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Published: Thursday, Nov. 29 2012 3:45 p.m. MST

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Farmington, UT

Fairly well said, only about 6 - 8 weeks late. Isn't Monday-morning-quarterbacking fun? No one is bettter at it than sportswriters (after all, they need something to write about) and former officials (of which I lay claim).

Salt Lake City, UT

Every year we read about predictions of greatness for BYU football and every year they don't meet those expectations and that is with a less than difficult schedule. We have seen what happens when they play average teams - they lose. With the schedule next year being even slightly more difficult than this year, don't see how the BYU "fan" can expect anything more than a 4-6 loss season.

Truth is, the bar that is set by the BYU "fan" and the local media is way higher than the team will EVER be able to reach. Whether it's Riley or someone else, BYU will never reach the lofty expectations of the BYU "fan" and the "fan" will continue to grumble.

Dan the Fan

I believe that Lark should start, but we all know that there is no way that Bronco will start him. Bronco has proven time and again his inability to make decisions based on skill but rather on his relationship with the player. Nelson has proven his inability to win big games and a bowl game is just that. People talk of Nelson's leadership, but leadership is shown when a team is struggling, has it's back to a wall or needs someone to step up. It's easy to be a leader when you win, or a vocal leader. Nelson has no skill and Bronco has no judgement. Start Lark!

Down under
Pullman, WA

Bronco is so fixed on Riley that I'm not sure that he can see reality. Lark is a great QB and given the chance would have put BYU in a much better bowl position especially if you consider that BYU lost 4 games by a total of 14 points or so. Lark would have nade the difference.

If we have to put up with one more season of Bronco's poor decision making then I say we move on with a new coach that can restore BYU to what they used to be. Just Saying!!

Washington, UT

Brad Rock is spot on. Thank Nelson for sacrificing his body, play Lark and get Hill ready for next year.

Highland, UT

I have no confidence in Mendenhall to do the right thing here. It is funny but there are a lot of things I like about Mendenhall, but there are also some things baout him that I really don't care for. His dislike of, and disrespect towards, BYU's fans for one. I find it incredible that he would have so much contempt for the people that make the entire program possible.

I also dislike that he thinks none of the fans know anything at all. Certainly we are not on the inside of BYU's program but many of us played football, coach football, watch football, have kids that play football, etc. We can see who can actually throw the ball and who cannot. We can see who makes good decisions and who doesn't. We can tell an athlete when we see one.

I'm sure Nelson will start, and because of that a game which should probably be a fairly easy win will instead go right down to the wire with victory for BYU very much in doubt.

I think Mendenhall dislikes the fans so much that he almost enjoys losing just to stick it to us.

Salt Lake City, UT

Lark should hope Nelson starts the bowl game. Lark built his legend against hapless New Mexico State. Why risk tarnishing his image against San Diego State?

"Showmanship, George. When you hit that high note, say goodnight, and walk off." -- Jerry Seinfeld.

Lindon, UT

Nelson 12-6 as a starter? I don't think so...

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

If Nelson is the selfless, team first guy that he is constantly talked up to be he will swallow his pride, step aside and endorse James Lark as the starting QB for the bowl game (who by the way has been with the program longer than Nelson has, and obviously is a better drop-back quarterback). Brendan Gaskins was man enough to step aside to let Nelson play, and to me Nelson's true colors will show through based on what he decides to do with this last game. I hope Bronco lets Lark play too. I recall a quote from the New Mexico State post game, to paraphrase, said something along the lines of "I am happy to finally see James Lark get his shot" or something like that. Are you really Bronco? Because if you are as happy as you made it sound in the post-game, you will let him have another well deserved shot in his final game as a cougar. I hope that this is the case, not only for James Lark's sake, but for the rest of the team's sake, and quite frankly for the future of the program's sake.

Saint George, UT

I completely agree with Brad Rock. Lark has earned his shot. Now give him an opportunity to show that the last game wasn't just a fluke. Start Lark. If Mendenhall doesn't make the move it will further demonstrate his inability to make good coaching decisions, which at the end of the day is what a head coach is judged on.


As I said earlier Bronco goes by energy not sence. Doman goes with what Bronco says even if he disagrees. Nelson's pick 6s this year more than show he lost the games with forcing the issue with the ball. Lark should start and may be Nelson comes in when the Y is ahead by 21 with 3 minutes to play in the game. If he throws a pick 6 it won't matter. It is all about winning this time of year nothing else. The should be on Bronco's mind at this stage of the game not by the energy Nelson shows on the field good or bad. And when Nelson is bad he is bad.

Frisco, TX

I wish Bronco would start Lark, but we all know he won't unless the trainer says Nelson can't play. And we know the trainer won't say no to Nelson. The trainer should have said no to Nelson in the 2nd half of the SJSU game when he was grimmacing in pain.

I only hope that if Nelson struggles, Bronco will be quick to make the change to Lark.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

By the way, it's not likely that either of these guys have a future in the NFL. (even though Lark, to me, probably would have NFL potential had he been played as a starter for his whole career). So since it is just about getting to play your last football game, Lark more than deserves that chance. Nelson has had his "turn" and the gracious thing to do for Lark would be to give him a chance to play after sitting on the bench almost his entire career.

Lake Tapps, WA

Maybe Mendenhall needs to take a lesson from Harbaugh. Harbaugh chose Kaepernick to replace Smith, not because Smith can't play or has been playing poorly, but because Kaepernick has the hot hand and is arguably more talented. Lark would appear to have the hot hand at the moment...especially with Nelson recovering from back and rib injuries. I seriously doubt Lark will start and if not, he ought to at least share time with Nelson in this last game of their careers.

West Jordan, Utah


I think you are on to something. I sometimes wonder if Bronco would rather lose his way than win the fans way. It reminds me a little of Jerry Sloan.

Somewhere in Time, UT

Man, if I were a Ute fan I would being saying ANYTHING at this point!!!!!

Salt Lake City, UT

As a ute fan, toosmartforyou has become an expert on high expectations and low achievement. Thanks for your "wisdom."

Salt Lake City, UT

Unfortunately, Bronco's arrogance will win out and Nelson will start. Riley Nelson will go down in history as one of the worst quarterbacks in school history!

Adin, CA

@Lindon Man

Yes. Riley is 12-6 as a starter. He was 4-5 this year, and 8-1 last year. He has beaten the bad teams and lost to the good ones.

Springville, UT

This was a no-brainer headline.

We are all ready for change. So glad that Lark got to play last week. I only listened to the game. I guess I should catch a rerun on BYUtv. Yeah, we got that!

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