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Published: Tuesday, Nov. 27 2012 4:25 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

I have to smile about the Sunday not being an issue comments. If it was a football only deal, then yes, but conferences and BYU want the complete package. And, the complete package means Sunday play for almost all non football sports. There was a big issue brewing during the women's soccer tournament. Had BYU made the finals, the NCAA would ahve grudingly agreed to move the game to Monday night. North Carolina solved that problem, much to the relief of NCAA officials

This year in men's bball, Utah will need to play 3 or 4 Sunday games, 2 at Huntsman. Relly ugly stuff for their LDS players and families.

Trust me, this is a big, big issue. It has already been said, but take away religion and Sunday play and BYU would already be in the PAC or Big12.

Springville, UT


I think they were looking at the 'pre-nuptials' before they consider expansion again.

Kaysville, UT

What do research instituions in the PAC want with BYU? There are now several great research instutions in the West whose teams ranked higher than the Y this year. For starters, look no farther than Logan and USU, a land-grant university and the Chair of NASA in the West, or San Jose State.

Even if the Y went 11-1 this year (which they didn't) they are not on the short-list of any percieved PAC expansion. Likewise, no Big 10 or Big 12 is calling this year either.

Furthermore, it should be apparant by now that BYU cannot stay independent. You need more than a seven-win season to keep ESPN's attention as their golden boy, especially when 5 of those wins were against the likes of Idaho, Weber, New Mexico State, and Hawaii.
Flirting with an imploding conference on the East Coast is a waste of time. Even without BSU and SDSU, the MWC is looking much better than the remnants of what was the Big East.

BYU has two choices: (1) return to the Mountain West (and intice BSU and SDSU to do the same) or (2) powerbroker a new conference.

End of Story.

Washington, UT

NO BIG EAST! Stay put, I love independence, it's where BYU should have always been. Independence for BYU means more money, more venues, more excitement, and I would love it if we never played Utah or Utah State again. The hate, anger and vitriolic ooze that spews from those two schools will not be missed. We play Notre Dame and they are very decent people, good sports, and none of the cr@p we get from Utah and Utah State. We play Boise State, San Jose State, Georgia Tech, etc, etc, etc--and none of the awful negativeness that comes from playing Utah and Utah State. For me this is reason enough to stay independent and enjoy football again, without all the negatives of the instate hate fest.

Kaysville, UT

The Big East has NOTHING to offer. This is a sinking ship. I would much rather play USU, Air Force, San Jose, UNLV, Nevada and Fresno every year than Tulane and the leftovers from Conference USA.

The Big East is looking much weaker than the MWC at this point...and that is even WITHOUT BSU and SDSU.

No, what BYU needs to do is return to the MWC...and intice BSU and SDSU to do the same. Then use whatever remains of our clout to keep our own television coverage on BYU TV and our ESPN deals...at least until the ESPN deals expire. Travelling across the country for all sports just to play weaker teams than those already committed to the Mountain West is a bad idea.

MUSSing with U
Baltimore, MD


Laughing at the inconsistent "logic" of Utah fans. Only a year ago, you were bragging about how close the Utes came to beating USC on the road.

And how Utah beating BYU proved that Utah was better, while at the same time claiming that Utah was still better than Colorado even though Colorado beat the Utes after completely dominating them in the first half.

btw, why are Utah fans so obsessed with every rumor about BYU moving to a conference? Are you really that insecure?

Kaysville, UT


I can agree about Utah. But Utah State??? All my Aggie friends are highly respectful about the instate rivalry.

Maybe you and I have just talked to diffrent people, but most Aggie fans I know are very decent about athletics. I even went to the last Aggie game this year to see the coronation of U State as the WAC title holders.

All decent people.

On another note, there is no way we should stay independent. It is KILLING our athletics...and not just football. We are not Notre Dame and, unless we start winning a lot more high-stakes games, ESPN will drop us like an old hat. Ratings are already way down. Scheduling was never the problem, but two more years of this independence stuff and we won't be able to recruit worth snot for any sport. And, no, there are no rivalries for our other sports in their current subpar conferences.

