Let states govern how their people elect. But when it comes to the national level, Obamacare is a terrible, terrible idea.

red state pride
Cottonwood Heights, UT

President Obama also demands 50 billion dollars in additional "stimulus spending"? Did that factoid make the nightly news? Probably not. President Obama wants to go off the "fiscal cliff" because he came to divide- not unite. He was a community agitator experienced at stapling flyers to telephone poles and writing autobiographies- those were his accomplishments and the American people elected him twice. So if I were John Boehner I would say - you so called Americans who have hissy fits whenever someone suggests cutting a dime from the Federal Budget need to step up and pay the bill. That means la-dee-da-dee everybody. The Federal Reserve can't buy Treasury debt in perpetuity. 500 channels on cable and people act like the world will end if PBS loses Federal funding. Fine- pay for it. You want ethanol subsidies and mandates so we can use food for fuel? Fine- pay for it. You want to bail out failed health care providers errrrr.. auto manufacturers? Fine- pay for it. No free ride anymore. Taxing just "the rich"isn't going to pay the bills.

Orem, UT

Most people think that reasonable negotiations should be kind of like selling a used car.

One party (GOP) has a car to sell, finds out that the value of the car is most likely between low-book ($10,000) and high-book ($15,000), and lists it for $15,000 knowing they will probably have to come down because it isn't in show-room condition.

Along comes the buyer (Obama) to make an offer on the car. GOP expects the initial offer to be low-book (or maybe even below it) but is completely surprise by the only offer given.

Offer - pay me $5000 to take the car off your hands and buy all my gas for the next 3 years, take it or leave it.

When the GOP says it can't take this offer seriously, Obama calls them obstructionists and unwilling to find a "balanced" approach. How can you do anything but laugh at such an offer?

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