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Published: Wednesday, Dec. 5 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Centerville, UT

Utahbluedevil: We are not talking about Clinton and the balanced budgets of the 1990s. We are talking about Obama and his presidency. He has failed to produce a budget that garnered a single vote in Congress in 2012. The Democratic Senate has failed to produce a budget in 4 years.

The debt that Obama is creating is huge. How can you possible bring up Clinton and balanced budgets when we are not talking about anything remotely close to a balanced budget?

To get balance we must have spending reductions and tax increases. Republicans have agreed to tax increases so long as Obama will get serious about reduced spending. But Obama won't write up anything dealing with spending reductions until after signing a bill to increase taxes. Sounds like Pelosi saying the ACA must be voted on first before it can be read to see what is inside.

I don't believe Obama has any intention of reducing spending unless it hurts military, Wall Street and banks.

Sandy, UT

Money is debt, period. How come everybody argues about the debt as if something can change? Our monetary system is debt based and if no one is willing to change our monetary system then it is like a dog chasing its own tail.

Durham, NC

@mountainman - since you have this all figured out, how well would the economy exactly would have done should we have, oh say, let 2 of the 3 auto manufactures gone out of business, that banks had been prevented from doing any lending because they were operating below their reserve rate, and little projects like the I15 projects not been funded..... what would the economic numbers be since you seem to have them... and can say with all confidence the stimulus funds had no effect.....

You have those... right? You're not just relying on web blog blather, and talk radio non-senese. Were looking for some real solid data to back your claims.... you have those - right?


Republicans have no record of lower the deficit. Obama's spending was to prevent the economic catastrophe produced by GWB.


Dick Cheney said 'Reagan showed that deficits don't matter'. The debt tripled under Reagan. It doubled under Bush. Republicans are no more responsible with our money than democrats.

Salt Lake City, UT

For decades southern Europeans were lied to by their governments about their sovereign debt and not to worry. Then reality struck. Our course is hauntingly similar. Democrats and Republicans only face reality only when the other party is in power.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

Barack made many promises before he was elected the first time. He promised we would be out of war in 6 months-they are negotiating how to keep troops in longer. He promised to close Gitmo-It's still open. He promised to heal the planet-The US has become a greater exporter of oil. He promised our taxes will not go up-they have. He promised we could keep our doctor-that turned out to be false. He called a white officer in Cambridge "acted stupidly" and "history of racism" to heal the nation-he was wrong. He rallied to defend Trayvon Martin, then walked away when crimes of black on white came to the forefront.

Even his own base is unhappy with him. Yet they get locked in step and march to their leaders drums. No matter what. Can't use their own brains. But his base is made up of bottom dwellers whose only goal in life is to take as much as they can, and wait for the collapse of this once great nation.

Last words. "The arguement that we are the richest country so therefore...." no longer is true. We are the most indebted nation(thatnotwealth)

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