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Published: Saturday, Dec. 1 2012 7:35 p.m. MST

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Cottonwood Heights, UT

This is a sad, sad day. I spent a year under Majerus and it was one of the best experiences of my life.
Wherever you are big Rick, thank you for all you did for Utah basketball and for the student athletes. We'll miss you but we'll never forget you.
Message to Chris Hill; retire the sweater ASAP and name the court 'Rick Majerus Court'.
Rest in peace Rick.

Holladay, UT

Thanks, Rick, for all you did for the U. The run in the big dance in 1998 was epic!! Rest in peace......

Centerville, UT

Although not surprising, this is sad news. I got to know Rick over the years when I coached high school and college basketball locally. I worked at his summer basketball camp for 13 years, and saw many sides of Rick. Every summer, at the end of each week of basketball camp, he would talk about how much he missed his late father. He always thanked me personally for working at his camp. I know that Rick had many flaws, but he also did a lot of good for a lot of people. He was complex, indeed. I have still never met anyone who knew basketball like he did. He had a brilliant basketball mind. A lot of people might think Rick wasn't fond of the LDS Church, but he loved the returned missionaries he coached, admiring their discipline and toughness. I also remember Rick taking the microphone at a home game right after President Howard W. Hunter died, and having a moment of silence for him. Rest In Peace, Coach.


This is very sad, being young when he coached here I didn't realize how much he did for the state and the university of utah, R rest In Peace.

Spanish Fork, UT

Shocked. Shouldn't be, but it's still a shock. Loved the days when he was getting the most of the Utes even against my Cougars. Excellent coach and may he rest in peace.

West Jordan, Utah

As time passes in Utah basketball and the years get further removed from Rick's tenure, it's easy to forget what Majerus accomplished at Utah. The legacy of Utah basketball, which Majerus was a huge part of often gets lost as well, especially during the down times of late in Utah hoops. But Rick Majerus produced huge success and brought national attention to the Ute program before Utah football took off.

I remember the Rick years as being epic. He took over the program when I was 18 years old and left in 2004 when I was 34. I have great memories of those years in Utah basketball.

Majerus was a complicated man who was troubled within his genius. His troubles are gone now and I choose to remember and honor the man as Utah man sir.

God bless Rick Majerus.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

I have amazing memories of going to games with my dad when I was a kid, and that is in part thanks to Coach Majerus.

I second the idea of retiring the sweater. That thing should be hung from the rafters.


Never met Rick personally, but I know a few people who were quite close with him while he was in Utah, and I gotta say that the basketball world lost a great one today. Very abrasive and demanding of his players, and many players have undoubtedly held it against him for years, but in the big picture, he pushed and demanded so much because he expected and hoped for greatness for them all.

Some guys got it, some guys didn't, but I know if you asked Keith Van Horn, Michael Doleac, Andre Miller or the like, they have to be devastated almost as if they lost their own father. From what I understand, when the NCAA imposed sanctions on the University in the late 90s, one of the cited violations was an impermissible meal given to Van Horn after Keith's father passed away and Coach took him to a diner and sat and ate and talked with him all night.

Certainly not without his faults, and not entirely surprising given his weight and health over the years, but it definitely doesn't take away from his accomplishments on the court, and more importantly in his players' lives.

Provo, UT

Great coach, complex personality. He will be missed.

Real Bass
Idaho Falls, ID

Great coach. As a BYU fan, I was glad to see him leave, but hate to see him check out this way. I am sure he will be remembered with fondness and respect on the hill.

West Jordan, Utah

Truly one of the great ones in the coaching profession. As a devoted Y fan, like Urban Meyer, I was thrilled to see him leave Dodge. Some people just have the 'it' factor and Coach was one of them, for absolUTE!

East Salt Lake City, Utah


I'll always cherish the 1998 run. With lesser talent rolling over defending champion Arizona, downing UNC, and at the end running out of gas against Kentucky.

Park City, UT

Shocking to hear coach Majerus has passed. He coached when I was a student at the U. Awesome memories of going to games. Utah basketball was amazing. RIP coach.

West Jordan, UT

Larger than life, one of a kind coach. The run to the National Championship was masterful, it was indeed epic.

Thanks for the memories, Coach Majerus.

The Vanka
Provo, UT

A great coach in a great game, Big Rick will be missed. Thank you for all you gave to the sport, the players, and the community.

Syllypitiria. Zoi se mas.

Cedar Hills, UT

Very sad news. I was in school at the U during those very best years. He squeezed out every bit of talent from kids and got them to play their absolute best. Unfortunately, there won't be any one quite like him again.

Thanks coach.

Salt Lake City, UT

Unmatched at X's and O's.

I was begging him through the TV screen to give Andre Miller a rest during the second half of the Kentucky game. Andre and the Utes ran out of gas, and the Utes took second. As a BYU fan I would've had to listen to Ute trolls brag endlessly (as opposed to Ute FANS whom I would've celebrated with and for), yet I still wish the Utes would've won that game.

West Jordan, UT

what a sad day it is.

Salt Lake City, UT


He knew his X's, his O's and a few Cyrillic characters as well. Dude could coach.

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Basketball Genius. Jedi master of the court. Desciple of the hardwood.

Majerus understood and saw things on the court better than anyone. He has been missed for a long long time.

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