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Published: Sunday, Dec. 2 2012 6:45 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, Utah


Nice spin, but here's a little slice of history from BYU's 1996 season to debunk your fantasy:

Third week of the season, little ol' WAC BYU(2-1) loses at #15/#16 Washington 17-29.

wk4 BYU 3-1 unranked
wk5 BYU 3-1 #24
wk6 BYU 4-1 #21
wk7 BYU 5-1 #19
wk8 BYU 6-1 #18
wk9 BYU 7-1 #15
wk10 BYU 8-1 #13
wk11 BYU 9-1 #12
wk12 BYU 10-1 #10 (Nov 11)
wk13 BYU 11-1 #8
wk14 BYU 12-1 #7
wk15 BYU 12-1 #6 (Dec 2)
wk16 BYU 13-1 #5 (Dec 9)

From unranked on Sep 16th to #6 on Dec 2nd, just about the time BCS bowl selections would be decided, all without beating a single ranked team until #22 Wyoming in the WAC championship game. Not only could it be done, been there, done that!

Salt Lake City, UT

BYU consistently loses to the BCS teams on their schedule and then beat the lower half of the WAC or Big Sky and BYU "fan" compares records of BCS schools playing Big Boy football to the BYU record.

If BYU would have played 10 decent games this year they would have finished 4-8 with wins over WAC and Big Sky schools.


Springville, UT

Some of these Ute fans must feel like Maytag repairmen... the loneliest guys in the world. I remember Gordon Jump playing the part so well.

Life must be pretty sad now, no bowl game, no team to follow, the only thing they do is talk about BYU.

Someone hand me a Kleenex. These poor jealous lost fans. What will they do?

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA


Don't let anyone tell you outher wise, your Cougars had a good season in 1996.

Snack PAC
Olympus Cove, Utah

54 dude

If Utah had played 10 decent opponents this year, the Utes would have finished with two wins.

The Utes couldn't even beat the lone WAC team on their schedule and without the mis-snap scoop and score would have lost at home to the team you're so quick to disparage.

"Mediocre" BYU is the ONLY decent team U beat this season, while BYU managed to beat a Top 25 team that was having its best season in 40 years and BYU also had a road win against a team that played in the ACC championship game and will be returning to the Sun Bowl, sans the Utes, this year.

Face it, as bad as BYU was this season, Utah was much worse.

7-5 plus a bowl > 5-7 with no bowl

regardless of how you spin it.

Salt Lake City, UT

Uteanymous says "here's a little slice of history from BYU's 1996 season to debunk your fantasy".
Ummm... we were talking about the BCS, formed in 1998. Which poll are you quoting? AP? Not used in BCS rankings.

No fantasy from me. You've debunked nothing. Army and BYU have the toughest road to a BCS invite. You can't look at NIU getting in and think "that could have been us". Two different paths.

Wireless Lawyer
Lehi, UT

I can't help but find it a bit ironic that most folks on these sites think Andy Reid would be a dream hire to replace Mendenhall.

Isn't Reid the coach who's team is 3-9 this year and has lost 8 in a row? BTW, the team was 8-8 last year (and had to win their last 4 to get to that record after starting 4-8).

And Mendenhall has to go because he doesn't win enough? Hmmm.

Springville, UT

The Utes have more PAC-12 parades than they do PAC-12 Victories.

"Fully Invited", eh? More like "Fully Flunking".

Rifle, CO

All you Bronco haters out there have no clue. He's got the best winning percentage of any football coach at byu playing far tougher schedules than teams of the past. We played five teams that finished the regular season in the top 25. I don't think we have ever done that. We may have played five teams that were ranked at one time in the season, but the true test of whether the opponents were good is where they finished the season.
We also took the No. 1 team to the brink when past teams typically would get blown out. Please keep Bronco as long as possible.

Helendale, CA

Back when I could only watch BYU games at the church, I was dismayed by how many BYU fans thought that they knew more than Coach Edwards. Many were very negative—just like many who write these blogs. Andy Reid? Ty Detmer? Steve Young? Etc? I'd like to see any one of you, Ute or Cougar, try coaching. I like Mendenhall. He fits BYU and its standards. I hope he stays. Cougars and Utes will continue to make snide remarks about each other, but "BYU fans" ripping your own team and their own coaches? You don't sound like BYU fans at all.

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