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Published: Friday, Dec. 7 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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J Thompson


Not special? How do you define special? Do you pay the same tax rate as every other citizen of this country? Do you share EQUALLY in the debt burden put on us by our us by Congress! Or do you excuse yourself?

Everyone of us is EQUALLY obligated to pay the debts of the federal government (per capita). Some would argue that we should pay on the amount of money that we earn instead of per capita. You, tell us that we should pay according to your assessment of our ability to pay.

I totally disagree. Nothing in the Constitution references our ability to pay. Nothing even addresses our income. What is stated is that we are under equal obligation to pay per capita.

Obama wants to change that. You seem to want to change that. What is your Constitutional authority to change the conditions that we have accepted as citizens of the United States of America?

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY

J Thompson,

The logical end to your argument about being equally obligated is not an equal tax rate (flat tax rate), but an equal tax (flat tax amount) as even a flat tax is based on ability to pay. A flat tax amount has nothing to do with earnings whatsoever.

L White
Springville, UT

Isn't this just wonderful? It took all day long, but finally someone reached the only valid conclusion. The only fair tax is an equal, per capita tax, just like the founding fathers imposed on us. The government protects us all equally. We should all pay the same amount, whether we are rich or poor, just like we pay the same amount for a gallon of milk.

Someone else told us that workers should be paid an "owner's" share. Does he own his own house? Does he let every stranger enter? Does he let every stranger sleep over? Does he think there might be some reason that people "own" things, or does he share all of his possessions with anyone who comes along?

USS Enterprise, UT

To "Emajor" that scripture isn't about redistribution of wealth. It is about helping your fellow man and not demanding that others take care of you.

To "Wanda B. Rich" I do know the greedy poor. It is because of people demanding more services from the government and the politicians who appease them that we are now headed towards dangerous areas.

Look at the economics of the past 100 years. Then look at the tax structure and regulations. You will find that the more complex the tax structure and regulations, the greater the income disparity. If you want to fix that, get the government out of the way.

Salt Lake City, UT

@ RedShirt 2:50 p.m. Dec. 7, 2012

"...According to the scripture, wealth is ok to obtain, and is even ok to seek after..."

Where then common sense end and a violation of 1 Timothy 6:10 begin?

Deseret News rejected it
Hutchinson, KS

Wanda B. Rich, et al

I love it when liberals use doctrine to justify governmental theft. If you would like to establish a Mormon theocracy, your points MIGHT be valid. Until then, remember the separation of Church and state liberals worship so much.

The scriptures you referred to depend upon individual choice. It is wrong to use the government to legitimize theft (redistribution of wealth). It is up to each and every individual to choose who and under what circumstances to invest their money. If you were LDS, you would appreciate how important free will is in salvation.

Given that, let's examine American wealth in a global context: GDP worldwide is approximately $12,000. Would you like to give up any gross income you earn above that amount so that YOU will not be earning any more than anyone else? Lead by example, show us that you and every other statist is willing to sacrifice for the global good. To date, I don't see you, Pres. Obama, Michael Moore or any others doing so.

Cedar Hills, UT

The only way to achieve real fairness in taxation is through a flat tax. A flat tax works just like tithing for most Christian religions - you pay a percent of your increase to the government - no exemptions and no deductions. All pay the same percent from rich to poor. Today half of America pays no federal income tax and those in the upper income bracket pay near 40% although many rich have enough tax shelters to lower that rate significantly. It is the middle class that gets hosed. I have to wonder if the poor had to pay the same percent of their wage as the rich if they would still feel the same about being "fair". I doubt it. Too many in this country just want a free ride... let someone else pay for them.

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