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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 5 2012 8:00 p.m. MST

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I'll call it
Ogden, UT

Coach Mendenhall has been and continues to be an excellent fit at BYU.

Good luck coach, the future will be a joy to watch with you at the helm.

The team's record over the last several years speaks for itself. Most teams in the Country would love to have a 7-5 record in a down year. Yea, it's not 10+ wins, but 7 or 8 wins is the exception. Coach has created a very high standard when you put things into perspective.

Next year, the schedule gets more difficult but BYU will be just fine.

Go "all in-state teams"!

Everett, WA

Bronco: "I'm not sure how long (he will keep going). The easy answer is until I'm supposed to."

Someone, anyone who can, please tell Bronco the time has indeed come, he is supposed to leave right away. He has never read a news article before (according to this article,) doesn't listen to radio or TV news, so we obviously can't deliver the message here. What a bubble he lives in ... simply amazing.

Palo Alto, CA

"I didn't express any interest, haven't been contacted, didn't interview and didn't know I was a candidate," he said. "Other than that, I guess I'm a finalist, from what I've been told.

That pretty much sums up the reliability of today's "journalists." They're so eager to scoop each other, that they're constantly throwing stuff out there based on "reports" from the flimsiest of "sources."

Anyway, I'm glad to hear that Bronco, not surprisingly, was never even interested in the Colorado job. Even the most casual BYU fan recognized immediately that the possibility of Bronco wanting to be part of the Boulder culture was extremely unlikely.

Mistakes were obviously made this season and, hopefully, lessons were learned and better decisions will be made in coming seasons.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Everett, WA

If you think Bronco mishandled Heaps, I could understand your "burn the ships" attitude.

But then you'd be wrong about two things.

Iowa City, IA

Bronco is the the BYU program. I love how he runs the program, his intensity, his integrity. There is nobody that can even match what he is doing or his vision.

I'm very disappointed in fans like "BYUfanin WashSt." You may want to pay closer attention to what Bronco is doing with the football program. It's not always about wins.

Highland, UT

I'm glad to hear it coach.

There are things about Bronco that are frustrating and his obvious contempt for the fans is ridiculous, but hsi results have been pretty good. With the exception of this season I have not been disappointed at all and I am willing to give Bronco a mulligan. He's earned it.

I do think he is going to compound on his season long mistake of starting Nelson by doing it again in the bowl game but truth be known I barely care who he starts in that game at this point. Hopefully the defense will carry the day and they can eak out one of those 17-10 games.

Orem, UT


Sorry, I disagree that it's time for Bronco to leave.

It would be nice for Bronco to acknowledge that it was a mistake to play an injured Riley against Utah, Boise State, and San Jose State, but overall, Bronco is still doing an excellent job.

Doman may be the larger problem if he can't overcome his infatuation with the option offense. Brandon painted himself into a corner by building an option offense around an injury-prone QB, instead of keeping the play book large enough to take advantage of Lark's passing skills.

Nothing against Taysom, because I think he's going to be an excellent QB for BYU, but, why was BYU relying on a Freshman with almost no playing experience to fill in for Nelson, instead using an excellent Senior quarterback, who, just like Riley, had also paid his dues and was owed just as much loyalty and respect as Riley?

I Bleed Blue
Las Vegas, NV

The man is a winner and we are lucky to have him as head coach.

South Jordan, UT

Thank you, Bronco Mendenhall, for all you do and have done for BYU football. You are a man of honor and integrity. You are an excellent role model for the young men you coach. We appreciate you and and hope you stay at BYU as long as you can. Those who complain are minimal compared to those who support you and this program. My only wish is that you would smile a little more on the sidelines, but what do I know about the pressures you face every day.

Go Cougars!

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

We just need to keep executing at a higher level.

Go Utes, CA

Never understood why anyone would think Bronco would want the Colorado job. I could understand if he got tired of the pressures of coaching at BYU, but Colorado is a disaster.

Everett, WA

Clint Eastwood: "When someone isn’t doing the job, we’ve got to let him go."

Layton, UT

Dang it.

Coug in China
China, 00

Rumor has it that Bronco is leaving for Wisconsin now that Bielema is going to Arkansas... It will be announced after BYU's trip to San Diego for their bowl game and after the Badger's have their Rose Bowl win.

South Jordan, UT

Our house hold is very glad Bronco is the head coach at BYU!

For those of you who have less support for him than many others do, just put yourself in the position of head coach at BYU. Is there a more demanding head football coaching job in the country?

He is doing great!


@ BYUFANIN WASHINGTONST. you are not a true BYU fan i think you are a Washington husky fan disguised as a BYU fan because true BYU fans will support their coach and it is obvious that you don't,Bronco is a great coach,sure he has made a few mistakes but what college coach hasn't and he has yet to have a losing season.


Silent Lurker
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Well this makes it kind of hard for the BYU faithful to claim he turned down the job.

Danbury, CT

One question for all of you who want to see Bronco go: Just who do you think will take over for him that will do any better. Forget Andy Reid. He will never be happy coaching BYU after the level he's been at in the Pro's. Maybe another university but not BYU. Think it through.

And forget about anyone who isn't already a head coach. Part of Bronco's problem is his transition to HC from DC (Doman never was OC either - so same issue). Sarkisian? He's in the PAC 12 and not likely to come back down to BYU.

It's harder to find a fit for HC at BYU than it is to get great players. The coach needs to not only win, but understand BYU in the context of the mission of the church and support the honor code.

I'm just saying....before you all bail on Bronco, consider it could be far worse. Better to support the guy and remember we all are human. Good thing no one is watching your business performance this past year and putting all your mistakes out in the press.

Resolute Voice
Deseret, UT

If you believe CU administration they are only interested in a coach from a major college in a power conference. BYU is neither making Bronco the candidate that never was. The new trend in college football is discriminatory against anyone who has no major college experience. Additionally the problem at CU is the administration that keeps perpetuating the ability to lose. Bronco is brave but going to CU would be like asking David to take on Coliath and his two big brothers.

Park City, UT

Bronco hopefully Holmoe say there's the door don't let it hit you on the way out! If you put the team first and winning first over hurting your favorite players by bringing someone else in when players are injured or aren't performing and made the right decisions BYU might be in a BCS bowl or even playing for the National Championship this year. If you care about BYU's success step down from head coach to defensive coach and let someone who cares about the fans and winning take your head coaching job!

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