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Published: Friday, Nov. 30 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Highland, UT

I love the angst of the utah "fans" on this article about the BYU head coach. LOL!

Oh by the way. Jay Drew is reporting, and confirming, over on the Trib that Bronco was indeed offered a PAC 12 head coaching job last off season and saying it was probably UCLA. Love the comments from utah "fans" that claim they "know" he wasn't offered that job. LOL!

Oh and sportsfan and superute, thanks for the replies, makes all the effort worthwhile and fun.

Highland, UT


Do you even know what "plagiarize means? Let me walk you through it since your utah professors obviously didn't.

From Webster's

"use (words or ideas) of another as if your own"

Uh... all of the quotes I used were in quotation marks. By doing that I showed I was QUOTING others comments. And you see QUOTING others was the point, if I was claiming those comments as my own then it wouldn't prove the point I was making which is that OTHER people, utah "fans", are the ones calling for whittingham's ouster.

The fact that other utah "fans" actually liked your comment also proves that education does not exist on the hill.


Coug in China
China, 00

Rumor has it that Bronco is leaving for Wisconsin now that Bielema is going to Arkansas. Isn't it interesting, the turns that life takes?

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