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Published: Saturday, Dec. 1 2012 11:20 p.m. MST

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Elk River, MN

The title is a bit misleading. Romney's loss didn't create the vacuum. It was already there. Romney didn't lead the party, he was just the least offensive candidate. Yes, the Republican Wing of the Establishment Party is a little weak right now. However, not to worry. They'll find someone for the next go around to provide the illusion of choice.

Farmington, UT

The Republicans didn't embrace Romney, they fought him and when he was the last man standing, well, the energy had been largely expended. The Repubs have no one to blame but themselves as they let the Demos define their strategy and platform as well as their candidate. And when all is said and done, with the electorate still clinging to a divided Congress, don't look for anything too great during the next 4 years. In the near time, I hope we avoid the fiscal cliff but I won't be surprised if we don't. True finger-pointing can then ensue.

I'd rather hae Obama to blame than Romney if our situation grows worse and I think that scenario is highly likely. We're just too divided in the Legislature Branch of government to get anything done......anything at all.

The public has seen to it that the divide will continue, too. Maybe after another 4 years of a do-nothing Congress voters will get the hint----but I doubt it. The 49% enjoy their free ride too much to embrace personal responsibility in their lives. Call us "Greece West."

Ontario, OR

The Republican Party had its best potential leader in Rudy Giuliani. He was personally pro-life, but accepted the will of the people regarding choice; he had experience with leading through crisis, fighting organized crime, and dealing with foreign diplomats. He was moderate, realistic, and tough, and he knew how to manage a budget and bring opposing factions together. When he ran, he faced opposition from the Tea Party, the Christian right, the good ol’ boys (i.e. Gingrich and Perry), etc. He stood on stage with – what? nine or so others? -- who tore each other apart trying to be the anointed one. In the end, he shrugged it off, perhaps not wanting it enough, or perhaps having no stomach for the intra-party cannibalism. Meanwhile, most LDS were breathless at the thought of a Captain Moroni versus a Pahoran, but that was never gonna happen. Giuliani could have beaten Obama, but he didn’t get the chance. Until Republicans get smarter and more pragmatic, the Democrats will keep winning the presidency.

Mcallen, TX

Romney's loss creates leadership vacuum for the United States of America.

We're drowning in debt, and Obama travels to Burma, gives a campaign speech at a toy company, then hops off to Hawaii for a three week all expense paid vacation.

Prior to that, was months on the campaign trail.

That's not leadership.

Tooele, UT

The far right of the Republican Party is loosing it grip and is doing everything it can to hold onto it, even at the expense of its own party's power.

Mitt Romney did not do himself any favors by naming Paul Ryan his running mate. He may have won a few more votes among the Tea Party Evangelicals, but he hurt himself among women and Latino voters.

If the GOP is serious about winning the White House in 2016, it absolutely must find a way to appeal to moderate voters, especially among women and Latinos. That's why I believe you will see one or both of these groups represented on the GOP ticket in 2016.

The three best scenarios I see for 2016 are:

Marco Rubio for Prez with New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte as Veep

Chris Christie for Prez with New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez as Veep

Nikky Haley for Prez with Marco Rubio as Veep



Pretty hard to lead a party that never wanted him in the first place. They fought him tooth-and-nail for seven months and then grudgingly accepted him because they had no choice, but never gave him complete support. Imagine someone on fire who refuses to jump into a lake because he doesn't want to get wet. This is the GOP right now. In a moment where it was on fire it had an opportunity to rally behind a candidate who truly had a reasonable shot at defeating Obama, and it couldn't do it because it didn't want to support a moderate. Congratulations. The prize for such foolishness is a charred disaster with no path to recovery.

Democrats will run this country from here on out. And the GOP can thank itself.

Clearfield, UT

As long as the the right wing refuses to take a pragmatic aspproach to immigration republicans will lose the hispanic vote. Second point. It is not about Obama buying votes with free stuff as Rush Limbaugh would have us believe. It is all about demonizing and assigning character flaws to certain segments of the population, ie the poor, minorities, and idiotic statements about rape and abortion. The American people deserve solutions to the debt crisis and moral leadership. AS of right now I am not optimistic about the future of the conservative movement. Time for new leadership. The first casualty should be McConnel as Senate Minority leader. All he ever stood for was opposing Obama.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Romney's loss creates leadership vacuum for GOP"


How ironic. The reelection of Obama created the same leadership vacuum for the Democrats.

