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Published: Friday, Nov. 30 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Cottonwood Heights, UT

@Duckhunter ...

Can I have whatever it is you're having?

You're trying to tell us that there are as many or more Utah fans calling for Anderson to replace Whittingham as there are Cougar fans calling for Bronco's job??? Bro, seriously ... you've been getting better and better lately at writing some very honest and reasonable comments ... this is not one of them and you know it. There are about three Utah fans that would like to see Whittingham replaced by Anderson or anyone else for that matter. Now open up all the recent BYU articles and start counting the BYU fans that mention wanting to see Bronco and Doman go away ... as I said, you know it's not even close so why say it?

Secondly, everyone but you and Dick Harmon knows that Bronco was not offered the UCLA job. Did he have discussions with them? Probably. I could really care less if he had been offered the job, it does nothing for me as a Ute fan either way, but he wasn't. There's really no need to make yourself look silly by standing by that silly assertion.

Highland, UT

@soonerute and other utah fans

The calls for replacing whittingham are certainly less on the Dnews boards than the Tribune boards but if you go to almost any of the articles about utah on the tribune boards it is overwhelming how many utah fans are calling for whittingham to be replaced and the majority of them are asking to have him replaced with anderson.

Now there are far, far more commentors on the tribunes articles than on the dnews articles, far more, and yes that is exactly what is happening there. So I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that maybe you don't read the Tribune or its commentors but if you pull your heads out of the sand and go over there and read them you will see I am correct and it is a huge percentage of utah fans doing it.

Seeing as though comments on the trib outnumber comments on the dnews by about 10-1 then there are far more utah fans calling for whittinghams replacement than BYU fans calling for Bronco's.

Kosta Fesenko
Chicken McNuggetville, UT

lol @ duckhunter

id hate to be that obsessed with my rival.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

I really really really *really* hope this is more than a rumor and Bronco does indeed take the CU job, for the following reasons:
1. It would be fun to see him unemployed in 2 years after he can't resurrect that dumpster fire of a program. I don't think Vince Lombardi could turn CU around.
2. It would be fun to watch Y fans get all frothy about the idea of getting Andy Reid (which is about a million-to-one shot) and then be all heartbroken when they don't get him.
3. It would be fun to watch Brandon Doman become head coach and take BYU from their current mediocre state further into obscurity. If you thought he could mess up an offense, wait until you see what he can do with a whole team.

Cougar Passion
Salt Lake City, UT

Your logic is flawed, my friend. Coaches sign contracts; players do not. A player can leave for another school at any time. Most do not because of the requirement to sit out a year after transferring. And I know the fact that some players transfer to BYU after their missions bothers many who are against BYU, but it's also convenient that they overlook those who leave BYU or lose the desire to play after their missions. Although I don't follow Utah, I have heard Jake Murphy's name mentioned a time or two, so I am under the impression that he has been a welcome addition there (and probably could have helped at BYU). There was also the much more famous case of Ben Olsen leaving. Although he ultimately didn't do much at UCLA, there is a reason most every school wanted him to begin with, and BYU had to scramble to fill his position when he chose not to return. So, relax. Being upset at kids who want to go to BYU for an environment closer to what they had on their missions is really not worth anybody's energy.


Leave it alone Duckhunter. Your as bad as Chris B. I've seen you heckling the Ute fans on their boards.
I like to give Chris a hard time, but not Ute Nation.

Stop It!


Brave Sir Robin, Andy Reid is on the record for stating BYU HC would be one of his dream jobs.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

As Bronco said, it would not be honorable to leave BYU when he agreed to complate his three year contract. He won't take the job at CO right now. And I don't see Tom Holmoe and Pres Samualson going to fire him or ever. So, be happy to have him and careful what you wish for. Just wish our offense system get working right next year.

Gold Canyon, az

I am a fan of Bronco, and used to be %100 behind him, but now I have concerns. Is he really invested to be BYU's coach? I have concerns over playing a QB who is frequently injured, has difficulty throwing, and who has not been able to win a single big game--he has not got the job done. You or me could have been QB against the weak teams and BYU still would have won. BYU has talent behind him that is not utilized like it should. Just concerned about his judgement regarding the offense. On the positive side he is a good representative of the school and the church. I miss the days of Lavell knowing we had a fully invested coach and an offense that had an identity, though he too became stuborn at times with swithching QBs. Overall, I hope Bronco stays forever if he can just lighten up in a few aspects.


Leave it alone Duckhunter. Your as bad as Chris B. I've seen you heckling the Ute fans on their boards.
I like to give Chris a hard time, but not Ute Nation.

Stop It!

Spring, TX

IF he gets the interview, and IF he gets the offer, and IF he takes it, I hope he takes Doman with him!!

West Jordan, UT

Gary Anderson for the Colorado Job? Let's let him win a few years at USU before we name him the next big thing. As of now he is no Bronco or coach Whit. Both Bronco and Whit have done it successfuly for a while now. Anderson is new to success and if he were to go to colorado right now he would be dumped on his butt and fired within a couple of years.

