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Published: Friday, Nov. 30 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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West Jordan, Utah


That was a GREAT take. I may be a Ute fan, but couldn't agree with you more even though I am not a fan of Bronco's personality. Coach Mendehall is vastly under appreciated by BYU fans. His record at BYU is better than his predecessors and yet he is under fire. BYU's honor code emphasis is greater now than it has been. Expectations are higher. Bottom line' Bronco has more challenges in recruiting, micromanaging, and winning than any other BYU coach. And his fans and he have a bad relationship (within a relative percentage). Some of that is brought upon by Bronco (smug factor), but BYU, and what it represents is contrary to this type of bad sentiment coming from both coach and fan.

I do think Bronco is the right fit for BYU, but I also think he might want to move on. He looks burned out at BYU to me, and the fans need the humble pie lesson AGAIN. They wanted Chow and Anae gone. Each time they were wrong. Now they want Doman gone. I get that, but what play calls is Doman going to make for Riley Nelson?

Orem, UT

Bronco hadn't been a head coach before BYU and it has turned out great. Stay Bronco but go away Doman.

Everett, WA

Adios Bronco. Good Luck! Good times ahead for BYU!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Oh Ducky, Ducky ...

You're so defensive today. Trust me, when I say I don't care if Bronco was offered the UCLA job, I mean it. And to pretend that it kills us Ute fans to admit that a Cougar coach is good enough to field attention and offers, is also just a sad misconception. The truth is I actually think Bronco is a pretty good coach, I think I respect his coaching abilities than most of your fellow Cougar fans. But none of this changes the fact that Bronco was absolutely not offered the UCLA job.

As for the Ute fans on the trib site calling for Anderson to replace Whittingham ... I've been reading the articles on that site as well and there are very few people making those comments. Now some of those people have commented several times over but that's not the same thing. The other thing is this ... many of the comments are people speculating what a good coach Anderson would/could be and what areas he might be better than Whittingham ... however, very few of those posters are saying they actually want Whittingham out and Anderson in.


I am not surprised by anything Duckhunter says anymore.
Already admitted to living on this website, most likely under 2-3 more names.

Everett, WA

Football is not about winning games, pleasing fans with great performances, or gaining national recognition. The true purpose of the football program for BYU is to train up young men to live good lives, to be be good examples by influencing other young men at firesides, and for exercise. To fulfill the true purposes of BYU football, Bronco should remain at BYU forever!

Provo, UT

I don't know why everyone thinking Andy Reid coming to BYU as the offensive coordinator and/or head coach will be a savior. I mean, haven't they seen the Philadelphia Eagles lately?

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

This Riley situation has really brought out the deep emotional trauma of a lot of wannabe fans.

So here's why I am still a dyed in the wool kool-aid drinking Bronco supporter:

The man is a winner, he has done so while upholding the values of the institution and church I support and he has maintained a good sense of balance while doing so. Probably comes from surfing.

Many have suggested, and I believe, that he probably buys into the "need a running game to be successful passing at the next level" theory. Being a defensive guru, he may even beleive that anybody can defend against a team that almost soley relies on the pass without a running attack.

So, the theory goes, he favors the running qb. The fact that the running qb has tremendous grit and character, traits admired by the coach, cements the deal. Doman says, "Okay, let me give you a passing/running offense." But we don't have the horses up front to pull it off.

I can forgive the theory, but this IS BYU, it is time to go back to what we have historically done the best - pass the ball.

Cougar Passion
Salt Lake City, UT

Y Grad/Y Dad:
First, let me say that I was a big fan of Bronco up until this season. I agree with much of the direction he has given to the program, if not fully the application of it. But I'm going to take exception to the assertion that Bronco is a winner, at least not as a head coach. He is an incredible defensive coordinator, but he has displayed too many times that he doesn't seem to grasp what it takes to play strong offensive football, which of course is a necessity to truly win. His record against most of the good teams the last few years speaks for itself in that regard; the team is sadly underperforming.

