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Published: Saturday, Dec. 1 2012 11:20 p.m. MST

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Merritt Island, Fl

I must agree with you. I was disappointed when he withdrew from the primaries. I keep hoping his name comes up for "Secretary of State". That would be interesting, President Obama did appoint him Ambassador to China

Mcallen, TX

Romney didn't hurt himself with women, and Latinos. It was caused by propaganda. It's sad. An honest, truthful person cannot win a political office without deceit.


So what. You don't justify yourself by the actions of others. Pathetic!

If a leader says, tighten your belt. Then set an example.

If a leader says, deficit spending is irresponsible,and unpatriotic, then set an example.

This president is costing us, and we need to speak up.

Let's not confuse whining with patriotism. Wouldn't it be great if a leader led by example over words.

Durham, NC

Worf - patriotism wouldn't be partisan. It would hold people responsible for their actions regardless. Partisanship does not equal patriotism.

This nation has never not been buried in debt. From Adams trip to Europe to fund the revolution - to today - every president and every congress has their fingerprints on our debt problem we have today. To say one president is uniquely responsible for the situation.... that's just is not an honest review of how we got to where we are.

Murtoa Australia, Victoria

Unless the GOP guts its self, dumps any connection to the Tea Party, moves from the ultra conserative religious right into the moderate conservative side of politics there is no hope for the party, none. It will just be doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result and that won't happen. Either dump the Tea Party or rename the Republican Party Republican/Teaparty and guarantee that you will be in the widerness for a very long time. Republicans clean up your party, you know what needs to be done, bite the bullet and do it. For starters dump the nonelected that appear to run the party, namely Grover Norquist, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck and the entire crew at Fox news, stop letting them be your spokespersons. I am an independent voter that would like to see a reasonable choice at election time not what I saw from the Republicans in this election, the Republican Party was not a choice for me this time around.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Media outlets like AP are scrambling to send the message: Tone down the conservatism.
They took control of the primary process and caused serious damage during the GOP debates.
After Romney lost various pundits have declared that Republicans need to pander to Latinos, women, minorities in general, entitlement voters...
But a case can be made for the position that Romney was too moderate. Conservatives were not impressed enough to work for him. And indications are that a couple of million simply stayed home on election day.
Whatever the real answer, this alone is true: Liberals must not be allowed to define the GOP for us.


in re to Say No to BO,

conservatives have and should be the ones to define the GOP. We liberals are awaiting with much anticipation the new 1959 EDSEL

The Deuce
Livermore, CA

There is no lack of leadership in the GOP, there is a lack of GOP. The GOP never embraced Romney as many have already pointed out. As a nation, we did not vote in the person who had the most experience dealing with the key issues that face the U.S.. So, we are back to where we left off, nothing happening. Whether you want to blame the Demos or the Republicans, it is still the same. The Republican party never wanted Romney, he simply was the last man/woman standing. The GOP has really lost touch with America of today. Although people say it is about finances and jobs, they simply voted for a hand-out instead of a hand-up. Nothing has changed. The core values that made this country great are no longer valued. There are jobs out there but too few want to actually work.

the truth
Holladay, UT

The Liberal Left has gotten it wildly wrong.

And intentionally so, they do not want to help the republican party. Why would want a strong republican party?

The left tears others down that is their modis operandi.

It's not Latino problem.
Nor a women problem.

The are more women and Latinos in public positions as Republicans than the democrat party.

It's not a conservative or tea party problem,

the problem is the liberal republicans, RINOS, and moderates, let the democrat party define them,

they do stand for something.

as a result,

and demographics bear this out,

they do not excite their base.

subsequently, millions on the right did not turn out to vote, if they had the republicans would have won.

The demographics prove this.

Palmetto Bug
Columbia, SC

The only people interested in Nikki Haley running for president are those that don't live in South Carolina, democrats, or Nikki Haley herself. She has been a below average governor and has horrendously mismanaged one of the biggest crises the state has faced in the last decade (google south carolina social security hacking for more information). Her odds of even winning reelection in 2014 are almost nil.

The GOP has plenty of viable candidates who could do well in 2016 unless they underestimate the democrats organization, like they did this year. The democrats get-out-the-vote operation the past two elections has been second to none. For the GOP to win they will need an articulate, organized, genuine, and experienced leader who's willing to call out members of the party that say or do dumb things. Huntsman and Christie in my opinion are the best options.

Durham, NC

Romney failed by not articulating exactly how he would use his CEO experience to help us have a more effective government. It should have been his number one objective - how the skills he gained as a CEO translated into benefits the average joe and jane would benefit from. How would Romney have streamlined the business side of the DoD, or Interior, to be more efficient - provide US citizens with greater benefit at lower cost.

This should have been right up his alley.... he should have been able to knock the ball out of the park by letting the voters know how he would have help transform the US is government into a lean, modern, and productive entity.

But he didn't.

That is his and his campaigns fault. Not the main stream media. Not Obama. It was HIS job to craft that message.... and he never addressed it. His weakness was also his strength... which he never exploited.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Romney had to campaign against Obama and the media.
2016 will be different because the dems will fight among themselves for position.
And media is self-destructing. The networks are losing viewers, the rags are dying, MSNBC is going the way of Air America, AL Gore's audience is in the tank...
Obama voters get confused with anything longer than a tweet.
More Americans are watching their cities go bankrupt.
Cloward-Piven may not be that far off, but what rises from the ashes may surprise you.
To your point, Romney spent too much time agreeing with Obama and appearing moderate when he should have explained the importance of our debt and the need to make government smaller. He lacked the courage to tell it like it is, and shame Obama for delaying fiscal cliff action until the llth hour.
As perilous as it is right now, why didn't government have a budget to work from?
Romney failed to call BO out on some critical mistakes.

