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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 5 2012 12:05 p.m. MST

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SLC gal
Salt Lake City, UT

This is scary that this hasn't been a more major story. Where would the world be without it's milk supply?

Mcallen, TX

I know dairy farmers in Montana who were bought out by our government to quit their businesses. Said there was a glut of dairy products, but now, much of our dairy products are imported.

One reason for our high unemployment.

Casa Grande, AZ

Feed prices are up and global dairy prices are down to half of break even.

I accept some price supports as a liberal and even government loans and insurance support. But what I can't stand is the hypocrisy of farmers that vote republican, spout off about all the welfare queens and unemployment insurance and then put their hands out as soon as their PRIVATELY OWNED BUSINESS starts loosing money! If you voted democrat and supported everyone else in their hard times I'd have some sympathy. But rural america votes republican.

If your business is so hard then you should be in a cooperative where farmers support each other not asking for handouts from the government that you otherwise criticize for spending too much money. Or go out of business and get a minimum wage job like the welfare queen.

Mcallen, TX

Liberals are destroying the diary farmers.

California is broke.

May our liberal friends get what they voted for,----and leave the rest of alone.

Casa Grande, AZ

Free trade is destroying milk farmers worf. Conservatives are destroying america.

Mcallen, TX

Nafta was started by liberal--Bill Clinton.

California, voted liberal, just as the rest of our country has. Look around you! Is America prosperous? Arnold is liberal!

Sixty percent of our deficit has come in the passed three and a half years with a liberal president.

Spending destroys, not lower taxes. Liberal jargon.

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