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Published: Thursday, Nov. 29 2012 3:45 p.m. MST

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Beverly Hills, CA

BYU gets what they deserve for poaching Nelson from USU.

West Jordan, UT

Let Lark play, what difference does it make? Lets see if he does well against better competition than New Mexico State. After the way he has been ignored lets give him a legitimate chance to show his stuff. Neither one of them will be back next year so what harm would it do, other than create more criticism concerning the season psst if he plays well. Hmm...


The Cougars have played lots of weak opponents in the last two years. However, in Lark's first game at least 2 players had career high receiving yards. That says something.

Sandy, UT


Billy Budd
Saint George, UT

I love BYU sports.
I'm biased.
I've enjoyed Riley's efforts.
I wish him well.
Being from Saint George, it would be nice to see more of Lark in his final game at BYU.
I hope the recovery goes well for Hill.

West Jordan, Utah


What does that mean? Are you saying that because Utah had a downer of a year, that BYU is above any examination of their many issues and flaws?

Going to the Poinsettia bowl doesn't make BYU any better than Utah. Utah beat BYU head to head again (8 of 11), and the difference between 5-7 and 7-5 is the four cupcakes on BYU's schedule. Utah had two cupcakes; Northern Colorado and Colorado. WAZU was a common opponent.

BYU's cupcakes were ALL cellar dwellers in the Big Sky, WAC, and MWC. In those weak conferences, these schools (Weber State, Hawaii, Idaho, and New Mexico State) went 5-39.

Utah's next weakest opponent was Washington State, a common opponent of both Utah and BYU. Both won, although Utah beat them by more. Then you have Oregon State, another common opponent that both schools played (both lost) but Utah lost by less on the road while BYU was at home. More common opponents? Utah head to head over BYU. Then you have Utah State, the only one of the four common opponents that BYU compared better on. However, Utah lost in overtime and BYU won 6-3 at home.

Mcallen, TX

Why wasn't Ziggy a starter till an injury put him there? Let's put the best players on the field.

Mcallen, TX

Hmmm? And why didn't Williams start the season. What happened to Adam Hines?


I'm personally excited to see Bronco start Riley. Then it will be fun to watch Riley throw 4 interceptions including 1 pick6. This will further embarrass the program and get Tom Holmoe all fired up.

I love Bronco, but he needs a dose of humility.

Watch how strong & healthy Riley starts the first possession. Then watch him after his first interception - he'll grimace and grab his ribs like he's hurt. I believe he uses his previous injuries as excuses too often. When he's winning he's healthy. When he's losing he's hurt.

The cool thing is we haven't had to read any Riley comments for two weeks!

Phoenix, AZ

I love the Ute fans trashing on anything BYU right now. Of course, what else would they be doing...

Heber City, UT

Commits too many turnovers and. Interception taking over touchdowns. Amen to both. Play Lark. Riley will say he is okay and then goes out for everyone (except the coach) to see that he is not okay.

west jordan, utah

No question about it, if lark would have started every game Byu would be going to the SHIP,and be the only undefeated team in the nation!

Everett, WA

Lark had a day in the sun. I now support whoever will be more likely to help fuel a coaching change. If Bronco starts Riley, if he is the cause of a few turnovers, and BYU loses the game, ... yes I can hear the angry roars now. Start Riley. BYU needs to press the reset button ... the big red reset button, not the little blue button.

River Falls, WI

Wow, I must say that I'm a little surprised and disappointed by all the hatin' on Riley going on here. I'm all for letting Lark play two quarters, and I'm thrilled that he got a start last week... but this is Nelson's team. If he is healthy he should start. It's kind of a slap in the face to the whole team to let Lark start a second game unnecessarily as they've battled with Nelson for two seasons. Either way it'll be a great game but I say do the right thing and stay with Nelson.

West Valley City, Utah

Bronco did fine this year. Riley should have played less when he wasn't playing well injured.But if a coach doesn't show confidence in his starter then we have chaos at quarterback.It has been a disaster in the past. Lark didn't win the starting job for a reason although Bronco reports they are all excellent quarterbacks.Football is a team game. BYU's offense had some problems.

Iowa City, IA

Lark should only start if Nelson isn't 100%. He just not effective wounded.

Elk Grove/U.S.A., 00

I've truly been disappointed by this season due to Coach Mendenhall and Coach Doman's poor offensive decision making. Allowing an injured quarterback with no quarterback IQ and throwing arm has been horrific. BYU football has truly forgotten its past and lost its way. Lark, who has a BYU prototypical throwing arm should have been the starter last year and this year with Hill and Heaps as his backups. Hill should never have gotten hurt in that game and should not have been playing in it to begin with. Nelson should have never been recruited by BYU. He had zero stars out of high school. It was Lark's turn to play. The offense has been shaky since Doman took over the offense last year, but it's been over the top this year. Robert Anae was fired for similar mistakes during his OC tenure at BYU. Therefore, I expect Holmoe to clean house at the end of this season. Brandon Doman will be fired, Mark Weber (the offensive line coach) will also be fired, and Ben Cahoon (the wide receiver coach) will be let go as well. Coaching wise, the 2013 season will be a rebuilding year.

Sandy, UT

Should have stayed at USU, Riley. You'd be having a winning season this year.

Wilsonville, OR

Last year Riley was 6-1 as a starter (Heaps was 4-2, counting the Utah State game). This year, 4-5. Overall 10-6. His wins came against:
2011 Oregon State (3-9)
2011 Idaho State (2-9)
2011 Idaho (2-10)
2011 San Jose State (5-7)
2011 Hawaii (6-7)
2011 Tulsa (8-5)
2012 Washington State (3-9)
2012 Weber State (2-9)
2012 Georgia Tech (6-6)
2012 Idaho (1-11)

Wow, I forgot how bad those teams were! Literally, some of the worst teams in the country! Tulsa and Georgia Tech are the only average teams on the list and the Tulsa win was about as lucky as they come. The rest of those wins were against below average and just plain horrible teams. Who wouldn't have won those games as a starter?

West Jordan, Utah

Lark should start, but I feel bad for Riley relative to how he will be remembered. Bronco kept showing his love for Riley each week by further embarrassing him by starting him. That said, Riley did lay down the faux paws on the field despite showing all the heart in the world.

If Riley starts in the Poinsettia Bowl, which is likely, a win won't do much for his legacy (or lack thereof), but it would be a nice pat on the back to end a career. A loss however, would just be pouring salt on the wounds.

Flipside, playing Lark in the Poinsettia Bowl, and winning it, would be a great boost to a guy leaving his college football days in Provo behind. The fans want this and Lark is a guy who never really got a shot on the field anyway.

So with Riley it's kind of a letdown win or lose in a way. With Lark, a win would do more for the QB and the fan base.

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