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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 5 2012 8:00 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

Craig Frantz
Spokane, WA
Why would he leave? He has the support of the most arrogant fan base in all the land.

Wow. Apparently you've had no exposure to USC fans. Or Notre Dame fans. Or UoU fans. Or....

Palo Alto, CA


It's laughable that Utah, a team that "supposedly" OWNS BYU, seldom seems to be able to finish with a better record or higher ranking...

Top 25 Finishes
BYU 18
Utah 7

Top 15 Finishes
Bronco 3
Kyle 1

Conference Championships in the Last 50 Years
BYU 23
Utah 6

Head-to-head Last 50 Years
BYU 29
Utah 21

BYU 7-5 + bowl > Utah 5-7 no bowl

BYU beat Top 25 Utah State THIS YEAR. What ranked team did U beat?


pocatello, ID

Yeah what ranked team did Utah beat. Guess that does not include BYU. And Utah State was not ranked when BYU played them.

mussingaround, why do BYU fans like yourself continue to post stats that have LEFT YOU OUT of a major conference?
Nobody cares yet you and other BYU wishful thinkers think posting that stuff makes you look great. Well only to BYU fans.
It's been 40+ years and everyone outside of Provo does not give a rip.

Seagulls just ate your *crickets*


"Yeah what ranked team did Utah beat. Guess that does not include BYU. And Utah State was not ranked when BYU played them."

That doesn't include BYU because the best indicator of the quality of a team is ranking at season's end...where it just so turns out BYU faced five ranked opponents but, only managed to beat one.



Most of your (BYU) fans just assume every athlete is LDS when they come to BYU.


"Y" fans, biggest Ute around HERE. I cannot believe some of the comments. Bronco is perfect for BYU, who is going to come in and be better. The way you talk about your coach is the same way you talk about Utah. I think there were some questionable coaching at both Utah and BYU but Whits my coach and I'll back him all the way, I gurantee niether one of these guys is trying to loose. Y fans slow down a little about Bronco, there is no one out there any better for what is asked of a coach at BYU.

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

Is this guy still around with his OC? At this time of year, it's time that the AD cleans up this mess and get back to the Cougar teams we all remember. He has proven that he no longer can get things done nor has the ability to make changes (at the OC level) to make things better. What is BYU waiting for? I read all of the comments between Utah fans and BYU fans trying to decide who is better and who owns whom. The bottom line is that Utah has proven itself the better team over the past 2 years, end of story. Also, what BYU once had, no longer exists and will not exist until Bronco is replaced along with the OC. Now it's time to get to work rebuilding the program. The question is whether or not the AD will.

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