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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 27 2012 8:45 p.m. MST

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Iowa City, IA

Wait...so, according to Whittingham, the problem is not an inexperienced offensive coordinator and questionable play calling, but rather that the Ute players simply aren't talented enough? I'm pretty shocked that he would say this, and can't imagine that the players feel good about being thrown under the bus.

If Whittingham has pointed out where he and his coordinators are at fault, please point me to the interview. I just don't believe that he would make such a statement about his players without taking the lion's share of the blame.

Salt Lake City, UT

Good luck boys.

Next year you drop 2 of the easier games and replace them with Oregon and Stanford.

Like I said....good luck.

U 90
Corona, CA

Scheme and coaching need to improve just as much as the talent level. Top 5 concerns moving in to next season are:

1- QB
2- OC
3- LB
4- WR
5- Corners

The O-line has some talent that was sidelined this year.


Hawkeye79, it may sound harsh when someone else summarizes it, but Whit is quite candid when talking to his players about their accountability, and it's not only something he expects from them, but they expect themselves and each other to be accountable for their play. This doesn't mean he doesn't hold his coaches or himself accountable, either, however. However, in public, he doesn't throw individuals under the bus, he addresses concerns, and those that it concerns know who they are and what they need to do. So statements like that do not surprise me.

I agree with Bill about Wilson, though. This year, when he made mistakes, "freshman mistake" was always a valid explanation, while when he made a good play that's a "nice job by the true freshman." Next year he won't be able to lean on that, if he makes a mistake now, it will just be considered a bad play, and good plays will be expected, not commended. I think, and hope, he's up for the challenge, and will continue to progress and improve.

Farmington, UT

But but but.....they're in the PAC12.....nothing can be wrong with that. Just look at all the light poles in SLC every fall, with hanging PAC12 banners. (No one else in the conference feels the need to do that, but that's another story.) So what's wrong with finishing 3rd or 4th in the PAC12 South every year? At least they're ahead of Washington State and Colorado. Their best new friends are Arizona and Arizona State.

And they have a new rival---Colorado! Can it get any better that that? What do they call that---Rumble in the Rockies? Are you sure that isn't just USC and Oregon indigestion?

You wanted it---Rose Bowl and all---so now enjoy it. I'll cheer for you in person every 20+ years when you get to the Rose Bowl (assuming you actually do, unlike Arizona).

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT


Careful man. In the middle of that rant you almost exposed your bitter jealousy....

Mcallen, TX

Amazing! One bad season, and fans are against the coaches.

Doesn't matter what team you're looking at,-fan reaction is the same.

The utes will be ok,--just give it some time.

Sandpoint, ID


I wonder what it is like taking time out of your day to talk smack about a team that beat you. I say I wonder, because I genuinely do wonder. If you are a somewhat educated adult, you realize how idiotic and nonsensical it is to spend time out of your daily life trying to downgrade an opponent that did, and has repeatedly beat you. ? Maybe?

Farmington, UT


I'm not downgrading anyone. I recognize Utah is about 3rd or 4tth in the PAC 12 South. I recognize they are ahead of Washington State and Colorado. I honestly believe Colorado and the "Rumble in the Rockies" will turn out to become a big deal, in SLC and Boulder but likely not anywhere else. Arizona has never been to the Rose Bowl after how many years in the PAC 10? Remember, they are the ones that talked Arizona State into leaving the old WAC and ASU ruled that conference. Why should Utah think they are going to suddenly be there? Many Utes have stated they would rather lose to PAC12 teams than win over MWC and WAC teams. Well, they have their druthers. They're happy and so am I. No smack....dude....just reality setting in on your program. And that's OK too...this is the Aggie's year to shine. They beat U didn't they?

Baltimore, MD

"After two eye-opening Pac-12 seasons, Utes must improve talent level"

It's interesting that its taken two full seasons for the Utes to realize what everybody else in the country already knew...

that a team that rarily won WAC/MWC championships wasn't going to suddenly be competitive in the PAC 12 just because they had a couple of recent perfect storm seasons.

The truth is, Utah will never be able to out recruit most of the teams in the PAC 12, so the best the Utes can hope for is to have an occassional break through season with an experienced, senior-dominated team. If they're lucky, those senior-dominated teams will come along when the rest of the conference is down a little so the Utes can compete for a conference championship. Other than those infrequent break through seasons, Utah fans are just going to have to get used to middle to bottom of the PAC seasons as the new norm.

Salt Lake City, UT


I agree with most of your comments, but I do think that the Utes will win an occassional recruiting battle with teams like USC, UCLA, Oregon and Stanford, but those will mostly be athletes with strong Utah ties.

As for long-term success in the conference, Arizona is a good example, although I do hope that the Utes have their breakthrough sooner than 30 years.

