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Published: Friday, Dec. 7 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Ogden, UT

But, if you tax them at 39% instead of 35%, they will suddenly cease to be wealthy and will lose all motivation, and everyone will lose their jobs, and Atlas Shrugged will become our bitter, rueful reality.

Just like it was in the Clinton years when the tax rate was 39%. Oh, right.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Slavery was abolished when Congress passed the 13th Amendment in 1865, yet today many Americans want it reinstated. They want one part of Americans to work harder and then to have more of their wealth confisticated by the government. They want one part of Americans to "take their ease" at the expense of those who work harder, who invest, who hire, who build businesses.

It was the Democrats who resisted the abolition of slavery in 1865 and it is the Democrats now who want to enslave those who have worked hard all their lives to build businesses, to hire others, to create private wealth.

Before Lincoln, the slaves were forced to work while their masters watched. Now, Obama and his fellow Democrats want to watch those who have spent 80-hour weeks building businesses have their wealth stripped away. They want one segment of Americans to be taxed higher than other segments of Americans. They believe in inequality. They believe that some should pay more, do more, have more of their goods taken so that they and their friends can take their ease.

Not much has changed, has it?

Hayden, ID

Nonsensical letter. The "rich" already pay nearly 80% of all federal income taxes while nearly half of Americans pay no federal income taxes at all! How much is the "rich's" fair share? As has been shown millions of times, Obama's increased taxes on the rich will only run the government for less than 10 days! Please Demoborrowers, tell us how we are going to pay for the other 355 days of out of control government spending!

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY

When speaking of who pays what taxes, we need to understand that much of the sound and fury is due to not including payroll taxes into the mix. It is income taxes some citizens are not paying. If payroll taxes are included in the mix, the base is much broader.

J Thompson

". . . if you tax them . . . "

That says it all. THEM. Those 2nd class citizens. THEM. Those people that YOU have chosen to carry more of the burden. THEM. Those people that YOU have decided do not have equal right to retain their wealth as you do.

Those words tell it all.

Just as Mike Richards said, in 1865 the Democrats didn't want the slaves to be equal nor did they want the slaves to have equal opportunity or equal rights. They didn't want the slaves to vote. They didn't want the slaves to have the same privileges as they enjoyed. Now, they want the "rich guy" to be treated unequally. The Democrats want to rule and reign, but they don't want equal responsibility to pay the bills of government.

Now the Democrats want to be "more equal" under the law. They want the privilege of retaining a greater percentage of their wealth. They want the privilege of deciding how they will spend a greater percentage of their wealth. The Democrats want to deny those privileges to others.

Sandy, UT

From the sound of your "voice" in your email, I can pretty much guarantee the average "rich" person is paying more than you are in taxes. I am also fairly confident they are even paying a higher RATE than you are. I'll bet your actual income tax rate is about 5% or less. Don't believe me? Take the number off the very first line of the BACK of your 1040 form. Divide that into the line in the middle of the page that says the total taxes you actually owe. I'll bet the number comes out lower than .05.

salt lake city, utah

Talk about tell you all you want to know.."They want one part of Americans to "take their ease" at the expense of those who work harder, who invest, who hire, who build businesses." Note the quotes..I would ask Mr. Richards if the work harder, invest, hire, and build businesses is a single set..I would assume it is because it's the way he sees himself. If that is true all the rest of you who work 60 hours a week, work two to three jobs, or simply give your employer a good honest 40 hours are...actually "taking your ease". Nice. I can't wait to tell a family member who both husband and wife work two jobs, who accepted medicade for a severly handicapped child, who tried to start their own business, but had to accept food stamps when that business didn't make it...that they have been "taking their leisure" this whole while. Unbelievable.



Do you really believe wealth is a measurement of how hard one works?


There are many people who work very hard, but who earn very little. For example, the food you eat is a result of their labor.

You ignore the problem of growing inequality we have in this country, as a result of tax laws and an economy which benefit a smaller slice of the populace.

I can understand when a wealthy person argues against his/her best interest, favoring tax increases on upper levels of income, because they still will have an abundance of resources. But what i can't understand is when people of little or modest means continue to argue against raising taxes for upper levels of income and favor cutting benefits for themselves.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Read "Who Stole the American Dream" by Hedrick Smith and you'll learn that what is happening now in our nation is simply the result of about 30 years of greed by a few very powerful and wealthy individuals who were able to convince some politicians to go along with their shady and scurrilous plans.

It started with Nixon and Carter and continued in both political parties right up to the present day. Power and money corrupted the American Dream and we all will eventually pay the price. It will be an awful -- but somehow just day -- when the entire system finally collapses and even the most wealthy lose their shirts along with the rest of their fellow Americans. We are all sharing the same boat. But those currently at the top are heavily engaged in drilling holes in its hull.

Hayden, ID

@ one old man. your book sounded to me like it was written (or at least highly endorsed) by Fidel Castro, Karl Marx or Hugo Chavez. Wonderful experts on human rights and freedom. Nothing more than left wing, communism light drivel. I have read better comic books.

