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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 4 2012 8:05 p.m. MST

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Go Utes, CA

I agree with this column 100%, and I hope karma comes back to bite Jim Harbaugh hard with many more regular season losses and an early playoff exit. Kaepernick played great against the Bears but poorly-to-average in his three other opportunities. He is already overrated (if that is possible after only three and half games). Flash in the pan at most.

Highland, UT


So you were willing to wait 8 years for smith to do something, anything, halfway decent, despite the fact he was absolutely awful during that time, yet you are declaring kaepernick finished after 3 games? Typical utah "fan" hypocrisy on display as usual.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

So Duckhunter, you're trying to say it's a good idea to screw with a team most people saw as a Super Bowl contender by risking the ruining of your qb's confidence and messing with team continuity? I guarantee coaches and NFL management around the league have been laughing to themselves thinking, "wow, we're trying to build a Super Bowl team while San Fran already came a muffed punt away from going last year and looked even better this year, yet they're going to screw with that and start developing for the future? Wow!"
So you tell me, based on your last comment, you're saying that Utah or San Fran fans should be willing to give Kaep time to grow into his role the same way the organization allowed Smith to grow into the role even though it's evident that Alex has moved past that phase and is primed to lead them to a Super Bowl? Sounds pretty smart to me.
Bottom line ... humble pie time for you this week after all you had to say last week.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


So you were willing to wait 8 years for smith to do something, anything, halfway decent, despite the fact he was absolutely awful during that time.


I'm have been waiting for the 9ers to do something halfway decent for 8 years not just Alex Smith. CK lost the game last week and our defense won against New Orleans. CK is the future but Alex gives us a better chance to win THIS year.

Beverly Hills, CA

Duckhunter, Utah lost to BYU this year, again, go back to your team who plays WAC weaklings to get to a bowl.

SMoth has been a better QB than any of the BYU rejects of the past 8 years. This was a bad call by Harbaugh and Lap got lucky because the Bears are so dysfunctional and their defense was on the field far too much because Cutler was out. Harbaugh is making a big mistake and it is OBVIOUS to anyone who knows football that Kap gave away that game.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


A quote from you last week;

"…his extremely brief time as a starter has come to an end barring an injury to the vastly superior Kaepernick."

Clearly Kaep is vastly superior … apples to apples (their only common opponent - the Rams) Smith was 7/8 passing for 72 yards with 1 TD (no turnovers) in just over 1 quarter. Meanwhile Kaep went 11/17 passing for 117 yards with 0 TDs and 0 turnovers - though he did fumble twice recovered by his team. Kaep's amazing *cough* stats were accrued in almost 3 quarters of play AND an entire overtime.

Then Kaep goes 21/32 for 208 with no TDs and no interceptions. These stats also include an entire overtime. Kaep grossly overthrows a pitch returned for a TD. He also commits a penalty causing a safety.

Smith's rating against the Rams this year: 143.8
Kaepernick's ratings against the Rams: 84.3

Another of your quotes … "The running game and defense are what won SF games. He (Smith) just didn't screw it up." - I guess we now know why not screwing it up, is such a big deal.


You're dead-on accurate with this, Robinson. All Smith did was overcome seven years of instability in the 49ers organization (I.e. a different offensive coordinator each year, and a different, losing head coach every other year) to finally settle in on a season that led to a NFC championship game. This year he'd again led his team to first place in his division before his injury. Harbaugh has no one to blame but himself if this all blows up in his face.

And duckhunter, give it a rest! You're always the first to pounce on an article about Utah or one of Utah's players. What is the source of your hatred towards all things Utah? You're not a good representation of what true BYU fans are all about.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Is Alex "absolutely awful" as friend Ducky suggests?

Alex Smith QB rankings:

2006 #21 (Just behind #21 Big Ben)
2009 #19 (Just a head of #20 Matt Ryan)
2010 #21
2011 #9
2012 #5

Alex was disappointment but being a top 10 QB the last two years shows he's capable of leading an NFL team. The 9ers are CK's team now but Alex will be playing somewhere next year.