Layton, UT

I think that the PAC-12 will improve the Utes. It will be painful, and they are going to have to be deeper throughout their depth-chart. Their first-string can win and are peers with the rest of the PAC, but they still don't have a second or third-string that can replace the starters.

With the above thoughts, a single injury can destroy the Utes ability to compete in the PAC. In fairness, one can expect the Utes to slowly improve over the next 5-10 years. They need some patience as they go through this painful process.

"What doesn't kill you, makes you better."

Springville, UT

4 and 5 star recruits > 2-3 star recruits.

Can I get a job in 'the booth'?

This just confirms what many of us have already known. Utes want to compete, have tried to compete at this level but have fallen short of the hyped expectations. Reality now settles in and hard work and perseverance along with some luck at recruiting is needed to move forward.

Good luck putting it all together. Other PAC12 schools have been at this longer than the Utes and continue to fail at it.

With two lackluster years under the belt it will be interesting to see what the Utes will do now that the two wonder seasons of yesteryear have been exposed as wonderful once 'in blue moon' great experiences. 'History' oft times does not carry over too well over the dusty trails to other conferences.

It will be interesting to see what you guys do next. I will be 'tuning in' as usual. Count on it.

Salt Lake City, UT

Utah is another Washington State in the PAC-12. Competitive every 5-7 years.

Salt Lake City, UT

I get a kick out of all your posts! Your takes are truly funny as you try to degrade the Utes when the Y is routinely drubbed year after year by the U.
The fact is the U is currently mediocre but has a plan, coach and athletic director to far exceed the current state of affairs. The Y on the other hand has no concrete plan for the future to elevate their program past a 3rd or 4rth tier bowl even if they go 11-1, fact.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I don't know why it's been so hard for everybody to state what seems to me to be so blatantly obvious: the past two seasons, Utah has had some of the worst collective quarterback play in the entire nation. (Not entirely different from their counterparts in Provo) I think there's no question that the coaches botched the position in recruiting. Anytime you have to essentially go pick a guy up off the street in Jon Hays, who was on the verge of not playing football after his DII school dropped their football program, and he has to start multiple games for you in both seasons, it's clear you have an issue. Utah didn't field a FBS quarterback, let alone a "Pac-12" QB. Yes, there were certainly other factors and weaknesses at play in Utah's rough transition: a 25-year old OC who has never had any football experience outside the University of Utah, a weak o-line, and a linebacking corps which everyone assumed would be good just because they always had, when in reality they actually weren't all that talented... but the past two seasons, DII and true freshman QBs killed Utah

Highland, UT

Riley you were one of the biggest, if not THE BIGGEST, utah homers going into this season. Every swingle article you wrote on here was about how talented the ute's are or what a great coaching staff they have, blah, blah, blah.


BYU's dominance over utah in basketball, I think BYU has won 11 out of 12 or something like that, doesn't stop utah "fans" from posting and talking smack on BYU articles or about BYU basketball. I personally love reading utah "fan" hypocrisy, like your post, so thank you once again for displaying it.

Salt Lake City, UT

Your statement about Utah fans commenting on BYU articles is exhibit A in BYU "fan" hypocrisy,so no, thank you once again for displaying it.

Jealous U
Alpine, UT


"The fact is the U is currently mediocre but has a plan, coach and athletic director to far exceed the current state of affairs."


What's the plan?

Hoping to catch lightning in a bottle a third time is simply wishful thinking; it's not a plan.

The Utes haven't had a road win against a PAC 12 team with a winning record since the 90's. The Utes rarily break into very bottom of the Top 25 in recruiting, let alone finish in the Top 10 on a regular basis like USC, UCLA, and Oregon. Utah's athletic budget and facilities pale in comparison to most of the other PAC 12 schools.

So what's your plan for even finishing with a winning record in the conference, let alone, challenging for a conference championship.

The truth is, Utah will continue finishing somewhere between 4-8 and 8-5, with an occassional breakthrough year every decade or so, where the Utes might win 10 games and have an outside shot at getting into the Rose Bowl.

Other than that, expect lots of Las Vegas Bowls where you can toot your horn about beating the MWC champion (sometimes).

Herriman, UT

Several people have brought up Arizona and their lack of success. I would also bring up ASU, as they have only been to two Rose Bowls, only winning one. Ask anybody from the Administration,to the coaches, to the athletes to the fans at either one of those schools and none of them will say, "We should have stayed in the WAC."

Perhaps the U haters are right, and Utah will have to look forward to those once in 5 to 7 years good seasons. But we will never again be considered "mid-major."

So BYU fan, good luck in your bowl game, good luck against St. Mary's and Gonzaga in basketball(the rest of the conference is a joke), and good luck at continuing to be one of the top mid major programs in the country.

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