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Published: Saturday, Dec. 1 2012 11:20 p.m. MST

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Filo Doughboy
Bakersfield, CA

We all know that Dems are the party that wanna party with Daddy's credit card, wreck the family car and cry for a bail-out from the bondsman. Repubs are the uncool but stable sibling who foots the bill and enables spoiled sib to continue the slow descent into debt/credit hell. Ah, I love Greece, Greek food, Greek mythology, Greek architecture...

In fact, of the 10 countries I've toured, I'll take Santorini every time, despite the exquisite beauty of the others... And if we can get the "deal" we did last summer on our Venice/ Greek Isles cruise due to the EU's slipping/crashing economy- I'll have java with God every sunrise from atop Thera eternally.

Leadership, Smeadership. Pass the ouzo and the baklava. We all know why Dems offer the family car and who they expect at the bank.

salt lake city, UT

When all you have is lemons, you try and make lemonade. The GOP tried to serve us a beverage that most Americans were not drinking. Had they stayed conservative on fiscal issues and left morality to the churches they would have won. Romney just did not have the moral strength and conviction for the job. That's the same reason why he lost Masschuetts by over 15 points.

Salt Lake City, UT

FT, you may be right that if Republicans did actually care about the economy, and left morals to the churches, they could have won. But we will never know, will we? The thing is they have not shown that they care about the economy at all.

Filo, the Republicans are the stable ones? Either you are very young and have no understanding of history, or you are suffering from self induced amnesia. It's almost surreal that you would point to Democrats and say they ran up the bill, and ran the car into the ditch.

Do you really not realize who controlled both houses of Congress and the Presidency right up to a few months before the collapse? Before the car ran into the ditch? And who was President when it did? What party took a surplus and turned it into record setting debt? While controlling Congress and the Presidency? Do you really not know?

It was the Republicans. Were you not paying attention last decade? It really was not that long ago. Do we, in this country, really have that short of an attention span? It was just last decade. And you call them stable?

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

The nation has to wonder what Mitt Romney is thinking..
A good number of America's voters knew years ago that Mitt had no chance of winning the Presidency. Millions knew he would lose the election and be living in the La Jolla place with the famous elevator, but...
Strong support of America's middle class? Support for the American automobile industry? Can anyone believe any of what he said during his campaign? Expecting credibility from this man in the future?
Would anyone want this fellow as the voice of your Republican Party after his post election behavior?
Romney's latest surprise, in full view of America and the world, is his new toy.....a very, very expensive Audi automobile, made in the USA?
Made in Slovakia....that's in Europe.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Hannity has all the answers every night!

Bakersfield, CA

Mark, move to Washington state. You'll have all the freedom you can "toke"...

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