Mcallen, TX


Even though sixty percent of our deficit came in the passed three and a half years, I never claimed just one man creating the deficit.

I don't care about Democrats or Republicans. I just want an honest truth telling man who is working for the best of our country.

Tired of deceit for the sake of gaining votes.

Can a man who is honest, and tells the truth ever win an election? If alive today, Abraham Lincoln wouldn't beat Obama.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Romney didn't hurt himself with women, and Latinos. It was caused by propaganda."
And an example of that propaganda would be... what?

Salt Lake City, UT

"Can a man who is honest, and tells the truth ever win an election? If alive today, Abraham Lincoln wouldn't beat Obama."
You should go see the movie Lincoln. Saying "Honest Abe" is as inaccurate as labeling a television network "Fair and Balanced".

Kaysville, UT

George II was not a strong President but had people with experience in his father's cabinet and senior staff. He probably spent time at Camp David as a work in progress with the proximity to Washington but those first 9 months of having the ability within the FBI, Intelligence and FAA processes with licenses and training didn't help us for 9/11. That was started during the Clinton administration but the ability of those terrorists to take over our national carriers and then visit downtown Manhattan, the Pentagon and then the field in Pennsylvania without the military, national carrier security and FAA able to do anything was a real shortcoming that became the Bush time and events. He missed the opportunity to avoid the pitfall of the recessiion and housing market crisis. He didn't win by much but he did make some decisons that made it so people thought Obama couldn't be any worse. They even voted him for another 4 years. During this time, the recession could come back due to a lack of good policies but Obama chose to do that. He is wanting to get through with his 4 fastest ships going to Guilder without 4 stars.


What Im hearing here is that the reason the Republicans are in such disarray is because the Democrats (Liberals) are defining their party? You gotta be kiddin me. The Republicans are rudderless because the Democrats tell them what to do? You people have a bigger problem than I thought. I gotta say it again I can hardly wait for the next iteration of the GOP


Oh, how nice to read such a negative view and blame of Romney.

Romney ran an honorable campaign (while there were a few ads I would've handled differently, I will give Mitt the benefit of the doubt that staff had more to do with some of those ) because while speaking for himself or in debates, I always perceived him to be strong but not personally attacking. He fought hard and gave it all he had! I greatly appreciate the Romney sacrifices for our country. I am disappointed in personal attacks against Romney by the Huntsman family. I'm sure Romney is no more perfect than you and I but such negativism towards someone to put themselves in such a line of fire--especially by a biased media--ought to be given to be given a "break" by those with some integrity.

The lies and attacks by the POTUS and the blatant help from the media for BHO, is a clear indication of where our country is headed. For the DNews to pile on, is disappointing.

Durham, NC

Wouldn't it be great if life was so simplistic in that one way was the only right way, that there were only good people and bad people. But the honest answer is both sides lie, both sides use the media to their advantage, that both sides play politics and often put party above country. Making any claim that one side does these acts more than the other is a statement of great naiveness.

Worf - I do agree with you - we need honesty, from both sides. I am not delusional enough to believe we will ever achieve an fully honest government. But we need to set the bar high - for both parties.

On my original post, lets be real honest folks. Romney had been running for over 4 years. He was in the media regularly taking shots at Obama since the end of the previous election. He did not use that time effectively to promote himself. Yes, the opposition hit Romney hard over the summer, that is what happens in every election regardless of party. But it is Romney who had 4 years to lay the groundwork - and wasn't prepared.

Enough cries of victimization.

And not conservative enough? Good grief!

Deep Space 9, Ut

To "SLMG" you are wrong. The GOP needs to distance themselves from the DNC. Whenever they run a moderate canidate, like McCain, they get killed. They need to become a true alternative to the DNC, not just a "lite" version of the Democrats.

Romney was not perfect, but he was a step in the right direction. It may take a collapse of the world economy for people to realize that you can't keep voting for other people to take care of you, but when that day happens it will be the Tea Party or conservative groups that get things functioning again.

Bakersfield, CA

A registered Independent, I begrudgingly marked the Romney box. Nice man, great credentials and potential, but not a barn-stormer..

Ryan was young, smart, energetic, and works out to Zep... Not enough for minorities or the hopeless to signal hope on, though. A Marco Rubio would have ignited more passion and "identiying with", but Mitt was never gonna compromise certain proclivities...

Each time "my guy" fell off the radar, that sinking "It's gonna be Mitt" feeling loomed larger. Bye-bye Jon, then Cowboy Rick bombed, Herman..?!!! Whaaa? Ron Paul couldn't stomach Israel and went internat'l-nutty on us...

With all the niceness and personal integrity of the Romneys however... RNC night showed that it was, indeed, a white man's party with no intention of relating to this nation's younger, growing demographic. We needed a firey Cain, an eloquent "JZ" Watts, a fully-caffeinated Rubio- something other than the prompter-reading hash that was presented...

As far as "leadership"? The Dems are clear on their plan: Hand-outs somebody else pays for, no spending curtailment, bash-as-you-go. Time to over-haul it all.

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