Kaysville, UT

@Down Under

This is beyond wishful thinking.

BYU had a down year because recruiting has gone way down since declaring indepedent status...and it is getting worse. Do not expect next year to be any better than it was this year. Next year we have to play USU in Logan. There are no more easy wins scheduled and we will need a much better record than 7 wins against teams like Idaho, New Mexico State, Hawaii, and Weber State if we want to keep ESPN even remotely interested.

All signs are pointing to: "This is as good as it gets being independent." This is not a "down year." This is all we can do as an independent, plain and simple, and it is not good enough.

One losing season as an independent and we not only lose ESPN, but any baraginng chip we have to get back into decent mid-major conference. Right now, the MWC would welcome us back with open arms. It is not going to be the same if next year we go 5-7. Right now we could likely powerbroker a deal with the MWC to air games on BYU TV.

Kaysville, UT

@U 90

It is this mentality that is killing BYU. The PAC is an athletic conference of "RESEARCH INSTITUIONS." BYU could go 11-1 as an independent and still not make the short-list.

If the PAC ever decides to expand (note the BIG IF), it will look to other scientific research institutions first before they would even consider looking at BYU. Considering that both U State (the western Chair of NASA and one of the leading research instituions for the Air Force) and San Jose State (major research instition in Silicon Valley) both had much better teams than BYU this year, I wouldn't hold your breath for any PAC 12 invite.

The Big 10 and the BIG 12 are much better fits, but unfortuately they are not calling. Moreover, they are not going to call until BYU posts much better seasons and numbers than they did this year.

Time is running out for BYU. They cannot stay independent long-term.

Kaysville, UT

BYU's only saving grace this year was the win against USU. That is it.

As impressive as that win turned out to be (who knew USU was really THAT good), it is still not enough to keep contracts with TV deals and ESPN coverage. From BYU fan to BYU fan, this WILL dry up. We WILL not be able to sustain independancy.

Recruiting is WAY down the last two years...I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it is very likely next year will be worse that this year.

The Moutain West is looking very solid. We need to salvage whatever clout we have left in college football and broker a deal to intice BSU and SDSU to come back with us. Then, powerbroker a coup to get a new management structure and better TV contracts for the entire conference while, as a compensation, allowing us to air our games on BYU TV.

This independency is killing all of our athletics, not just football. And, no, don't expect next season to be any better than this season. We have just as tough (if not harder schedule) but half the talent leaving is not being replaced.

Kaysville, UT


The difference you are avoiding between the two is this: what happens if you don't win?

A am a cougarfan so hear me out because your rational is a bit delusional. If the Utes don't win in the PAC, they still get a share of bowl revnue and TV contracts. Their boys and games are still broadcast on the PAC network. If the Utes have a terrible year, which they did, no worries really. They dust off, take thier conference money and resources and try to do better next year.

If BYU does not win, what happens? First, ESPN will drop them like a hat (already being done). There is no televised coverage for games other than BYU TV -- (i.e., I guess players and recruits should hope for Mormon NFL franchise owners). At the end of the day, there is no share of winnings or bowl revenue. There is nothing, zip, nadda. There is no revenue to rebuild your program other than internally through donors and ticket sales (which have also dried up).


Kaysville, UT

All this talk about BIG 10 and BIG 12 is just a tad premature don't you think?

It does not matter if you are an independent or affiliated with the MWC. What matters is that you WIN GAMES... and big ones too.


Had BYU upset ND in South Bend, then these talks would be justified. The same goes for U State. Despite their top 20 rank and WAC title, had they beaten Wisconsin, these talks would be justified, but they didn't.

It is premature folks. BYU can't expect an invite from any of the major four conferences in a year they lost by 20 points to San Jose State and a beyond dismal Utah team.

