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Published: Friday, Nov. 30 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Oceanside, CA

Duckie, you're fiction writing classes are beginning to pay off. UCLA offered Bronco the head coaching job and "all" Utah fans are calling for Gary Anderson. Ha!

One never happened and the other never will.

Mcallen, TX

Bronco is a great fit for BYU, but would be elsewhere as well.

Glad BYU didn't go to a BCS conference and make fools of themselves like our friends up north did. I do think BYU would have adjusted like TCU did, and eventually work their way up.

ogden, ut

"I don't want to sign an agreement and not fulfill it"

I don't believe Bronco actually believes this. He welcomes kids every year to transfer to BYU after committing and playing for other teams, 99% of them after fulfilling a mission (example, Riley Nelson and the other two this year, one from Colorado the other Hawaii ). Coaches in other states stay clear of recruiting Mormons for fear they will just transfer to BYU after a mission. Come on Bronco, do as you say not as you do.

Utes Fan
Salt Lake City, UT


What do you know? I actually agree with you on your post 100%. A Ute fan and Duckhunter agreeing? What is the world coming to? :) Cougar fans should want Mendenhall to stay. I hope he stays. I think he is a great coach. The Cougar defense this year was one for the record books - thanks to Bronco.

Ute fans need to not lose confidence in Whittingham. With 3 QBs and starting a true freshman QB, you are going to lose some games. It wasn't too long ago when Washington and Stanford were losing every game. Even Oregon State had a worse season last year with an inexperienced QB than Utah this year. Most of Utah's players are MWC recruits. Recruiting will gradually improve.

St Louis, MO

The knee-jerk, low football IQ fan tends to blurt out "fire the coach!" or "bench the QB!" when things start to go south. That's mistake one. Mistake two, which even national columnists seem to make over and over, is to place too much emphasis on one game, or even one season. In other words, for some reason What Just Happened seems to trump a longer term track record in many people's eyes. If Bronco gets a Godfather offer, I wouldn't begrudge him taking it, but I don't want him gone. Same for Whittingham . . they guy knows what he's doing, even if this year's results were lousy. Be careful what you wish for.

Bill Shakespeare
Salt Lake City, UT

There's no way he'd take it. He loves teaching young men to be nice too much. This is an admirable thing.


@Two For Flinching:

I think you hit the nail on the head. Most people commenting here about Bronco leaving for CU know nothing about Boulder or the football played there. CU would be a terrible job for Bronco, as it is extremely, extremely liberal, and has an extremely weak fan-base, not to mention how many coaches have been in and out of there in the past 10 years.

Highland, UT

@Two For

Not if you read the posts on the Dnews and Trib. There are just as many, if not more, Utah fans calling for Whittingham to be replaced with Anderson as there are BYU fans looking to replace Bronco. Your comments about "unappreciative and overly critical fanbase" could just as easily be used in describing utah "fans".

You are basing your opinion of BYU fans on the posts and the percentages for utah "fans" are just the same. A myopic view of the two doesn't change the truth of the two.

Thomas Paine
South Jordan, UT

In my opinion, Bronco is an excellent Defensive Coordinator. His expertise is with Defense not Offense or Special Teams. Personally, I wouldn't hire him as a Head Coach unless there was already great Offensive Coordinator for the team.

Lindon, UT

Does anybody really WANT to coach at that black hole of a football program?

Kosta Fesenko
Chicken McNuggetville, UT

I have yet to see even one utah fan suggest replacing whitt. not even one.

U 90
Corona, CA


This is an article about Bronco and Colorado and somehow you figure out a way to drag Utah in to the conversation so you can dish out insults. It's obvious that Utah is in your head every day. Don't fight it any more, this Christmas season you should make a little investment in season tickets for Utah's 2013 football season. Merry Christmas.

Farmington, UT

This is just another example os SPECULATION and not news. The last story was that the Big East and BYU were still talking, as if that was news. And the article from the Colorado newspaper contradicts itself. The story is just an attempt at stirring the pot in Boulder. Why did we pick it up?

When are reporters going to concentrate on the NEWS again? Ever......??

Columbus, OH

Bronco has certainly made some mistakes at BYU, but he's a heck of a defensive coach. What BYU needs is a good offensive mind to complement his defense. A good coordinator who could put together a decent game plan and properly evaluate qb talent would have done wonders. I like Doman, but he doesn't have what it takes. The one thing Colorado might be willing to offer that BYU will not, is enough money to get quality coordinators around him.

Still Blue after all these years
Kaysville, UT

I have always liked Bronco and think, until this year that he's done a good job. But this year changed me because I believe it's become an integrity issue. Riley Nelson is the most visible decision Bronco's made, sticking with him and costing the team 3-4 losses. But Ziggy rarely played until an injury forced Bronco to play him full-time. Did Ziggy just immediately get a lot better? and Jamaal Williams only played due to Aliso's injury. I wonder about other positions or players that we jut don't know about. I believe that this year showed that Bronco is willing to play kids he likes over kids with more talent or ability to help the team win. And there is an effect on the rest of the team and coaches when that happens as they all know who is really the best; and if the coach doesn't want to win that badly, why should they work hard to win? and to me, that is an integrity issue. Bronco has not lived up to his own standards.

Richmond, VA

WHAT UNAPPRECIATIVE BYU FAN BASE? I literally have hundreds of BYU fan friends and none of them are calling for Bronco to go. We are frustrated with the Riley thing but can forgive him for this year. Overall Bronco is everything a BYU fan wants. He is commited to winning, to the Church and its standards, to academic excellence, and to doing things the right way. I would rather have 100 losing seasons with the program doing what it is supposed to do then one national championship with a team full of atheletes who do not live the standards of BYU. Consequently, as Bronco has revitalized the standards of the football teAm the winning has gone up. One year of some close call losses is not enough to erase what an amazing job he has done and will do in the future. Bronco is exactly what a BYU coach should be and I and every BYU fan I know stand behind him. PLEASE STAY BRONCO!


No way. BM a serious candidate for the CU job? DC maybe, but not the head coach.

Funny, if eventually hired, he'd have to deal with Colorado's new legalized cannabis laws & the Buffs' new recruits/returning lettermen. Won't that be fun for an LDS coach?

Don't see him being offered, but I'm an Andy Reid guy...one can hope BM goes somewhere else at season's end, and Reid is asked by Pres. Monson to coach the Y. Then BM can take Riley with him, make him a grad asst or something.


Bronco would never coach at CU. I've spent a lot of time in Boulder - they would go crazy with a Mormon coach. Do you recall how many visits Obama made to UC during the election? If Bronco were offered the job and accepted it, I would be the first to eat crow.

Butch isn't moving to CU either. A phone call means truly nothing.

Plus the real Broncos are the only football team in town! No one cares about CU.

Just imagine Bronco moving to Boulder, then Doman becomes head coach, and Riley becoming OC! LOL

Salt Lake City, UT

Duckhunter wildly claims "But BYU fans don't be as low as the utah "fans". They are all calling for gary anderson to replace whittingham"
I have never heard that, never seen that. There might be one lone voice out there saying something stupid like that, but you're smart enough to know that is not how Utah fans feel. On the whole, Utah fans are happy with where they are.

On the other hand, there are several BYU fans complaining about BYU coaching, talking about a season that could have been. I'm surprised BYU fans want Bronco to go. If anything "demote" him to full time defensive coach. That is what he'd prefer anyway.

Saint George, UT

Good luck with the Fireside schedule at CU!

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