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Published: Friday, Nov. 30 2012 12:00 a.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I can't say I'd blame Bronco for being interested. Triple your salary. Triple the prestige of the conference(WAC vs. Pac 12). Triple the quality of athletes you can recruit.

Orem, Utah

Gary Andersen would be a much better choice for Colorado than Bronco, as would Butch Jones (who probably is their first choice). As bad as Colorado has gotten in recent years, this would be a school any coach looking for a challenge would like, especially as it's still in a BCS-level conference.

As for Bronco even considering leaving BYU for another coaching job, he's no dummy. BYU's a tough place to coach, as BYU fans are pretty fickle. Missionary comings-and-goings mess up continuity, making it tough to win importantly, and the honor code squeezes the recruiting palate. So, I wouldn't be surprised to see him one day leave for another coaching job.

I'd like to see Bronco remain here for at least another three on top of the current three years. Not sure that'll happen. It might depend on the success of independence scheduling or getting into a major conference during this realignment fiasco.

Orem, UT

I respect both Coach Mendenhall and Coach Anderson and the successful programs they've built at BYU and Utah State. Each will have to decide what's in their own best interests, but I wish them success in whatever that choice may be.

Highland, UT

I don't think Bronco will go, he reportedly turned down UCLA and that is a far more desirable job than colorado. Of course things have changed a bit this year with the entire Riley fiasco so you never know. But I do find the BYU fans calling for Bronco to leave to be ridiculous, the guy has been incredibly successful and despite his bungling this year he is still a great coach, I just don't like his attitude towards the fans.

But BYU fans don't be as low as the utah "fans". They are all calling for gary anderson to replace whittingham even with all whittingham has done for their program. utah had about 5-6 winning seasons in all the decades before whittingham took over and those "fans" are trying to replace him. Don't be like them. Calling Bronco out for his mistakes is one thing, calling for him to lose his job when he has never had a losing season and never missed going to a bowl game is ridiculous.

Ogden, UT

This would be a great scenario. Bronco goes to CO. Andy Reid comes to BYU. Yahoo!

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

the article makes no sense!

at the 1st it says : In the same article, Paige wrote, "However, the Buffs will not hire someone who hasn't been a head coach in one of the six major conferences."

then at the end it says : Colorado plans to pay its new coach up to $2.5 million. While BYU does not make public how much it pays its coaches, it is believed that Mendenhall earns approximately $1 million per season.

One of the other candidates for Colorado's coaching job includes Utah States Gary Andersen.

Is it just me? I don't think Gary Anderson has been a head coach in one of the six major conferences...

Provo, UT

"the Buffs will not hire someone who hasn't been a head coach in one of the six major conferences..."

The decision to go Indy was greed on the part of administrators, who threw the futures of the athletes and the coaches under the bus in order to fill the coffers of the college.

Put the players' futures first, giving them every chance to excel at this sport, and everything else falls into place - IN A CONFERENCE!

Independence was a bad, greedy decision.

Park City, UT


"The decision to go Indy was greed on the part of administrators, who threw the futures of the athletes and the coaches under the bus in order to fill the coffers of the college."

You don't have the foggiest idea what you're talking about.

The move to Independence was done solely to escape the lies and deceit of the owners of the MTN and give BYU fans nation-wide better access to all BYU sports, including football.

Iowa City, IA

Bronco won't go anywhere and despite the frenzy the media stirs up, BYU fans LOVE Bronco!!


The phrase "Go Bronco, Go Bronco" has real merit. I hope he does go and we bring in Gary Anderson or Andy Reed. The future of BYU football will be much brighter.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Bronco is the best coach byu is going to get. Look at his record, you aren't going to get another guy who wins more. Next year could be rough though.
byu fans need to embrace him.

Elk Grove/U.S.A., 00

I wouldn't blame Mendenhall for leaving for a variety of reasons. First, he's been criticized by BYU fans and alumni (many times unjustly) even though he's posted a better winning percentage for regular season and bowl game wins than Lavell Edwards. Also, he's done the latter with more recruiting restrictions due to BYU's increased emphasis of honor code compliance over the years. Second, Mendenhall has no emotional attachment to BYU since he's an Oregon State alumnus and I sense that his wife doesn't care for BYU or its culture. She would probably prefer to be back in New Mexico or Corvallis. Finally, he can make more money elsewhere with less recruiting restrictions and be part of a prestigious conference. Whether he stays or goes, we'll need to thank Coach Mendenhall for the winning that's occurred during his tenure and the mess he cleaned up left by Crowton, and realize that he'll be difficult to replace. Go Cougars!

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Duck: UCLA never made an offer.

History Nut
Cedar Hills, UT

He'll stay one more year to complete the disastrous 2013 schedule and his contract, then bye-bye Bronco. BYU will never be what it once was under Edwards but the fans don't get that.

Star Bright
Salt Lake City, Ut

For heaven's sakes, why would he leave? Sure he has to deal with young men going and coming from missions, but they should be more grown up, have seen more of the world and the poverty that exists elsewhere. Should have more leadership skills and he doesn't have to worry about them showing up drunk for practices, or games. Now with the change in mission age, he will get them at 20 after they have done a lot of growing up and maturing into young men. I'm sorry, I would take that over all the gold cups they hand out.

Provo, UT

Bronco is in a fishbowl in Provo. He goes to church with die hard fans. He cannot escape it for even one day. In a bigger market he could still go places without being recognized. Being the BYU head coach would be tough. A passionate fan base that is always around you.

For Bronco's sake I think if not at the end of this year, maybe coach a year or 2 more at the Y and either give coaching a break or go somewhere else.

He is a good coach. I don't agree with his mismanagement of the QB situation but I think he is a good coach.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Presonally, I don't think it would be worth the $$. Sometimes a coach is better off staying where he's comfortable at, and making a little less cash. I.E. Mark Few, Chris Peterson.

Highland, UT


You have no idea if they did or didn't. According to some that know they did. I personally don't know for sure but there are those that do and I believe them. I know that hurts you being a utah "fan" and wanting to believe that no pac12 team could ever want a Couger. Of course that is bogus considering that 1/4 of the head coaches in the pac12 are Cougars. But hey if it gets you through Christmas and the lack of a utah bowl game to believe that then I don't want to ruin Christmas for you. LOL!

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

Interesting conundrum for Coach Mendenhall. On one hand he could leave BYU's unappreciative and over-critical fan base in the dust while significantly increasing his salary at a school with less recruiting restrictions. On the other hand I don't think his personal lifestyle would fit in well in Boulder as it is an extremely liberal place. Also he would probably have better job security at BYU than he would at CU; despite the Cougar's disappointing season.

@ Duckhunter

VERY few people, if any at all, are seriously in favor of replacing Whittingham with Anderson. And everybody knows that it is not going to happen. Coach Whitt still has the overwhelming support of the fans, administration, and players.

South Jordan, Utah

Bronco is and has been a great coach for BYU. I hope the fans realize what he has done with this program, particularly after the Crowton debacle. Plus, from an LDS standpoint, he has represented the Church and BYU with nothing but class and dignity - which is huge for the powers that be.

Whatever Bronco decides, he has my utmost respect and admiration.

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