Beverly Hills, CA

Only a BYU fan such as Duckhunter can jump in on a Utah related thread of a BCS school that beat down BYU 54-10 and beat the WAC-Playin Cougars and dare to talk any trash without anything to back it up. Sure you are going to a substandard bowl BYU, but acknowledge that your house is built upon WAC sand.

I would rather be a fan of a BCS school taking its lumps and building up than being complacent and getting fat and happy on WAC teams and LOSING to San Jose State.

49ers would have been in the Superbowl last year had Williams not messed up and turned the ball over twice. The rams have video on Kap and they figured him out, made him panic and as happy feet QBs go, he took off in a panic and gave away the game. Running QBs will only do one thing, get seriously hurt.

Cedar Hills, UT

Harbaugh has messed both QB's up. Terrible job of managing QB's. Of course you bring Alex back as soon as he was cleared to play. By doing that you keep both QB's confidence high. You tell Alex he is your guy - as he should be and you tell Kap good job. Kap is not ready mentally and will falter against the good defenses - then what? Too late to bring Smith back his confidence is shot plus his skills are far too rusty. Kap should have been preserved for next season and Smith deserved the shot at the playoffs since he won most of the games this year. Pulling out Kap in the playoffs will kill his confidence going forward. I am betting the 49ers falter in the first round this year and its Harbaugh's fault.

Murray, UT

@ John Jacob whatever,

Least we're going to a bowl.

Cowboy Dude

Too much talent is a good problem to have. This is the opposite of a quarterback problem.

Harbaugh turned this team around in one season. But, he's starting to look like the overconfident hare.

Bluffdale, UT

Good article. I agree, but add; the bad years with the Niners included not protecting the quarterback and verbal abuse from Singletary, the worst coach in the NFL.

Firing Singletary turned this team around. Alex is sticking around because a Super Bowl game would erase all the abuse from this team. No Super Bowl and Alex walks.


I don't blame Harbaugh for New Orleans. Another week rest from a concussion injury when you have one game to give away is not bad coaching. Priority one; keep Alex healthy for the post season. The win was a bonus.

But, St. Louis was all Harbaugh's fault. Announcing Kap this week makes me wonder if Harbaugh has a concussion.

Washington, UT

Still, Alex Smith is a mediocre QB and Harbaugh knows it. Somehow, Harbaugh has managed to squeeze success out of a QB who can't throw long, who was on the brink of being left out of the NFL because of his poor performance. Ok, he's having a decent year, but no big numbers, no long passes. Harbaugh is successful because he can see the future and he knows Smith is not the future. I think Robinson has kind of gone ballistic here...must be a bit Utah fan, or related to Smith, I don't know, but anyone with even a basic understanding of NFL QBs knows Smith has a ceiling--and he has reached it, and Harbaugh knows it.

American Fork, UT

Reminds me of how Riley Nelson became and continues to remain BYU's starting qb. There must be more to both stories.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

I can't stand Jim Harabugh. He's a pompous arrogant coach. Why fix what not's broken. Big mistake on the coaches fault. The Rookie QB is goint to get pounded; especially when the 49ers come to Seattle.

Heber City, UT

NFL coaches may get paid well but don't seem to brought sometimes.

Danbury, CT

Ironic that Harbaugh as an ex NFL QB doesn't know how to handle his QB's. He should leave Kap on the bench to learn a while longer and let Smith have his day, as Bill Walsh would have done. Instead he messes up both QB's.


Amen to most of the comments.

I like to see local boys do well, no matter where they played in college. It’s obvious that Alex has been dealt many tough hands, but has shown tremendous character.
This has the potential of being one of the worst moves ever by a coach in any sport at any level. There is no way to measure it, but I’m certain players of any sport at any level (especially under Harbaugh) will now be more likely to conceal their injuries – especially concussions – which will prove to be very dangerous to some of them. Athletes are, of course, very competitive, and don’t want to give up their starting spots. Then there is the loyalty factor. If I am a player at any position for the 49ers, I now know that Jim Harbaugh is the Judas, the Benedict Arnold of coaches. He even drove the bus after he threw Alex Smith under it.

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