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Published: Sunday, Dec. 2 2012 6:45 p.m. MST

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Andy Reid will not come to BYU. He is a pro coach and he has unfinished business at that level. If he gets fired this season at Philly he will have numerous suitors knocking at his agent's door within minutes, and he will continue on in the NFL pursuing a championship, not coming to the Y. So coug fans, let us drop the Reid fantasy and move on to more realistic names. Are there any? Not too many who qualify; re: temple rec, good standing in the Church, with the capacity to be a successful D1 head coach.

Orem, UT

Reid would come to BYU. FACT!

Orem, UT

I don't think there is much of anything that can be done to fix the situation. Essentially, Riley Nelson proved to be the third best quarterback behind Lark and Hill. Mendenhall made that call throughout the season to start him and it proved to be a disaster. It was Mendenhall that let go an entire coaching staff in favor of a group of rookie coaches that had no experience. In spite of all of this, no one is willing to blame Bronco for his coaching decisions and he has the full support of the Athletic Department. This problem becomes deeper than coaching errors. It's a problem with the entire athletic culture at BYU.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Every time I see a comment about the Utes' PAC record, I can only think that person is afraid of real competition.
eastcoastcoug would rather beat horrible teams and rarely send players to the NFL instead of competing against the best.
Kind of sad, really.

Salt Lake City, Utah

What Bronco proved this year is he is an excellent Defensive Coach, a good Head Coach, but a lousy Offensive Coach who totally botched the quarterback decision. It's difficult to know how much say Doman had in the final decision to play an injured Riley against Utah, Boise State and San Jose State, but it's evident that Bronco was heavily involved in making that decision and he totally blew it, choosing to reward the grit and determination of an injured eratic-throwing Riley over the hard work and loyalty of a healthy, accurate-throwing Lark.

If Riley isn't completely healthy and Lark doesn't start against San Diego State, its further evidence that Bronco cares more about Riley than he does his team or fans.

pocatello, ID

Danbury, CT
I wonder what Chris B thought as she watched her beloved Utes eke out a losing season and get beaten by most of the PAC 12. Ouch!


I wonder what BYU fans think about now being 6-10 all time against San Jose St.
I wonder what BYU fans think about being 3-8-1 all time against Colorado.
I wonder what BYU fans think about the 40+ years of no real official conference invitation.



FootballJoe: Isn't it interesting........no one ever beats BYU! No opposing team ever has a great defense, a great passing game, a great runner, a spectacular play. The only reason BYU didn't win is because BYU didn't have (you name it)a better quarterback, made a missed block, caught the pass that was dropped, etc) Year in and year out BYU "should" have won every game.

YES! This is correct,now you're starting to catch the vision of BYU-fandom :)

Kearns, UT

Bronco needs to make up his mind. Does he want to be head coach, or does he want to coach the defense. BYU was at its best when the head coach managed the whole team, and the assistants die their jobs and were good at it. Bronco needs to find a good defensive coordinator and stay out of his way. Otherwise he needs to stay defensive coordinator and give up the head coaching job. I'm sure Lance Reynolds would do fine.

Get rid of Doman.

Maybe Holmoe is going to make himself head coach.

Salt Lake City, Utah


"I wonder what BYU fans think about now being 6-10 all time against San Jose St."

We're laughing at our desperate little brothers who are simply grasping at straws.

San Jose State had a Top 25 team this season, but even so, BYU would have beaten the Spartans if BYU's coaches had played Lark instead of an injured Riley. Most of San Jose State's win in the series came back in the 40's and 50's. BYU has won 6 of the last 8 and this was San Jose State's first win since the 60's.


"I wonder what BYU fans think about being 3-8-1 all time against Colorado."

Once again, laughing at how desperate are little brothers have become to be grasping at such weak straws.

BYU has won 3 of the last 4 against Colorado, including a bowl game and a game at Colorado, and hasn't lost to the Buffs since the 50's.

Salt Lake City, Utah


"I wonder what BYU fans think about the 40+ years of no real official conference invitation."

Laughing at how delusional our little brothers are about conference affliations. While BYU didn't worry about conference affiliation in building a national reputation, winning a National Championship, a Heisman Trophy, and numerous national individual awards, Utah fans continue to delude themselves into believing that being a bottom dweller in a so-called "power" conference somehow makes the Utes special.

Bottom line: Being a member of a particular conference doesn't mean squat; the only thing that really matters is what you accomplish on the field.

