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Published: Tuesday, Dec. 4 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Casa Grande, AZ

Glen Beck is going to go nuts. Does nuts plus nuts make him normal, no. Just makes him nuts. Agenda 21!!

Write it on the blackboard and it's Anti - good - end of the world - not american - demonic - agenda - 21. 21 is divisible by 31 something which is the number of days in December which proves it's also also part of the war on Christmas. See what I did? I proved it.

Can I haz a million dollars? Wait, 10 million dollars?

Casa Grande, AZ

I was so excited about finding the truth I made a mistake but get this, 666 divided by 21 is 31 point somthing. 31 is the number of days in December so that is what I meant by showing you that the UN agenda 21 is also part of the war on Christmas. See?

But you decide for yourself..... I'm just a humble guy showing you how they are trying to take over the world.

12 million dollars? Buy Gold?

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Rush Limbaugh just said again today that Global Warming is a HOAX!

Doesn't anyone in the UN listen to El Rushbo?

In other news - 70% of New York STATE (not just the evil Liberal City)
believe that the devestation caused by Hurricane Sandy was worse due to Global Warming!
Imagine that - 70% of New York doesn't listen to Rush Limbaugh.

But they should - he's so much smarter than the world wide Scientific community don't you know.
This is the same college dropout {conservative drug addict & womanizer] that STILL runs around telling people tobacco doesn't cause cancer or emphasemia.

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