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Published: Monday, Dec. 3 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Everett, 00

R.I.P. - GOP

Lehi, Ut

I pray to God that Speaker Boehner stands his ground and doesn't let Obama bankrupt this great country.

Dave D
Pocatello, ID

If there was one thing that the election made clear, wasn't it that the majority of Americans support tax increases on the wealthy and the president's health care plan? Romney seemed to oppose those two things the most and lost. Why do republicans insist on doing this?

Murray, UT

To airnaut & Dave D, please note that if you look at the presidential popular vote, the difference between the two is 2.8%. To say that the GOP party is dead or that there was some type of mandate that came out of this election is absurd.

salt lake city, UT

It's ironic that neither offer seriously addresses the long term deficit. The civics lesson playing out in front of us is another example of why we need term limits and one Presidental term of 6 years. This is not that difficult. Increasee revenue via tax increases, cut spending via entitlement benefits and defense. Problem solved within 10 years!

Taylorsville, 00

A compromise on Social Security and Medicare should involve a slow raising of the eligible age by a couple of years, slowly, over 10 or 15 years. That would lessen the shock, but also act to preserve the programs.

To the vote! What do the polls say!

salt lake, UT

nice to see both sides at least making proposals now if they could just drop the "la la" childish rhetoric and finish the deal that would be nice, four years late but nice.

Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

It's easy to propose revenue increases and spending cuts when you don't give any specifics. It's entirely meaningless. Tell us specifically what deductions you will eliminate and what programs you will cut. The we can decide it that's what we want.

salt lake, UT

Roland is right we have heard this song and dance before with no results. they need to detail what "loopholes and deductions are specifically be closed or changed and thoes changes need to be a part of the bill not something left to be settled later.

Redding, CA

John B, read the election results. Again. Your position lost. 2.8%? difference more or less? Your position lost. In the national election, the best poll, the only poll that counts. So, John B, take your marbles and go play somewhere else. For those over 250k earners, pay up, pay a bigger share, in the national election your are called out for your unfair share of paying in the past.
Politically, John B, you should throw in the towel on this cliff hanger idea of protecting the 2% top earners. Give it up. Then go ahead and debate with the Dem's on spending cuts, tax loophole changes, tax deduction changes, spending cuts from defense to medicare and social security.
But the debate on tax rates for the high earners ended in November. And you, John B, don't really have a horse in this race. Go read the story about the emperor's new clothes. Again.

lehi, ut

The thing that I find crazy, is the if the republicans come up with just as much money through closing loopholes as the president wants in raised taxes, he wouldn't sign since it isn't "raising" the taxes on the rich. What a bunch of phooey, both sides need to stop playing politics and fix the problem!!

Tooele, UT

Re: "If there was one thing that the election made clear . . . ."

That one thing would be that Americans are very happy with a divided, do-nothing Congress, and we don't want deranged liberals to have their way with us or the Nation.

Every one of the House Republicans was up for re-election last month, and America returned a majority of Republicans to the "people's chamber." They need to represent the people that voted them into office, and turn back attempts to convert us into a Greek-style eurosocialist wreck.

We need to embrace the "cliff." It's not much of a cliff, but it's all we've got.

It amounts to very little in tax increases for most of us. For those who do feel a bite, it's about time they recognized the pain they inflict when they advocate or acquiesce in soaking the "rich." And the cuts will provide a genuine stimulus to the economy, not the phony sugar rush of bloated government bailouts.

Centerville, UT


You DO realize that the president has no intention of ever cutting the deficit, right? How can you be so trusting of someone who so badly broke his promise to cut the deficit in half? And when taxes are raised on 'the rich' do you think it's money that's going to spent well? If so, what in our history would lead you to believe that?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

No tax hikes on the rich and pretending the SSN reforms have anything to do with our fiscal deficits is not only a lie but deceitful.

Salt Lake City, UT

Offered the same package in 2011. Didn't even bother to think of anything new.

Columbus, OH

It's amazing to watch the GOP do a song and a dance, contorting every which way possible to avoid letting the taxes on the very wealthiest Americans return to levels before the TEMPORARY Bush tax cuts were put in place. This already cost them the election. Why are they holding onto that one little thing so hard? Could it be, that there is a small, but powerful group of people behind the scenes pulling all of their strings? And that those people are the very ones that stand to lose money should the TEMPORARY tax cuts expire on them?


Boehner's offer:

"Pro-growth tax reform that closes special interest loopholes and deductions, while LOWERING rates."

Revenue generally increases just due to inflation and population increases.
So, Magician Boehner thinks he can increase revenue (above expected revenue?) by lowering rates and closing loopholes.
And, of course, offers no details.

The voters are no longer buying the trickle-down tax cuts for the rich, no matter how many ways the GOP tries to package it.


SS and Medicare entitlements are a huge part of deficit reduction. Especially with Boomers starting to retire en masse. The boomers should have fixed SS and Medicare while they were in office but it's been left to subsequent generations.

The retirement age needs to gradually move up to 68 - 69 as well as the minimum age moving up from 61 or whatever it is to 65. Phase it in over the next decade to give people time to adjust retirement plans.

We need to look at other places, (this one's gonna make people mad) Adjust government pensions (raise minimum retirement ages and increase length of service requirements), including military retirement, and move government retirees out of the extremely expensive insurance plans that they have now to a standard government run plan.Again, phasing it in over time to give current employees the chance to make appropriate plans. Scale back Military spending and of course its time to reform welfare again (corporate and personal).

But none of this is gonna happen because of the "ME" culture we live in.

Way of the Warrior

I don't understand why Republicans insist the cuts have to come from Medicare and Social Security, the two programs American WORKERS pay into!? Wake up GOP and propose cuts to things like foreign aid for petesake!

Hank Pym

re: DVD 3:58 p.m. Dec. 3, 2012

That makes too much sense it'll never happen.

We have yet to hear what cunning plan the Senate Republicans have. I'll bet it as priceless as a MasterCard commercial.

My money is on they find a way to delay this 2 yrs. Then, the GOP has an "issue" for the midterm elections.

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