Springville, UT

There was a vacuum before the election. The GOP cannot decide what it wants to be, just as Romney could not. He was a candidate of him, not for anything he stood for. Had he been true to himself, he would have been elected. Instead, he pandered to the far right. If anything is to be learned from this election, moving to the far right is a path to failure. Those who control the GOP don't get it. You may win in places like Utah, but the nation as a whole will never buy the extremism, and changing demographics will make it even less likely.

Bountiful, UT

Romney was unlikely to unite the disparate wings of the GOP, as those fractures were manifested in the primaries, when Republicans went through several iterations of the non-Romney candidate of the month. It's probably a blessing in disguise for Mormons that Romney did not win, as his penchant for changing colors would have been perceived as weak leadership, and his weaknesses in like ability would have meant he would become highly unpopular.

Where the GOP goes from here is anyone's guess, though the nation is wary of endless obstructionism. In the Senate, Mitch McConnell makes a very poor leader for a GOP looking to capture the future, as his relationship with Obama is almost non-existent, given his open goal of making Obama a one term president. He continued the same interesting strategy by calling the President on Thanksgiving to remind him he only won 4 counties in Kentucky, and he's up for re-election in 2014, in a state that elected a Libertarian tea partier as its other Senator. In other words, McConnell intends to oppose anything and everything, as before.

Obama should work around McConnell. Is that how the GOP intends to move forward?

American Fork, UT

Romney didn't cause the leadership vacuum by disappearing. The repbulican party doesn't know what it is anymore. Is it the tea party, the religious right, the big tent? In the end they found their only convergence in grumpy old white men, and it wasn't enough. The vacuum was already there.

one old man
Ogden, UT

AT already said it.

It's hard to replace nothing with nothing.

Then again, maybe it's easy. Too easy. Much easier than actually doing some THINKING and making some EFFORTS to HELP rather than damage our nation and its people.

Merritt Island, Fl

The Party has simply lost its way, it does not know what they are now. The Primaries showed a race to the extreme, the campaign tried to maintain that image, realized it was not in concert with America's standard and tried to shift to the center. Too late and the electorate saw the king has no clothes.

Until the party defines itself, there will be no leadership. That person(s) must commit to the new platform and standards. A stealth candidate like Romney in his many disguises can not lead.



Quit whining- your guy lost. Vacation is an issue for you? Where were you when GWB was in office? He took 3 times the amount than Clinton. He's by FAR the all time leader in vacations- all the while we had 2 wars & crushing debt. But, don't let facts get in the way of bashing our Prez.

Jimmy Carter took 79 days in 4 years.
Bill Clinton took 152 days in 8 years.
Ronald Reagan took 335 days in 8 years.
George Bush Sr. took 543 days in 4 years.

George W. Bush eight year totals:
487 days at Camp David
490 days at Crawford Ranch
43 days at Kennebunkp­ort Compound
Total: 1020 days, more than 1/3rd of his presidency­.

Patchogue, NY

Jon Huntsman, as Obama's campaign manager Jim Messina recently stated, was the GOP's best shot in this cycle. He would have polled better than Romney among swing voters in battleground states, on which the election hinged. Huntsman was the first to distance himself from Trump, who later became a liability for the party. He would have immediately withdrawn his support for Richard Mourdock after his rape comment, making a difference with female voters and younger voters. He would not have made some of the infamous gaffes Mitt made. His record has been more consistent and he did not have Romney's reputation of being a flip flopper. Huntsman also had the most impressive resume of all the GOP candidates. His was state was ranked "Best State For Business" while Romney's was ranked 47th. He had significant foreign policy experience compared with none for any of the other candidates. He was a proven fiscal conservative whose more moderate social views are practical given the demographic realities in this country. He would have been the hardest candidate for Obama to build a case against.

Hunstman has the best chance to bring the White House back to the GOP in 2016.

Eureka, UT

The lack of leadership in the GOP has nothing to do with any specific person (like Romney), it has to do with their ideology. Who wants to follow a party that dismisses the 47% or protects the top 1%. Romney was at least honest enough to acknowledge he was part of the 1% and that the 47% didn't matter. It doesn't matter what any republican says or who that republican is when they support a platform that fights agains the majority of people in the US, they are going to be leaderless.

Agua Dulce, TX

The GOP has been leaderless since 2006.

Ivins, UT

The whole problem lies within our appetites, we feed at the public trough and have leaders who will do anything to keep us there. The majority of us us are led by a minority who have been well trained by the far left. It is not a pretty picture.


"Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, never had a strong relationship with the conservative base, given his more moderate past." - But he kept telling em he was severly conservative. I just dont think people believe politicians sometimes.

Marlborough, MA

I think it would be reasonable to argue that there's been a leadership vacuum in th eGOP for a least a decade.

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