Stalwart Sentinel
San Jose, CA

When 49% of GOP voters in the 2012 election apparently believe that ACORN had something to do with illicitly ensuring an Obama victory, despite the fact that ACORN has been defunct since 2010, then I say we can safely assume that the representatives they elected into the HoR share their same values. As such, nothing coming from the Republicans in the HoR should be given even one iota of legitimacy in any form. The GOP is weak and flailing; it is time to expose the logical fallacies in their tax policies and dismantle their party.

J Thompson

@ Truthseeker,

You post from San Luis Obispo, California. What a lovely area to live in. Why aren't you taxed at a higher rate because you never have to shovel snow, because you can visit the ocean any time you have a spare 15 minutes, because you don't have to deal with the gangs of east L.A.? When was the last time that you had to pick cotton? When was the last time that you had to thin sugar beets? When was the last time that you had to haul hay or move sprinkler pipe? Why shouldn't you pay higher taxes simply because you have been spared the normal and ordinary work that many of us experience?

Did you attend university? Did you pay for your own tuition or did someone else help you out? Why not access a higher tax on those who attended university with the help of someone else? They had special privileges. They received an education from the sweat of someone else.

Where do you draw the line?

In America we are guaranteed equal opportunity. You're denying equal opportunity to some by charging them a higher tax rate.

Utah Dem
Ogden, UT

Mike Rchards - just one question - is changing the tax rate from 35% to 39% really tripping their wealth? So someone who makes $1,000,000 would have to pay an additional $40,000, that would truly strip his/her wealth? Bull!

one old man
Ogden, UT

Mountainman, have you read this book?

How can you dismiss so easily something you have not read?

Here's a challenge. Read it!

Then come back and tell us what is right or wrong with it.

Until a person is willing to look at a problem from different perspectives than his own -- especially when his perspectives are preconceived based on only one other source -- he is not speaking with knowledge.

And the opposite of knowledge? Could that be ignorance?

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY

J Thompson,

Be careful. You make an excellent argument that education is part of equal opportunity.

Salt Lake City, UT

Mitt Romney made about 15 million last year of which he paid about 14% in taxes after he chose to not take some eligible deductions so that his "never paid less than 13%" claim would remain true (I wonder if he'll file an amended return now that he lost). The vast majority of his income came from investment returns from money that he claims is run by a blind trust that he doesn't have involvement in as far as decisions are made regarding his investments. So... most of his money made last year required no effort on his part, just other people managing his money pile.

@Mike Richards
"Slavery was abolished when Congress passed the 13th Amendment in 1865, yet today many Americans want it reinstated. "

So clinton tax rates are slavery? Was slavery in place in the 90s? If not, cut the nonsense and stick to reality. Frankly your remarks are insulting and belittling to anyone who ever experienced slavery.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Utah dem,

Are you oblivious to what you wrote? Please explain why you should pay taxes at a lower rate while the government uses its power to tax your neighbor at a higher rate. Please explain what exempts you from the responsibility to fund the government at a lower rate than anybody else. Please explain who decided that you belonged to the "privileged class" who would receive services without obligation to pay for the services at the same rate as everybody else.

We fought a war with England because of tax policy. The American Colonies objected to being charged $0.14 more per pound for their tea. You've told us that $40,000 is of no consequence. They told us that they would die because they were being charged $0.14 more than the people in England.

Isn't it interesting how things have changed? Now the Democrats are pretending to be King George. They want someone else to bear their burdens so that their throne is more comfortable. They certainly don't want to risk getting blisters on their backsides from sitting around too much.

Moab, UT

England raise the tax rate on its' 16,000 citizens who earned one million or more in 2010, to 50%. IN 2011 they had only 6,000 earning over a million. The projected income to the Govt. they were counting on never materialized. The same will happen here.

Ogden, UT

J Thompson,
Oh, please. Your attempt to paint high-income earners as victims is really weak. Those poor oppressed Clinton-era millionaires, having to pay that extra 4% of federal tax. If only they could have dreamed of the bright future headed their way when Bush lowered their tax rate! Take, heart, 1990s millionaires, your status as "2nd class citizens" will soon be over. Brings a tear to my eye, really.

"In America we are guaranteed equal opportunity."

No we're not. If we were, you wouldn't be able to pass the business you built on down to your child. That child didn't build it, why should he get the leg up that someone else not born into your successful family should get? If we were, influential special interest groups wouldn't be able to lobby & buy congressional votes, tilting the balance of policy in their favor.

It's a nice sentiment, but not everyone is afforded the same opportunities to succeed. And to me, that is a much bigger problem than the wealthy having to part with another 4% of their income to bring their tax burden back in line with pre-Bush levels.



Success in life is not only a result of work, but, to a large extent, a result of luck. I was lucky enough to have been born solidly middle class and attended decent schools. I cannot ignore the fact that many aren't so lucky. I worked and saved for college and my parents helped bridge the small gap when my funds ran out. We were able to do the same for our kids. but every week i see kids who aren't so fortunate.

Our household income is above the $250k mark, but we believe our economy will do better when 98% of the population can earn a living wage, not when 1-2% have unlimited funds to invest in financial schemes. I believe a democratic society works better where there is a safety net in place, where people contribute to the common good. Investing in education and basic needs is significantly smarter than having to pay for more prisons, police, etc. later. We still need to examine and re-examine what works and what doesn't. I'm convinced that tax cuts disproportionately targeted toward the wealthy hasn't made our country stronger.

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