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Published: Sunday, Dec. 2 2012 6:45 p.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I wonder what Taysom Hill thinks as he watches his former Stanford teammates rise to nearly the top of the nation, win the prestigious Pac 12, go to the Rose Bowl, and enjoy unbelievable success while getting a top notch eduction.

Meanwhile, his team finishes 3rd in the fourth in the WAC behind USU, Lousiana Tech, and San Jose State.

He won't admit it.....

but OUCH!

Salt Lake City, UT

I still wonder what Holmoe means by saying there will changes next year. BYU in the Big East? Max Hall as head coach? Jake Heaps returning to play QB after everyone involved eats a big crow pie?

OC Fan
Orange County, CA

This season's results weren't much different than 2010 when Bronco asked the coaches on offense to tender their resignations en masse. What's he going to do this year?

Provo, UT

If Bronco wants to know what is wrong with the team, he need only look in the mirror.

IRS Agent

The reason Whittingham said "no" to BYU was because without Gary Andersen there, he would have been exposed faster than he has been at the U. What has he done since Andersen left? Nothing. We are seeing the rapid descent of U athletics in to insignificance. Enjoy the ride.

Danbury, CT

I wonder what Chris B thought as she watched her beloved Utes eke out a losing season and get beaten by most of the PAC 12. Ouch!

Danbury, CT

Why not get Ty Detmer to coach the offense? He had 14 years in the NFL and has been coaching at HS level. He's arguably the best quarterback we've ever had.

Once Bronco gets a decent OC, we will be in good shape with the defensive schemes we play. On D, our biggest challenge will always be speed in the secondary. I'm not crazy about Bronco as the head coach but am realistic and think he's the best we can get. Reid will never come to Provo - not in a million years.

South Jordan, UT

I would love to see Ty Detmer as OC for the Y. Come on!

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

I think we should get Andy Reid as head coach and Steve young as OC with the promise that he takes over when andy moves back to the nfl. Young has the organizational skills without broncos mumboMBA speech . If bronco wants to stay, he's a great DC.


I have a great idea. How about getting Ty Corbin and Bronco to assist each other in developing a winning team? Two heads of similiar value might just do the job...Well, maybe not.

Mcallen, TX

Worfs law of sports:

For every victory, is an equal and opposite defeat.

I enjoyed this year. Since when is seven wins a terrible thing? I'll be happy with that number next year, and happier if there's more wins.

As for Chris B. Stanford is happy she's not a fan of theirs. Would have been a jinx like to the utes.

Mcallen, TX

Leading in the fourth quarter, then losing by three to the number one team in the country. I'll take that.

Beverly Hills, CA

BYU disappointed? If you read what their fans are saying, they won another National Championship again beating up on no name universities again all while losing to Utah.

Springville, UT

As I reflect upon this sad and disappointing season I'm thinking...

Well utesies, here's a lump of coal for you, Happy Holidays!!!

BYU's 'bowling' and so sorry... you're not!

I get to watch the Cougars play one more football game this year. Yeehaw and basketball is here too!

And how about the women's volleyball in the Sweet 16!

Go Cougars!

Mission Viejo, CA

Kind of like watching the Angels this year with the best young player in baseball (Trout) and the best old player (Pujols) simply not being able to put it all together. This was a crazy year. Nobody understands the Nelson affair. Would Lark have been better? We'll never know.

But I think Bronco will be better. He's a young coach, after all, and I like the new kids.

I'm looking forward to next year. Best schedule BYU has ever had. Same with the Angels. They're both too talented to have a crazy year like 2012 was. Bronco will figure it out.

Federal Way, WA

Bronco has seemed to make it clear that he does not want to coach at BYU for the long haul. His contract is up next year. Maybe Holmoe knows more about Bronco's plan than is generally known and is just getting prepared.

BYU does need another strong offensive mind involved in the program. Bronco, turned the defense around using basically the same x's and o's according to him. BYU needs and offensive coach to do the same thing. I dont know if Doman could handle the apparent lack of confidense vote or not. I believe Bronco wants him to take over as head coach. However, he wont be able to do that unless he proves that he can handle the offensive side very well first.

BYU sports- this is about as good as they will be anyway. Get used to it.

Utah better hope that the same wont be said of them.

Window Rock, AZ

blah blah blah blah blah blah that is all that is written from the arm chair quarterbacks and talking heads. might as well watch the movie holy grail; its not any different than this season. never heard so many excuses from the players. Yes the players are fighters but you have to win or be fired. same as the real world of work. maybe set some realistic goals instead of a national championship that is unachievable with all the silly mistakes made on the field.

South Jordan, UT

Isn't it interesting........no one ever beats BYU! No opposing team ever has a great defense, a great passing game, a great runner, a spectacular play. The only reason BYU didn't win is because BYU didn't have (you name it)a better quarterback, made a missed block, caught the pass that was dropped, etc) Year in and year out BYU "should" have won every game.

While we're thinking about what Riley could have done or how a botched play here and there would have won the game we also need to think about what might have happened if the opposing team would have been able to play an injured player, made a botched play, made a pass that was dropped, etc.

Games are what they are. That's the reason they are played. Someone wins, someone loses.

It gets tiring to always hear about why the "best" team lost, why BYU should have won a particular game,or in fact every game! I submit that over time, the best team really does win the game. That's why the game is played.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I wish my Utes could have been "embarrassed" with as good of a season as BYU had. What's that saying? "There's always next year!"

Pa. Reader
Harrisburg, PA

Andy Reid as OC next season to straighten out the offense. (Doman can stay on as quarterbacks coach if he'll agree to the
move.) Then Reid assumes the head coaching job the fillowing year as Bronco's contract expires and he accepts a call to serve as a mission president.

Well, we can dream...

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