Moreover, only a fool would think independency is even an option at this point. ESPN is not going to keep favoring a Utah school who gets shut out by Oregon State in their own home.

The Big East is imploding. The MWC looks solid even without BSU and SDSU.

Charlotte, NC

If Clemson and FSU go to the BIG 12 (or 10 or whatever) I would love to see BYU in the ACC. Of course it isn't going to happen but it would be a lot of fun.

Columbus, OH

Once again, many of you are missing the point. Winning is not the primary driver behind conference realignment--TV money is. Winning can help with that, but it's secondary. Unlike many schools, BYU has the built-in advantage of being religiously affiliated. This means there are fans spread out across the country who will tune in to watch (I know not all Mormons are fans, but they have a large national following nonetheless). Look at Notre Dame--they've been bad since 1993, up until this year. Has NBC even flinched about handing over millions to televise their games, and only their games? No. BYU is not Notre Dame, and won't command the same attention. But, BYU pulls in a disproportionately large crowd for a Thursday or Friday night game, or a Saturday nightcapper. That's all ESPN cares about. Conferences are trying to woo tv execs. Maryland and Rutgers just joined the Big Ten. If on-field performance mattered, it would have been West Virginia or Virginia Tech.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

This whole "they're talking...they're not talking" drama is continuing to look/sound like the "shoe watch" segment Tom Barberi used as part of his KALL radio program many years ago.

Cedar Hills, UT

great move...go to the conference that everyone is leaving. The Y might just as well stay independent as long as they have a football program...which might not be too much longer.


Solomon Levi said:


You're only fooling yourself if you think the PAC 12 would ever be dumb enough to try to compete head-to-head with the NFL on a regular basis.

2 games out of 720 is proof that you're still grasping at straws."

Hold on there buckaroo. You are the one that specifically said the college football is not played on Sundays. All I did was point out that they have. Does not matter how many games. Geez get over it.

In addition, conference commissioners of all BCS conferences and others have indeed point out the potential of playing more games, feature games on Sundays. Because the NFL is branching out to other nights of the week down the road.


ItrustNo1 said:

"If it weren't for Oregon, Stanford and USC, no one would even talk about the Pac 12.

BYU has a fan base that fills stadiums everywhere they go.. why do you think ESPN gave them their own contract?"

Really? Just what decade and sports are you talking about in relation to the PAC 12? During the college world series they talked about the PAC 12. Arizona won the title.

Many teams fill stadiums with fans on the road. Have you seen the ratings of BYU on ESPN this year? Bet Idaho and New Mexico St put up great number huh?

San Diego, CA

Having the chair of nasa at usu does not make them a strong academic research institution. Its a good school but lets not get carried away. Same with san jose state. Academically byu is much stronger. We also didnt get blown out by san jose st or oregon st for that matter. In both games we had potential game winning/tying drives at the end of the games that fell apart with turnovers and poor play calling. Same with the boise game, notre dame, and utah. Despite pur rotten season we are a few plays away from a respectable season.

I think byu will do better next year despite the tougher schedule. Stay independent for now unless something respectable comes along. Meaning pac12/big12, not big east or mwc.

As far as invites from the bigger conferences igoes it is about money, tv contracts, exposure, etc. not academia.

Orem, UT


"You are the one that specifically said the college football is not played on Sundays."

Sorry buckaroo, Levi never said any such thing.


"Have you seen the ratings of BYU on ESPN this year?"

Have you?

All I know is this from an article published Nov 13, 2012.

"In the second year of a seven-year TV deal with ESPN, is the worldwide leader in sports unhappy because the Cougars haven’t delivered on the field?"

"Nothing could be further from the truth," said Ilan Ben-Hanan, ESPN’s vice president of programming and acquisitions. "We are thrilled with our partnership with BYU. And I don’t use that word lightly. We are genuinely thrilled."


Stick to knitting or something you know more about, because you obviously don't understand ANYTHING about college football television marketing.

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