Salt Lake City, UT

For those who are interested in stats I have a list of stats I find interesting as a stats guy:

Bronco's Overall Record: 73-29, Winning Percentage: 71.6 %
Not a bad statistic to have for a head coach until you look at how he got there.

Since Riley Nelson: 24-12: Winning precentage: 66.7%
Riley has been responsible for 41.3 percent of Bronco's losses. Best chance to win?

Record Against Sub .500 Teams: 33-2 Winning Percentage: 94.2%
Since Riley Nelson: 15-1 Winning Percentage: 93.8%
This is exactly the kind of record you would expect. He has won 15 straight and 34 of the last 35. Only losses are to Utah State (2010) and SDSU (2005). Riley will get the job done against patsies.

Record against Teams At .500: 17-8 Winning Percentage: 68%
Since Riley Nelson:5-4 Winning Percentage: 55.6
Still not a terrible job, but these teams could be argued as mediocre, should win games. A powerhouse program just doesn't lose these games. Oh, by the way, Riley Nelson has accounted for 50% of Bronco's losses here.

Salt Lake City, UT

Record against Above .500 Teams: 23-19 Winning Percentage: 54.8%
Since Riley Nelson: 4-9 Winning Percentage: 30.8%
I believe the numbers speak for themselves. Bronco has always struggled against teams with a winning record. But many of these games opponents were one or two games above .500. 16 of these wins (69.6%) came from 2006-2009. Again, Riley Nelson has accounted for 47% of these losses. Really?! Best chance to win? C'mon Coach!

Record Against Ranked Opponents: 4-12 Winning Percentage: 25%
Since Riley:0-4 Winning Percentage: 0%
3 of the 4 came in 2009. The other? 2006. Bronco hasn't beaten a top 25 team in 3 years! If you want to be considered a 'good' head coach you need be beat quality opponents. 45% of Bronco's wins have come against sub .500 teams and 66% of his losses have come from above .500 teams. No too great if you ask me.

Record against teams who finish in the Top 25: 2-12 Winning Percentage: 14.3%

Salt Lake City, UT

The bottom line is Bronco Mendenhall has never been a great or even good coach in terms of wins and losses. He may be a great guy but BYU will not be successful consistently under his leadership if the previous 3 years are a continuing trend. They will continue to dominate patsies and win a few against ok competition but, statistically, will never compete consistently with the 'big dogs'. What was so special about 2009? They had an experienced quarterback who could throw and experienced O-line. Bronco has shown glimpses of greatness, but it has been a long time (as head coach that is!) He is an elite DC, mediocre HC.

Idaho Falls, ID

"...Andy Reid is on the record for stating BYU HC would be one of his dream jobs."

Really? I hadn't heard that. If you can get us a reference, that would be great.
The last I heard, he was offered the HC job before Bronco and turned it down.
I think Andy Reid would be a great HC, but I'm not quite ready to call for Bronco's head, despite the fact he really irritates me sometimes.

Cedar Hills, UT

BYU should hire Robert Anae as head coach after Bronco leaves. Anae would make Kufusi defensive coordinator and BYU would get back to being a passing team again. This run and boot is over!

Cougar Passion
Salt Lake City, UT

Still Blue:
With regard to Ziggy, the talent has always been there; the understanding of the game has not. The most athletic player in the world will be a disaster on the field if he doesn't know what he's doing. It doesn't surprise me in the least that it has taken this long for him to get significant playing time. That he is doing so well now with yet so little experience is what has the NFL salivating over him. I fully expect him to end up one of the best players in the league after all is said and done.
With regard to Jamaal: Freshmen usually have reliability or understanding issues that make coaches hesitant to play them, regardless of their ability. As well as he has done this year, one only has to look at the low block he attempted on the SJSU linebacker that ultimately cost them a likely victory.
I think it has been extraordinarily poor judgment, and probably some arrogance, on the part of Bronco to not even give James Lark a chance with Riley injured. But I don't fault him for not playing Ziggy or Jamaal earlier.


Yes Andy Reid has said that. Off course I'm not a journalist, finding that quote would take me 6 years. You sound like a smart guy, why don't you look it up?

Cinci Man

I want Bronco to stay as well. I'm stated many times that I've lowered my expectations for wins and accomplishment on the field, but Bronco is an outstanding person, as are the other coaches in his program. Riley is a great young man and I wish him well in whatever he chooses to pursue in the future. But BYU football has not produced the wins I wanted to expect, and that is my fault. BYU's game plan hasn't produced what I wanted to expect, but it has produced a wild number of QB draws and resulting injuries. I hope Bronco stays, Doman stays, and BYU footballers continue to learn and grow from their experiences. Go Cougars! I'm a fan forever, just with lesser expectations.

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