So, he is turning out to use poor judgment, and appears to be arrogant in his determination to stick with that if his postgame comments to Greg Wrubell after the NMSU game are an indication. That is wearing on even some of his most ardent supporters, including myself. I want him to stay head coach, but only if he can humble himself and figure out what is necessary to have the team play the way they are capable.

Charlotte, NC

If Bronco gets the job I think he should take it. He has earned it and he deserves it. Colorado really needs a guy like Bronco. I think he could turn them around.

Springville, UT

Ho Ho Ho, 'tis the season for gift... another BYU Bronco article for Ute "fans" to comment on!

I suppose it's better than the clumps of coal their football team gave them.

Ho Ho Ho! LOL

Virginia Beach, Va

Bronco isn't going anywhere. His stock is falling not rising. Stories like this many times are put out by agents or coaches themselves to see if their current school will pay them more or to see if current school values them. Give him a pat on the back and let him walk. We are all replaceable. The last year was a terrible job of coaching.

Lincoln City, OR

Don't want you to leave Bronco, but if you do, please take Doman with you.

Everett, WA

Bronco loves the running game because it eats up the clock, rests, and takes pressure off the defense. As a defensive guy, he's all for taking pressure off his side of the ball. It also leaves your team and the opposition with fewer opportunities to score, which makes the games much closer at the end. For BYU, that also translates into close games with .500 win teams, and getting clobbered by ranked teams. After watching Virgil Carter success, LaVelle was wise enough to take the risk and completely commit to the passing game by focusing on QB's that could throw accurately and receivers that could haul it in. Bronco will always be a run guy to take the pressure off his defense and "have a chance at the end." I'd rather clobber the .500 win teams and have a chance to clobber the ranked teams. You may get embarrassed in a few games when the passing game goes south, but in the long run you'll have logarithmically (a lot) more success overall. BYU Leaders: Please put someone in charge who will return BYU to a complete reverse philosophy than the philosophy that Bronco is married to. Thanks!



Anderson for Whit give me a break Utah state has one good year and everybody wants him, just like me you know he isn't going anywhere same as Bronco. Not only dumb it would be stupid for him to go anywhere and you are right he has done a great job for byu. He gets his six games a year that they can't loose, 4 games they might win and two they won't win (Utah, Boise State). I just wish for once that I could read some comments on a byu article about how you fans feel without bringing Utah into it, man it gets old. We're not all calling for Anderson why would we?



But I wonder why it hurts utah "fans" so much to think that might have happened? If it because Bronco turned them down and you just can't fathom anyone turning down a job in the pac12?

True Ute fans could really care less, I know that's how I feel. WOW I will tell you one thing you are a riot.

Franklin, IN

Motor Bike..right on Bro. When the Duck gets under pressure he does an "Obama" and flips the point you just made on you...

I have been the most vocal on Whitt. I love what he "has done" but uncertain about what he is "going to do". With his super supportive fan base, now is the time to spend some dough, go national in recruiting, get off of the Utah based player selecting, and act like Mora, Rodriguez and his other PAC 10 peers. We will support a change and invest our emotional support.

To me it is clear that our old talent pool could beat BYU, win the MTN West and prepare for a bowl game against an opponent that knew little about us and win!

The price of poker went up in a new conference. "Whitt needs to change" is my cry! Not Whitt needs to go!

That is my position and I read these comments daily and have not seen anyone call for heads to roll...just change...

Syracuse, UT

So ute fans, tell me again why you all are commenting on this article again? Nice to see you supporting all things Cougar! Some of you really need to get a life and follow your own team. Stop taking your anger out on BYU fans and articles. Just because the u is not going bowling this year, doesn't mean you need to vent on this article.

Here is an idea for all you u fans.....just go out side and yell at the top of your lungs. Get all your anger out of your system and then go back inside and listen to some soft easy music.

Granstville, UT

I hope bronco doesn't leave the Y, because then they might hire someone who actually knows how to coach.

Highland, UT


I said the comments here on the Dnews from utah fans are far less than on the Trib. Just go to the Trib, get on any article abnout utah football and read. It is as simple as that. It won't take much effort, it won't take much time, but it will prove my point. I'm not sure, although I have a pretty good idea, why none of the utah fans here will do that.

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