John Galt
Salt Lake City, UT

Beverly Hills, CA
"BYU disappointed? If you read what their fans are saying, they won another National Championship again"

Just out of curiosity, where are they saying that? Is this something else you've made up? Seriously--are you Chris B's niece?

South Jordan, Utah

Beginning with the Utah came everyone knew and Bronco should have known, that an injured Riley Nelson should not be the starting quarterback. Evaluating the season begins and ends with evaluating Bronco.

Salt Lake City, UT

Next year should be interesting. The Cougars will try to take on a tougher schedule (and its not that tough) with a rookie quarterback who is coming back from an injury. You think the infighting and calls for coaching changes is rough now? Just wait.

Cedar Hills, UT

Bronco is a good defense coach and I think a decent good head coach as long as he has the right offensive coordinator which he doesn't right now. Contrast BYU football when Robert Anae was the offensive coordinator compared to today. No comparison. Doman and many of the other assistants are too inexperienced plus Doman just isn't a good offensive coordinator period! Bronco needs a new offensive coordinator to start and then go from there. Better still - I would like to see Bronco move on and BYU bring in a whole new coaching staff. I think Holmoe understands what he is looking for as far as a coaching staff and the style of offense needed. I think Lavell would certainly help in the selection process as well.

Everett, WA

Schools with consistently great teams require great coaches. BYU has been without a great coach since 2001. Bronco has consistently failed (i.e. 3 losses in a row to Utes and 5 losses to Utes as HC). Time for new HC and OC!!

Salt Lake City, UT


Next year should be interesting. The Cougars will try to take on a tougher schedule (and its not that tough)"

Gee, dude, desperate and uninformed much?

This year's BYU schedule had 5 top 25 teams on it, including #s 1, 13, 19, 22 and 24. How many did the Utes' play? #s 13, 17, 22. BYU beat #22, Utes lost.

BYU's 2013 schedule includes #1 Notre Dame, #19 Boise, # 22 Utah State, #23 Texas, and Rose Bowl bound (you wish) Big 10 Champion Wisconsin.

THAT is why BYU fans are frustrated. They had the schedule and the talent to make a big splash and came tantalizingly close, but their offensive decisions were stupid, including Bronco going for 2 at Boise. The same Bronco, I might add, who blamed Anae for running down the clock against your Utes 2 years ago. Bronco -- it is someone else's fault when it is a bad decision, he'll evaluate "after the season" when it is his.

I must admit, Utah's schedule is tougher next year than this. I'm looking forward to seeing how the Utes do against Oregon and Stanford.

Ronald Uharriet
SWun City, Ca.

I agree with Pa. Reader from Harrisburg, PA.

" Andy Reid as OC next season to straighten out the offense. as Bronco's contract expires and he accepts a call to serve as a mission president". "Then Reid assumes the head coaching job the following year as Bronco's contract expires.

Perhaps, Bronco's calling has been misplaced. Maybe not. I would love to see him called as a Mission President, where he could do the most good.

It is time to draft Andy Reid, Ty Detmer and Steve Young, to come to the aide of their University and bring us back to the greatness that we can be.

Andy, Ty and Steve, This is not about money. It is about answering a call and doing something really great for your University that set you on your way to stardum.

Your fans and school really love you guys, Andy, Ty, and Steve. We put all of our love, respect and trust into you. Show us now that you care.

Gilmer, TX

Bronco won't have far to look to figure out how to change the mistakes of the 2012 season. All he will have to do is change his OWN mistakes! He's the one who made them. It's hard to believe that in his eighth season he looked like a first time head coach. He has proven he is NOT a head coach.

Gilmer, TX

Most BYU fans who post on blogs are not delusional at all. We are upset with a head coach who continues to make stupid decisions. He is a very good defensive coach, but since his handling of the offense is so poor, there is no way he is even a decent head coach.

Lindon, UT

Will Bronco move to Colorado? Why was Riley allowed to run back out on the field after the Cougars got the ball back with little time remaining in the San Jose game. He looked like he was hurting and "done" after the previous set of downs & went over behind the bench and lay down with a grimace on his face, as if he was hurting bad. Did the trainer give his approval for him to go back out, or did Riley do that on his own before the coaches had a chance to evaluate the situation? It appears that there is an extreme lack of communication and lack of fixed areas of responsibility on the coaching staff. No one seems to take responsibility in certain instances. The same thing happened at the end of the Weber State game when the QB was hurt because of a "lack of communication". These areas are the responsibility of the HC. Bronco appears as if he is relinquishing the offense completely to the OC because he has charge of the defense. I believe Holmoe sees the same things and thus his comment that things will change. Will be interesting to see what changes come.

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