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Published: Thursday, Dec. 6 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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pocatello, ID

Highland, UT

I'll tell you what we should ban. We should ban utah "fans" from claiming that playing teams like colorado, washington st or cal somehow adds "strength" to their schedule. Those teams are horrible. we should also ban all utah "fans" from somehow claiming the accomplishments of great schools like usc, ucla, and oregon somehow make utah good when in fact utah hasn't had a winning record in any sport at all in the pac12. Just being beaten up by great schools regularly doesn't make utah a great school.


OK. BYU should be banned from playing ranked teams. Because you can't beat them. Utah State does not count, they were ranked at end of season.

And you should be banned from using the 3-4 other names you go by here.

BYU should be banned from riding the coattails of Notre Dame.



uhhhhhh..........the LDS church?

U 90
Corona, CA

@Barnbug1, uhhhhhh..........the LDS church?

Oh, so what your saying is that BYU would get an infusion of tithing money? Can you please site your sources indicating that is even within the realm of possibility.

All of your Blue Brethren on these boards are saying BYU football is completely self funded.... meaning they receive $0 from tithing. Site your source Barnbug1.

Springville, UT

Despite all the claims, BYU had its chance for a Big12 invitation and lost it. They will not be invited to any of the major BCS conferences. They are too difficult to work with. Big East? Are you kidding?

West Valley, UT

What there not saying in this article though, is the fact you have to have someone from your conference in the BCS playoff for that money, BYU and Army could go 0-12 and still get that money.

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