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Published: Friday, Nov. 30 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Highland, UT


Your entire post was false. You do not know whether Bronco was offered the UCLA job or not, you have no sources, you have nothing but your own wishful thinking. Also on the Tribune your assertions are flat out false. Sorry that the truth is so hard for you to take in both instances but it appears you are unable to handle it emotionally.

Highland, UT

Ok utah "fans" here are some comments from utah "fans" on the trib.

"Bring back Anderson he seems to be a players coach who is hungry whether then live on his laurels like Whit.,"

"For this reason I think Whit should be replaced. Gary Anderson would be a fabulous choice if he'll have us."

"It is as simple as this. Whittingham has forgot what Urban taught him and he also seems to have a broken quarterback picker. Both broken traits should be lethal for a head coach in the PAC12 but lucky for Whittingham we are in Utah."

"I just don't think he's a BCS caliber coach. Three teams who fired their coaches last year (Arizona, ASU, and UCLA) have already turned it around"

"The 1st thing we need this off season is a new head coach"

These are just a couple of comments from a couple of pages. There's plenty more. I do like how you guys want to pretend it doesn't exist though LOL!


Hey Duckhunter did you get permission from the Tribune to lift those comments?
In addition you are also using information without citing sources of the actual posters.
Not appropriate to plagiarize.

Proud Ute

Part of the DNs job is to keep the coog's in the news. That explains the Bronco to Colorado and the re-hash of the San Diego replay drama. The coogs can't seem to do it with legitimate accomplishments (without a trip in the wayback machine)so the DN has to stir old drama or in the yearly case of Bronco to Colorado/UCLA, make crazy stuff up.
Goggle "jumping the shark" and all your questions will be answered.

dallas realist
rockwall, texas


actually he did site that they were comments from the trib. also it is public domain so you dont need permission.

Everett, WA

Duckhunter vs the Ute Trolls. Kinda reminds me of the youtube video where grandma school bus monitor is being harassed by a group of mean school kids. People took up a collection for the grandma and she received over 1/2 million bucks so she could retire. I think we should take up a collection for duckhunter and expel the Ute trolls.

Idaho Falls, ID

As I posted before, I don't think Bronco should be fired, evn though I don't like him much.
However, if he were to leave I have always thought Andersen (if he meets criteria) from USU would be an awesome replacement.
If Andy Reid were truly interested as some have asserted, that would be a major coup. I have just always thought that he would be too high priced of a commodity to go to BYU.

I hope you're right about Reid. By the way, I'm not related to eagle. I don't know him. Why do you ask?
Give it up man. It's just not that important (re: bronco's UCLA offer and Utes call for a coaching replacement).

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT


"It won't take much effort, it won't take much time, but it will prove my point. I'm not sure, although I have a pretty good idea, why none of the utah fans here will do that."

You still don't get it. Nobody is going to bother to do that because nobody cares, and it doesn't matter. We all know, including you, that Coach Whitt still has the support of the vast majority of Utah's fan base; despite those six posters on the Trib. We also all know, including you, that BYU fans have been far more critical of their coaching staff this season than Ute fans have.

The only question left is: Why are you still fighting this?

Saint George, UT

Does he need help moving? I got a pick-up to haul some stuff out of state.

Poway, CA

To quote my brother: “It's LOL to think Colorado is considering Bronco-that would be the greatest Christmas Present for BYU Football & fans” I agree. Bronco wouldn't succeed at Colorado where, unlike BYU, he wouldn't be able to hide his faults and weakness behind giving good testimony meetings.

Bronco somehow got the chance to be the Head Coach because his predecessor, after a great first year, was a failure on the field and in enforcing BYU standards with his players. Bronco brought back standards, but after a couple years hit his own glass ceiling of his own limited abilities and BYU has been going nowhere fast for several years...beating up on bad teams, but losing to teams with winning records. In addition, Bronco has lost to Utah 3 years in a row.

Bronco’s terrible coaching decisions, culminated w/this year’s “lost season of promise” fiasco. Bronco compounded his failure by refusing to admit his mistakes (did you hear his KSL interview this wk?), starting with his slavish devotion to a Division 3 QB, Riley Nelson. Bronco cannot adjust game plans during the game, which costs BYU several wins every year. The “Bronco Era” needs to end.

Everett, WA

New head coach for BYU ... would sure beat the impostor we have now.

Darrell Bevell was recruited by BYU, but the Cougars took Ty Detmer instead. Bevell went on to serve an LDS mission, lead Wisconsin to a Rose Bowl and now coaches in the NFL for the Seattle Seahawks.

Bevell moved to Iowa State as a graduate assistant in 1997 and continued on to the University of Connecticut for two seasons (1998-99) as a wide receivers coach.

From UConn, Bevell jumped to the NFL and the Green Bay Packers, where he spent three years as quarterback coach and worked with Brett Favre and Matt Hasselbeck.

When Childress was hired as Minnesota’s head coach in 2006, he asked Bevell to be his offensive coordinator. Bevell accepted.

Following the 2010 season, Bevell, now 41, was asked by coach Pete Carroll to come to Seattle and oversee the offense. In an article in the Olympian, Carroll is pleased with his new offensive coordinator.


Duck man you're killing me. My Ute friends would LOL if they saw your rumblings. They would ask, "is everyone in Provo like this Duck guy?" Then they would say that's one more reason they're happy to be Utah fans rather than Cougars.

How many usernames do you have here? Eagle, do you have any more smarty comments or provoking thoughts?

Man I'm going to miss all you guys this off season!!


I think Colorado would be a perfect place for Bronco to go. Low expectations as well as a lack of depth. It would be a great place for his coaching style. Then BYU can hire someone like Andy Reid who can excell with the abundance of resources and talent at his disposal. Then BYU can start living up to its expectations

Idaho Falls, ID


Hmm. Very intriguing. I remember that kid when he played for Wisconsin. He was quite a prolific passer.

There is no way Bronco is going to get fired during the offseason, but I would bet better than even odds that he'll leave on his own at the end of his contract--2013. Then Holmoe will be challenged with, I would assume a pretty short list of temple worthy, qualified coaches who would be interested in the job (or calling). I wonder if Holmoe is aware of Bevell. Sounds like a good candidate.

Pa. Reader
Harrisburg, PA

If the current coaching staff goes into next year unchanged, with the same philosophy on offense, then it's hard to imagine a season with fewer than 7 losses, based on the list of opponents.

However, it's hard to believe Tom Holmoe will allow that to happen. He did not work as hard as he did putting together such a
challenging schedule only to sit by and watch the program falter. (And any loss to a WAC team is the definition of faltering. I don't care how impressed everyone pretends to be with San Jose State!)

Bronco has always said a national championship is the eventual goal and that it would likely take back-to-back undefeated seasons to do that. As things now stand, the big question is whether or not BYU can even have a winning season next year.

Lightening Lad
Austin , TX

Please take Brandon Doman with your Bronc, oh and don't you think Riley would make a great QB coach? He can teach his kids about grit, and all that king of stuff. Bronc the $2.5 mil sounds nice too.

salt lake city, UT


you should probably get off your moms couch and follow your own advice. just sayin bro hahaha

salt lake city, UT


"Your entire post was false. You do not know whether Bronco was offered the UCLA job or not, you have no sources, you have nothing but your own wishful thinking."

haha so you have "sources" but noone else is allowed to? haha you're defintely the MOST delusional fan (of any team) in this world and thats a fact. sad thing is, you're a grown man actin like you act on here... hahaha but i guess age doesnt determine maturity.. lol goodness gracious.

Springville, UT

@ DuckHunter.
First, you sound like a typical Y fan, making up stats to support an illusion of grandeur about the BYU program. You're actually trying to claim that Utah only had 5 or 6 winning seasons in their history before Whittingham?? Wow. You know the Utes own the BYU series by more than double, right? The program may have been asleep in the 70s and 80s, but Mac only had two losing seasons during his time. And Utah already has more undefeated seasons than BYU has ever had and has been to TWO more BCS games than BYU.
Some Utah fans ate rightly frustrated with the Utes season this year. But smart fans aren't yet calling for Whit's head. But this Utah program is bigger than any one man and if autah has another losing season next year, it probably will be time to discuss changes.

But don't preach to Utah fans that we need to be grateful for our coach. Puh-lease. From the fanbase that pushed LaVell to retire...

Wireless Lawyer
Lehi, UT

Why would a school want to have a head coach who is a defensive genius and has a revolving door policy for their Offensive Coordinator? One who is gruff with the press and fans and mismanages his timeouts so poorly he lets the clock run down at the end of the half despite the fact he has two timeouts left and has to settle for a FG. I don't know, we should call Alabama and ask them. How do they put up with that Nick Saban guy. I know if the Y ever had a coach like that, they wouldn't keep him around.

Also, who would want to build a program based on defense and running more than you pass. Crazy. It sure hasn't worked for Alabama.

But no one else does it, right? Hmm, I guess the same is true at Notre Dame this year, but what have they done?

I hear those two teams are playing soon. Must be sad to be a fan of teams like those who just don't understand coaching and football.

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